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Tala Vir

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Name: Tala Vir

Gender: Female
Species: Nautolan

Rank: Jedi Knight

DOB: 3654 (Current age 26)


Appearance: Standing at the height of 5’8, Tala weighs approximately 145 pounds. Though she is fairly slim, she’s leanly muscled and quick on her feet. She typically wears neutral colors, with the exception of a dark red sash around her waist. Her skintone ranges from light greens to deep reds and purples, with markings along her headtails in alternating colours. She carries two sabers, one hanging casually at her side, and the other less noticeably secured at the small of her back. She wears a simple pendant beneath her robes - a small stone worn smooth from years.



Amber-bladed lightsaber

Green-bladed lightsaber

Jedi Robes

Quarters within the Jedi sector



Tala tends to be a quiet presence, even in the midst of crisis. Her strength lies within her connection to others, and so she is often found giving support to those in need. Known for being discreet, Tala is someone whom secrets are entrusted to with little fear of their revelation. An empathetic teacher, Tala has yet to take on a Padawan as she believes she herself still has far too much to learn.


Tala holds a strong connection to the Living Force. This has often led her to make unconventional choices and friendships, as well as strong bonds with others. She is a quiet sort of leader, a trait she has possessed since childhood. She has no desire to be within the spotlight, and is more than happy to allow others to lead in place of her. She will step up when needed, but will just as easily step aside for those more qualified.


Both gentle and fierce, she is a defender by nature and will step in front of others to take a blow even if she has not earned it. This has led her to be both a skilled fighter and negotiator, though she is not easily provoked. However she will be the first to stand at a friend’s side, no matter the odds. While quiet and oftentimes reserved around others, those she knows well can attest to a warm nature and a quick sense of humour.


Skills, Abilities, and Talents:

Being Nautolan, Tala can not only breathe underwater as easily as above, but is able to see well in low light as well as detect and analyse the chemical signatures of others, thus allowing her to more effectively sense and interpret the emotions of those around her.


Due to events in her past, Tala has chosen to focus on her own martial training, in order to help control her Force Abilities and best turn her protective nature and defense of others to use. As such, she’s focused more on the role of a protector, turning her attention to Lightsaber combat and martial prowess. While she is fairly skilled with the Force, she relies on it mostly for her senses, leaving more advanced techniques to those whose affinity differs from her own.  Her specialty is with dual lightsabers, though she has also spent a significant amount of time training with a single blade to keep her options as open as possible.


Tala prefers to be at the centre of conflict and on the ground, even when it means giving up a position of command. She acts on instinct and the promptings of the Force, making her an unconventional fighter. Paired with her strong connections to others and her often contrary standpoints, this has caused her to be known as a bit of a maverick..



Tala’s Force Sensitivity manifested at a young age, and her parents alerted the Republic. She was taken in by the Jedi from her youth, and apprenticed at the age of eleven. Her life had been fairly straight-forward up to that point, with no remarkable differences between herself and other younglings. The only qualities that set her apart was her tendency to listen quietly and gather information from her senses before speaking up, as well as her strong empathy for others. She proved to be something of a quiet leader amongst her peers, though it was never a role she actively sought.


At the age of twelve, while on a mission with her Master, Tala was captured by members of a Sith cult. She was taken off-world and found herself fighting for survival in a situation well outside of her control or experience. She was placed with a group of other forced recruits, all of whom were Force-Sensitive. She spent a number of months shuffled from place to place along with the others like her. This proved to be a catalyst for the young Padawan as she came face-to-face with the darkest parts of herself and fear unlike what she’d ever faced. Many times she was tempted to give in and take the easier path. However Tala managed to stay firmly in the Light.


Tala was rescued from the cult six months later by a Jedi strike-force that included her Master. During the chaos, Tala found herself pitted against one of the older initiates who was tasked with being certain the Jedi gained as little as possible from the rescue. Tala sought to defend herself and one other captive with the Force, shoving him away in hopes of buying time. Not fully trained and unknowing of her own abilities, Tala’s strength was beyond what she intended, killing the boy instantly. Her Master found her in the chamber, distraught and with the death she had caused. This event proved to be a formative moment in Tala’s life and personality, driving her to train to master her own abilities, as well as giving her a strong respect for life. While she has taken many lives since, each weighs upon her, and it is a decision she never makes lightly. Tala wears a simple pendant beneath her robes, a stone from the cavern which the fateful encounter took place within. She carries it with her as a gentle reminder of the weight of her choices.


She completed her apprenticeship at the age of 22, moving from her apprenticeship to become a Knight.



Strength - C

Agility - A

Perception - B

Endurance - A

Willpower - B

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Darth Sanguira    229

Approved - sorry for the delay despite us going over the stat changes right away and you complying.  I appreciate your patience.

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