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Viraen Kyrdol

Keldabe Arms PRR-10 Precision Ripper Rifle - Approved

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Intent: To create a precision ripper weapon capable of being used as both a marksman rifle and sniper weapon system for the Mandalorian clans. Developed to tackle armored and shielded enemies, given the increasing use of heavy armor and energy shields by Republic troops. 

Manufacturer: Kedalbe Arms

Affiliation: Mandalorian

Production Rate: Limited Quantity


Weapon Type: Sniper Rifle

Weapon Sub-type: Energy-propelled Slug Thrower 


  • Dallorian Alloy Barrel
  • Rubberized Grips
  • Duranium Frame


  • Stock Features
    • Integrated Bipod
    • Integrated Gyrostabilizer (for firing standing up)
    • Optics Rail
    • Gene-lock
  •  Optics
    • Target Imager
    • Multi-optic Sight
    • Targeter Ranging Scope
    • Computerized Interface Scope
  • Misc
    • Custom Magnetized Grips
    • Suppressor
    • Replaceable Trigger Guard and Grips (for species with larger hands)
  • Ammunition
    • Depleted-Baradium Core Armor Piercing
    • Deuterium Detonator Rounds
    • Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Beskar Sabot (developed to injure targets in Beskar or equivalent armor) 
    • Deuterium High Explosive Depleted-Baradium Armor Piercing


Weapon Rating: Exquisite

Weapon Appearance: 




  • Extreme Stopping Power: The rifle fires an energy propelled 14.5x114mm round capable of severely injuring infantry targets and damaging even light military speeder craft. 
  • Long Range: The rifle has an effective range of 2000 galactic standard meters.
  • Versatile: Capable of taking on a variety of attachments and ammunition types, the rifle can be adapted to suit any task suitable for rifles of this type. 
  • Reliable: Like all Mandalorian weapons, the weapon is reliable enough to be used as a club and then fired again. It is extremely unlikely to break down unless very improperly maintained. 
  • Bypasses Personal Energy Shields: Save for Arkanian and Verpine variants, most mid and low grade contemporary personal energy shields cannot block slugthrower rounds. 
  • Theft Protection: The weapon's gene-lock means that only the owner and other authorized users can fire it. 



  • Extremely Expensive: The weapon is almost prohibitively expensive, and requires the right connections. This means only a few clans can afford to acquire this weapon for their members, and fewer still individuals purchase this weapon on their own. 
  • Maintenance Heavy: Like most slugthrowers, the rifle is significantly more maintenance heavy when compared with equivalent energy weapons. 
  • Limited Spare Parts: Given that the weapon has a limited production run, spare parts are in high demand and in short supply. 
  • Specialized Training Required: Rippers are still slugthrowers, and require specialized training to use effectively.
  • Rare Ammunition: Given the weapon's limited production run, Keldabe Arms doesn't produce very much ammunition for the weapon. As such, standard ammunition is rare and the specialized variants rarer still. Most people carry a single magazine of the detonator and armor piercing rounds while only a handful of the others, 3-5 if they really have the credits to spare. 
  • Awkward: The rifle is large, and hence is rather awkward to handle even with the integrated gyrostabilizer, and as such a secure and preferably concealed firing position is paramount to the effective operation of the weapon. 
  • Long Range Weapon Only: While a skilled, coordinated and strong operator might be able to effectively fire the weapon at mid range, it was designed for operation at long ranges. It's size, weight and fire rate make using the weapon at closer ranges risky and problematic. 
  • Recoil: Due to the lightweight materials utilized and the shape of the rifle itself, the recoil of the weapon is more powerful and makes repeated shots incredibly less accurate.


Description: Mandalorians have never needed an excuse to develop new weapons, but the reason that the weaponsmiths at Keldabe Arms designed the PRR-10 was to fill a gap in the Mandalorian arsenal that no other weapon quite filled. Long ranged precision weapons were rare in the Mandalorian arsenal, especially ones capable of performing anti-material duties. Turning to the Ripper design, Keldabe Arms produced a weapon that in the right arms was capable of handling just about anything from a heavy armored infantry soldier to a light combat airspeeder. 


Each rifle is assembled by skilled weapon smiths by hand, and all of its constituent parts are precision fabricated at Keldabe Arms main facility in the heart of the ancient city. Before they're shipped, each rifle is fitted with a gene-lock that's keyed to the purchaser. It is up to the purchaser to add authorized users if they so wish. This is to prevent the weapon falling into the wrong hands, or being used against its owner. Spares are manufactured in limited runs based on the number of rifles, and as such any spares required outside of this will have to be special ordered.


The weapon's true strength comes from the selection of ammunition available to it. Given the recent civil war and what happened with the Republic, a particular emphasis has been placed on armor piercing rounds. One specific round was developed to put down Beskar, equivalent or stronger armored targets. The Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Beskar Sabot, or APFSDBS, is designed to use a sharpened hyperdense beskar sabot dart to penetrate the armor of hardened targets and cause significant trauma to any biological matter under the armor or damage to internal systems of droids/vehicles. Naturally, higher quality armor will slow the round down, but the damage inflicted by such a high velocity high density round is still high enough to slow the target down. 


The weapon is marketed to the most elite marksmen among the Mandalorian clans, and is priced as such. Outsiders are not expected to get their hands on this weapon, and a Mandalorian who somehow loses this weapon to an aruetii (outsider/traitor) is blacklisted from Keldabe Arms. 

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