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Fear in Reflection

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Tenebris    766

One Month After Tenebris's Resurgence

Korriban, The Valley of the Dark Lords and the Sith Academy


Shifting back and forth as he walked, the red sands of Korriban crunched under the foot falls of the three men before him - the unlikely trio that would guide him to his destination. The Sith Lord had found transport to the Sith homeworld through contacting scavengers who sought the prizes that the Sith had left behind at the end of their time. Masking himself with the appearance of his younger self before the dark side had corrupted him, the Sith had tricked others into believing he was a researcher and doing a project on the former house of Sideralis on Alderaan, masking himself in simple clothing over his tattered robes and worn armor. He looked the part, and with what funds he could draw from, he was capable of funding an expedition to the Sith Academy among less-savory treasure hunters. Credits ruled the galaxy now, alongside the Republic's tyrannical grasp - two things Tenebris hadn't imagined possible this deep into the galaxy.


While his walk was staggered, he put on the illusion of someone much weaker to appear susceptible to betrayal, realizing his former state of being crippled by the dark side could potentially be something to trick others into believing he was weak. Countless teeth marks sat along his tongue from when he faked coughing up blood, appearing to be an ailing man, yet the hunters merely laughed at the idea that a dying and sick youth wanted to study the remnants of Darth Atrox - and what he may have left in Imperial Space. He could feel their intent through the Force, but he feigned smiles and followed behind them as they were taken through security, creating an illusion within the Force of a simple chrono tied to a durasteel chain for the reason it was sensed that the man had something metallic on him - a family relic, and as soon as the Sith Lord disappeared, so to did the amulet each time.


The sun of Korriban bore it's heavy weight down upon the group, their armor covered in heavy clothes that were soaked to keep themselves from being exposed entirely to the heat and to cool down. The Valley of the Dark Lords, the surrounding tombs casting massive shadows as the sun rose up over the crevice as the Sith Academy loomed in the distance, with it's shape, while damaged, still standing as a symbol of the Sith's reign. Countless broken vases and broken sandstone surrounded the Sith and his guides, the ransacking of the tombs evident as the beasts that once roamed the valley retreated back within the darkness of their tombs to protect the relics their masters had designed them to do - yet the Sith Lord could feel the presence of a pack loom from the side, their snarling jaws and the quills that stood on their back showed that they were starved and were beasts without any design - things that took down countless Sith and troopers, as well as Mandalorians for merely trespassing within their hunting grounds, with the vicious creatures being known to take down even Sith Lords and Jedi Masters.


"Looks like the Sith knelt to their new masters and died quickly, aye?"


The words of one of the treasure hunters echoed through the Sith's illusion as his teeth became bared, the mocking laugh caused the researcher to quickly turn his anger into a smile, letting out a half-hearted chuckle as he whispered inaudible words before eyeing the tukata that were following them. In truth, the scars that he had on his body were reminders of the ferocity of the tukata and their packs, and as quickly as he had 


his masks fading as the billowing tattered cloak materialized through the illusion. Masked in his old mask, the crack down the center of the visor looking like a scar, his armor bearing as many scars as his body - yet it did not limit it's capabilities.


"Living your lives must be torture, just scavenging the remains of a corpse like carrion. Your purposes have been fulfilled, I thank you for your services."


Speaking in his hollowed tone, the Tenebris drew on the Force to fold space before him and in front of the group as his position swapped from behind them to before them - his hands reaching out to seize the throat of the furthest two as the third panicked and watched as the Sith lifted his head and seized the man in a telekinetic field of Force energies. Watching the two struggle as the Sith drew on the dark side of the planet, their hands reaching for their weapons to try and blast him, the Sith quickly fed on the dark side to enhance his own physical strength to snap the neck of the one in his right hand before dropping the lifeless body as the blaster bolt struck him in the chest.


The pain was felt as the armor was burned through, exposing what remained underneath unprotected as Tenebris's burned chest was exposed. Without his lightsabers, Tenebris was not defenseless, but he had relied on his armor too much prior, and truthfully the pain was welcomed - even with his arm faltering in it's vice-like grip, he could feel the cauterized flesh sizzle and the pain it entitled. Feeding on the raw emotion of pain, the Sith drew on the dark side and the Force together to fold space once more and forced the man suspended in the air watch the Sith Lord disappear and his companion as well.



Appearing off in the distance, standing on top of the tomb that lead to the Sith Academy, Tenebris felt his energies waver as the man beside him panicked. The hunger, the dark side flowing freely through him, it was so tempting to just draw on it all and embrace his own demise - instead, the Sith turned his head towards the man that had shot him and let out a laugh. The experience of going through something like that was jarring, to bend reality and to draw on one's own reserves - yet for someone with no grasp or imagination, it was probably the most painful and ludicrous thing ever imaged.


"You are my prisoner now. Walk with me or I will remove every organ from your body while you are still alive."


Speaking as he reached out with his free hand to remove his helmet, Tenebris's eyes glowed their typical molten appearance and the scars that sat on his face became more apparent than before - the dark side amplifying the negatives of the man's appearances. Dropping the man as he closed his eyes and exhaled loudly, his ability to travel like that took it's toll, but he would not feed on the man's life energies yet. Clenching his fist as he watched the man scramble for his blaster, the Sith crushed the blaster with enough telekinetic pressure to explode the powerpak and looked at the treasure hunter with a look of someone far too unimpressed to be threatened.


"If you scream and try to run, I will break each and every bone and then use the knife that is situated on the back of your belt to cut out your tongue, now walk."


Clicking his tongue as he surgically spoke to the man, disarming him with his threats he smiled as he knew the man that was left would try and run to report that a Sith was on the planet. Unfortunately, the tukatas that had been following them would eat him before he made it halfway back - a shame, truthfully, but a necessary situation for the Sith to find what once belonged to him. Every Kaar of Sith Philosophy had left a part of themselves in the Sith Academy, and Tenebris had left something far too important there.


Walking with the grace he once held, his vision and mind swam back to the years prior. The Sith Acolytes fighting in the courtyard, their training sabers striking against one another before a sickening blow landed and brought the other combatant to the ground, shattering bone and bringing the match to a finish. The Sith Academy stood as a beacon of what it would take for the Sith to reignite the war, yet after countless skirmishes the Sith had successfully laid low the Jedi repeatedly - yet they had finally had enough and brought the full force of the Republic on an unprepared Empire. Then the vision swapped to the Inquisition walking alongside their Kaar, their much more violent approach and their own personal style of hunting lightside practitioners being shown by their practical armor and the tools they had at their disposal being displayed on their person and through their skillset, and the woman he had once loved walked alongside him.




Speaking in a quiet tone, he looked up at the ruins of the Sith Academy before discarding the damaged cuirass and looking at the male who staggered behind him and dragged his feet. Continuing into the main chamber, the Sith looked upon the toppled monolith in the center of the chamber and the scattered lightsabers and ruined cloth of those that defended it until their dying breath. Feeling the treasure hunter move before him to marvel at the ruins before him, the Sith shot out his arm and seized the man by the scruff of his clothed hood, yanking him before him as the fear became apparent in the man's eyes, though Tenebris only smiled before dragging him to the left most hallway of the Sith Academy, dragging the treasure hunter towards the one room Tenebris had reinstated.


The thudding of the man and the pain of each step as his legs and knees struck the stairs sounded down the stairway towards the altar in the center of the room, the blood pool still very full from the Sithspawn that had continued to make it their nest. Throwing the male into the pool of blood, Tenebris watched the man cough and empty his stomach into the pool as the stench and taste of blood filled the man's taste buds and senses, the man panicking as he tried to scurry away from the pit only to slip and swallow more blood, blood soon filling his nostrils and choking him. Pulling off one of his gauntlets, the Sith withdrew the vibroknife from his boot and ran it along his hand before stepping into the pool with the panicking treasure hunter.


"To submerge a skull inside this pool of blood summoned a Sithspawn from the blood of the deceased, but that required the skull of something long since dead.. let us see what is summoned by sacrificing a living being to the pool..."


Hand seizing the back of the man's head, he submerged the treasure hunter's head deep into the pool and stared at the blood in the dark, the only light coming from the sconces that surrounded the chamber, the eternal flames of the Sith Academy never truly dying. The struggle the male put up was admirable, but for the revitalized Tenebris this was a simple task from his days as the Kaar of Sith Philosophy - fulfill the need of the dark side and be rewarded. To grasp the unknown and form it into a weapon; to let go of the emotions of humanity such as needless love and fear; to conquer the unknown and those that refused to kneel. That was the ideals of the Sith, and the ideals Tenebris still held onto.


Unfortunately, the amount needed to be sacrificed was never specified and Tenebris would continue to make sacrifices to the pool and live out his days within the ruins of his former home - seated upon the remaining council throne that sat across from the entrance, the rest destroyed or covered in blood and skeletons, a true council of macabre. Situated in the man's hand was a standard warblade, nothing special, but it was a weapon he had been seeking to reclaim - the blade roughly the length of a vibroweapon and the materials a bit more sturdier than a vibroblade, but not a true Sith warblade.



Korriban, Dreshdae the Port City

Two Days Later


Through luck or merely the mercy of the dark side, the one treasure hunter that had been left alone had survived and dragged his bloody and mauled body to the city. He would never be the same, but he could speak still, albeit poorly thanks to large gash that cut through his cheek entirely and severed his tongue in half. Even kolto patches weren't capable of replacing flesh and muscle, but the guards that had discovered the dying man knew the words of an insane man when they were spoken. The fear and pain that the man experienced led many to believe he was insane and broken beyond repair, but the words rang with some within port city.


"A shadow stalks the valley and takes those that it deems worthy."


And with that, more victims came to find if this shadow existed and more sacrifices would be welcomed to the blood pool below the Sith Academy. The mask formed through the darkness embodying the shadow that they feared and those that were foolish enough to leave their pack of adventurers or soldiers were embraced by the shadow and sacrificed to the dark side. Few survived the attacks, and few made it back like the first - but those that did knew the shadow was inhuman.


Word escaped the planet and while merely passed off as folklore created by those haunted by the spirits of the Valley and those that still feared the Sith, it did make it's way to the Nirauan and those that answered the call would meet the same fate the others experienced, but those that tried to come during the night would find there was no shadow within the valley that attacked them. Those that came at night realized the threat Korriban still held in it's plentiful Sithspawn that were no pushovers though, and that a pack of tukata and snake-like creatures corrupted by the dark side made their home within the area before the Sith Academy, with another pack of tuk'ata situated within the main chamber.


The sacrifices drew creatures of the dark side to the Sith Academy, and their hunger amplified with each passing day.



OOC Information


Decided to write a post to relax my mind from working on the site and my actual job. Those that wish to join will probably make it to Korriban within a week, give or take. For why your character comes is up to you, but know Tenebris isn't exactly going to be the most inviting master of the dark side nor is he going to pamper to the weak. ;)


Enter at your own risk.


Tenebris's current outfit, with a replaced cuirass;



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