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Darth Verrin

Peace on Nirauan

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Darth Verrin    1,352

All was quiet.  Life was downright peaceful. 


It had been months since Verrin had been attacked in his Library office, within the walls of the Archives. It had been a joint effort attack - an aspiring Sith who had allied with both a Mandalorian and two Jedi to take him down.  For the Jedi, it was removing a Darth from the Sith.  For the Sith, it was an opportunity for advancement in a broken organizational structure of refugees.  For the Mandalorian - well... they were known for loving a good fight. Credits were just part of an exchange to fund ammo, repairs, and drinks afterward. 


That attack had failed though, due to the accidental (?) intervention of another Mandalorian. Since then, the Library had been repaired, some of the damaged or destroyed materials had been replaced, and 'life' had gone on.  There had been no other attacks since, and if he was being honest with himself, there hadn't been much of anything else going on either. 


Oh sure, Verrin had his pet projects - he always did. The pursuit of knowledge never stopped for him, and he had several lifetimes worth of reading material in the vast collection. He was also a practitioner of Sith Alchemy, and researched ways to refine or improve that power whenever he could. Verrin was never at a want for something to do, and he was often overloaded when he took on students, or when events like that 'attack' took place. 


But he wasn't overloaded now. The last 'student' he had - a Jedi woman - had left the planet. His apprentices were both off doing SOMEthing, though he knew not what. He sometimes saw @Vanessa Sallin if she chose to serve a shift as a Guardian, and he heard rumors that @Holle might be causing a ruckus in pursuit of freeing slaves somewhere, or maybe she was back on Dathomir, building an amazon army.  That planet clouded senses in the Force, so Verrin wouldn't know if she was there or not - nor if she was dead or alive if she was on that surface.  And he wasn't about to go there himself to check.  She'd either return in due time, or she would not.  It saddened him to some degree, but then he embraced sadness as power, so he tucked those feelings away like a battery, and wondered when he might be called upon to use them. 


Even the horrible Republic that had caused such destruction on Dathomir had gone quiet. One could suppose that they were building their power silently, preparing to unleash some great and terrible assault on the remaining organized Sith and Jedi forces. But there wasn't a peep - or at least, no news had come back from any spies in the Intelligence division. For that matter, news of the Sith'ari and Darth Sanguira had fallen off too - and Darth Tanit.  If the military might of the fallen Empire was active in the galaxy, nobody on Nirauan was talking about it. There had been no Council meetings in recent memory. The last Verrin had seen of the Sith'ari was when Verrin had first moved into the Archives on this planet. Maybe the leader of the Sith was quietly marshalling forces elsewhere.  Or maybe...


... maybe they didn't trust Verrin with such preparations.  


That thought crept into Verrin's mind every now and again over the years. He was old, especially for a Sith in power, and he didn't share a lot of other Sith's philosophies.  He was much more moderate in his dealings with others, and whether he liked or hated them, he was often able to work with them to some degree.  Verrin was loyal to the Sith - perhaps to a fault - but he didn't hold the passion for power that most did. He never aspired to be the Emperor, nor the Sith'ari. He was quite happy chasing after the knowledge that enabled others to rise as well, for the Sith to return to power.  So he spent the majority of his efforts training the young, instructing the more mature, and mediating conflicts. One of Verrin's core philosophies was that the dead didn't feel, and if there were no feelings, then there was no power to be had. If his enemies were all gone, then there wouldn't be any challenge for him to overcome. He wouldn't be threatened - he would grow complacent in a time of 'peace' - and that was when he would perish. 


But as he walked through the mostly empty halls of the Archive Library, his inner alarm system was active.  It was always active, from years and years of honed practice. He was ready for any attack, any threat from within or without.  But the anxiety that came when there was no threat, day after day, week after week, was driving him stir-crazy.  He considered making trouble, and eyed the other half of the Archives where the Jedi had set up shop around the same time he had.  But there too - all was quiet.  All was peaceful.  To date, he had never met his Jedi counterpart, @Homra Azner.  For all Verrin knew, the Jedi archivist was a made-up story rather than a real person. 


He sighed. 


Verrin paced over to a window, and peered outside.  The small city of Nirauan was bustling, active.  There had been no great apocalypse that had taken every living being and killed them.  There was no event that had thrown Verrin into a parallel world where there were no Sith, no Jedi, no Force.  He could look down at his fingertips and watch lightning crackle between his fingers.  And he hadn't died, that he knew of, and gone on to some Purgatory, or other 'place' where he was the sole practitioner of the old ways. 


It was simply that everything was at peace.  And that bothered him. 


It went against his Code, and even his scientific mind. 


Peace was a lie, and merely potential energy building to become kinetic. Something surely had to be building... something was going to happen.  It was just unprecedented since he had become a Sith, that the energy would build for this long without revealing where it was going. 


He was either going to die at peace, or else something incredible was going to happen. 

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