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Tece Tyrr

Application: Tece Tyr - Approved

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Name: Tece Tyrr

female Jedi.jpg


Gender: Female


Species: Human/Mandalorian 

Rank: Jedi Knight(Formerly) Mandalorian Warrior in training(Current)


Date of Birth: 23 Yelona, 3656


Appearance: Tece stands at 5'9" with a body that is lean muscled and fit from her life of constant training and missions. She has emerald green eyes and her dark blonde hair comes all the way down to the top of her hips in a ponytail at all times. She has a tattoo on her right bicep of her personal ‘sigil’: The traditional Mandalorian emblem with a Lightsaber pointed upwards through the middle of it.


Possessions: Twin lightsabers with grips fitted for her hands perfectly. Her blades are Pearl White like a Krayt Dragon Pearl. She always loved them as a clear sign of how unusual her path would be.  She has a small hand-held communicator for speaking with people. For travel she has a Defender-class Light Corvette. She painted it her clan colours and on both sides she added her own personal sigil. She has her astromech Droid, a T-7 called R6 who has been with her since she was a young padawan. The Droid helps her with all things technical. She wears black pants and shirt with the remnants of her jedi robe worn over-top. The pants and shirt have pieces of durasteel woven into the fabric, creating a piece of light armour.


Personality: When she was a Jedi, Tece had issues with the whole 'controlling your emotions' part of the Jedi code. She always wondered why she had to reject feelings of joy, love, happiness, or other pleasant emotions she felt towards those she considers friends. She still obeyed the council, but constantly pushed the buttons of some of the more stringent council members by her speaking her mind and letting her feelings of joy or happiness sometimes get her into trouble. Such as using the force to jump a high distance and feel the wind against her face as she came down. It always made her happy doing that. She was not ashamed of her joy, but she did and would not let her emotions control her actions. She is proud of who she is. And proud of what she does. But she also knows she is not the master of everything she knows. It makes her eager to learn from those better than her so she can improve her own skills.


Skills, Abilities and Talens:
Since she could remember Tece has found learning physical tasks a lot easier than any of the more philosophical and spiritual skills. Her training in both unarmed and armed combat means that she can hold her own against many different types of opponents, such as fighting either a human, droid, or even a Besalisk. She might not beat them, but she will give it everything she has no matter what.
While nothing like a true technical wizard, Tece knows enough about machinery to maintain her droid and other equipment she has whenever they need anything fixed.

She carries two sabres, but can fight either with one or dual wielding. She leans heavier on the dual wield, focusing on making each sabre one half of a whole, rather than two independent weapons. She still has not quite perfected this style and is working her way to it.


Biography: Tece was born to the small, but still powerful clan Tyrr. This was not one of the dominant clans on Mandalore. For much of Mandalore Clan Tyrr was known directly for their skills at guerrilla warfare. Outside of Mandalore however they were known only by tales of ghost-like Mandalorians who would attack from the most unlikely locations, or what was supposed to be impassible terrain. And then disappear back into the darkness. It was said that the clan would only be found when they wanted to be found or summoned by the Manda'lor when the clans went to war. They preferred to keep to themselves, only occasionally sending a representative to any meeting of the clans. At the time of her birth her Grand-uncle was the head of the clan and had lead their family for some time, keeping the clan independent of the fighting between the other Mandalorians during the civil war. At first Tece seemed to follow the path of all Mandalorian children. At least until she was four when she first revealed her connection to the Force by jumping up to retrieve a toy that had somehow ended up stuck in a high place. Not long after this first experience her parents took her off-world to learn directly from them. They intended to teach her the skills they knew in order to become a true Mandalorian. Before they brought her along she did not have much time with her parents due to their chosen careers: bounty-hunting across the galaxy. Together they brought Tece along on their ship, teaching her whatever they could in between hunts. They often brought her down to the prison cells, giving her a chance to see the various bounties they captured. This let her see the many sides of the galaxy, from the worst of the worst being brought down, to helpless innocents who crossed the wrong people. When she was five her parents left her alone on their ship while they went down to a planet, hunting a prized bounty.


While alone she casually began to play around with her toys using the Force. She did not do this consciously. Ever since she had used the Force the first time it just happened that when she wanted to play with her toys she would reach out and sometimes they would move on their own. So she would move one with her hand and when she went to reach for another it might suddenly come flying over. This unusual method of getting things made her laugh with joy. Unknown to her or her parents, their target was hiding on the dark side of the planet’s moon and had detected their ship’s entrance to the system. As soon as they had left the ship he started up his own vessel and started to run, until he was informed they had detected a single life-form onboard the vessel.


She was so interested in playing with her toys that she never noticed the ship alert warning about the incoming vessel. It was only when the ship rolled slightly when it was getting boarded by the pirate that Tece realized there was trouble. She tried to defend herself, using the force to throw the first person she saw come through the docking port. This was not a focused attack, she simply threw out her hands in fright and hit the first pirate and pushed him into a wall directly behind him with a bit of the Force. She did not get a chance to fight when another person stepped around the corner and shot her with a stunning pulse, knocking her unconscious.


When she woke up she found herself onboard the pirate’s vessel travelling through hyperspace to the outer rim. She was horrified to realize where she was. When she tried to run she was restrained by the shock collar around her neck. If she came close to the bars of her cell the collar activated, sending horrifically painful jolts through her body. So she stayed at the back of the cell, watching the bars like any caged animal. Members of the crew came and tormented about how much a little girl like her would be worth. More than one looked like they wanted to do more than simply talk to her. She stayed in the corner of her cell, glaring at the pirates, only crying when she thought no one was around. She was only five but she remembered one thing her parents taught her ‘never show fear in front of your enemy’. She was not sure exactly what it meant, but one thing she did know: these people were not friends.


She would have languished in that fate, or something even worse if it had not been for the intervention of a Jedi. He had hunted down the pirates due to their attacks on several colonies and attacked them a few days after they had left the planet where they had captured Tece. As he told her later he had torn his way through the ship, cutting down any of the crew that tried to stop him. After wiping out the pirates he came down to the prison cells where he found her. At first she thought he was one of the ‘buyers’ the pirates kept talking about. She kept that belief until he started talking to her, asking for her name. Hesitant at first she eventually felt she could trust this man with that and told him her name. When he asked where she was from she admitted she couldn’t remember the name.


The Jedi comforted her and prevented her from breaking down in tears at the thought she would never see her family again. With no way to determine where she was from and the realization she was force sensitive, the Jedi offered to bring her with him to the Enclave he was from. With no other choice Tece agreed and went with him to the nearest Jedi Enclave. The only thing she had to remind her of her family was a simple pendant. It bore her clan’s crest which was unknown outside of the Mandalorian people due to their relative small size. Once among the Jedi Tece quickly began to prove that she was a natural at all physical aspects of her training, thanks in no small part to her natural skills as a warrior. However the more spiritual aspects of her training were things that always eluded her, to the chagrin of her various teachers in the Order. It was something that she never got the hang of throughout her time as a youngling and then as a padawan.

When she finally was taken under the wing of a Jedi Master things really changed for Tece. She had always struggled with the Jedi teachings on emotions and other parts that she saw made her alive. When she was 13 she finally discovered that she was Mandalorian after a mission brought her and her master into conflict with a Mandalorian bounty hunter who recognized her pendant. At first she was not certain how to take this information. But her master did not try to dissuade her from the knowledge and even encouraged her to learn whatever she could about them. She found out later that he thought learning about her past would help her find peace from the past.


Her passion was studying as much of the Mandalorian ways of fighting as she could, combining it with what she learned as a Jedi. However when she started delving into the texts in the enclave she discovered that no one had ever bothered writing a detailed study of what she thought was the 'standard' Mandalorian style of fighting. And what she could find talking about how the Mandalorians fought showed so many different styles and in some cases, completely contradictory information that she was often left scratching her head in confusion. So when she started practicing she tried to take what bits of information she thought were 'proper' Mandalorian style and mix them in with what her master taught her. This slow adoption of what she believed was the Mandalorian way of fighting began to affect her in other ways.


It came to a head when she had a personal sigil made and tattooed on her right bicep. She let the entire universe know that she accepted both her path as a Jedi and as a Mandalorian. To her joy her master did not scold her for it. Instead he told her that her path was always going to be different and he only hoped that she did not forget all she learned with him. She thought he was being as cryptic as 'some of the old farts on the council.' and did not think much of it at the time.

During this time she and her master conducted several missions for the Councils, often going long distance without contact or support from anyone else. It was during this time that she found intelligence work and all the secretive aspects involved with it to be something very different than other things she studied.  Her master did most of the actual intelligence work while she simply tagged along. She picked up things here and there, but her knowledge of the Intelligence world is barely more than beginning novice's at this point. More significantly this time with just her master and loyal astromech made her think long and hard about several deep questions within herself to find some answers.

Eventually she found the answers when she completed the trials necessary to become a full fledged Jedi Knight after 20 years training as a Jedi youngling and padawan. Not long after becoming a Jedi around her 25th birthday she went before the Council and told them her decision. She made it clear that she was not ever going to accept the demands of the Jedi Order. With a simple bow she told them that she was leaving the Jedi Order. That night she left with R6 and her fighter into the galaxy. She took a path far away from the Jedi Order to the only place she knew she could go: home.

When she returned to Mandalore she hunted down her own clan and searched for her parents. She finally tracked them to one of her clan's smaller vheh'yaim by themselves. There she introduced herself to them and asked if they were her parents. Hesitating only for a second as they looked at her face her parents then embraced her, weeping with joy when they realized their lost child had come home. While her parents accepted her back because she was their daughter, regardless of how long apart they were, the rest of the clan were not so welcoming. To them she was simply a Jedi that was pretending to be one of them. Mistrust of any Force User and the clan's natural reclusiveness meant that not even her aunts and uncles were willing to welcome her right away. Indeed it has become necessary for her to carry at least one of her weapons at all times when she leaves her parents' home because of the threats made against her by her very own extended family. She does not want to use it, but if it came down to it she would defend herself. She knows her choice of attire has not gone over well either, but she keeps wearing it. The bits of her robe that remain are as much a part of her as the new clothes she has begun to wear.


She has decided that the best way to earn her clan and other Mandalorians' trust was to prove how useful Force Users could be to their people while learning how to be a true Mandalorian. So she wants to teach other Mandalorians how to use their powers and maybe even get a meeting with the leaders of Mandalore to establish a program for training such children. She knows it goes against everything the Mandalorians feel towards Force Users and will probably never get everyone to change their mind. But Tece feels she needs to do this, not only for herself, but the rest of her people who are hated simply for being born with this ability. She has been back with her people for two years now, and still struggling to be accepted by her own family, let alone the rest of her people. But she refuses to give up and leave. They are her family and she's too stubborn to abandon hope that they will come around and welcome her in.

She is aware that it was Force Users combined with the Republic military that stopped her people in the last war they fought. Now that the Republic has grown into a monster worse than the history has presented the Sith or Empire as being she feels the need for the Mandalorian people to have as many tricks up their sleeve. Cause they’re going to need them.


Character Statistics: 

Strength: C

Agility: A

Perception: C

Endurance: B

Willpower: B


Final Note: If you want to blame anyone for me showing up here, the man responsible is ArcCaptainFordo(that's what I know him as). Aka FlyingPotato- man. Also still working this character out, would love some help with the empty sections. As well as anything I missed.

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