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Star Wars: Fates


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    Corellia is a temperate planet defined by snowy mountains, warm coastal regions, and fertile farm land that stretches between the major cities on each of its three large continents. As a member of the Republic, the planet serves as a major source of both economic and technological power, as it stands on both the Corellian Run and the Corellian Trade Spine, as well as benefits from the Perlemian Trade Route.. It is a strategic point, with valuable assets invested in major starship production and large scale agricultural output.

    The people of Corellia are impetuous, iron-willed, and, brave to the point of foolishness. There runs an independent streak among the Corellians that runs deep and has defined their political participation in the Republic from the beginning. There remains a clause within the Republic Constitution, Contemplanys Hermi, which applies only to the Corellian Sector. It allowed for the Corellia to close its borders and recall its delegation to the senate. This means that they forfeit their right to veto, but exchange it for the right to refuse the Republic any military support

    With the current climate in the Republic, the Corellian disdain for overreaching external authority is simmering just beneath the surface. Public sentiment toward the Sith is decidedly cold, but equally do the Corellians feel that the power the Supreme Chancellor is wielding is skirting dangerously close to authoritarianism. Trouble is brewing for the people of Corellia, and only time will tell how it will sway in the coming storm.

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