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Isa Sal

Isa Sal

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Isa Sal    26


Name: Isa (Ee-suh) Sal

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Rank: Mandalorian

DOB: 3653 (Current age 25)


Appearance: Tall and thin (6’0, ~150 lbs). Well muscled due to wearing beskar since she was young, but very lean. Basically has the strength to wear the armor and act/move as normal, but no more. Isa has dark red hair and gray eyes, with freckles splashed across her face in random patterns. Her hair is long and curly, usually worn pulled back in a braid to make it easy to put her helmet on in a hurry.

Constantly wears beskar’gam, taking it very much as a second skin (A leftover effect of the deaths of Caitir and Sovrii).

Tattoos - Fingers, as well as ‘broken bands’ around her wrists - memories of the dead and the lost. Some bands are personal, some are worn for her people.

Tattoos along the sides of her fingers - Mandalorian runes and sayings, etched on the skin. Can’t be taken away, can’t be silenced.

Shoulders - Patterns going down her shoulders to her back - circular/interlocking in nature. Symbolic for her.

All are fairly private rather than as badges or trophies, etc, as she’s always in armour and so such tattoos are never/rarely seen. That and the length of her hair are really her only two ‘aesthetic’ adornments other than armour colouring.



Beskar’gam - Full set of beskar’gam - battered and scratched, with two mismatched plates from family armours. Has no interest in blending in, preferring to be instantly known as a Mandalorian.

Weapons of Choice: Twin custom pistols carried at the hip. Additional slugthrower pistol strapped to thigh plating. Myriad of small knives concealed about her person for emergencies. Wristblade concealed within her left gauntlet. Additional small darts can be fired from her right gauntlet - types change based on need/situation.
Possesses longer ranged weaponry - competent but not her specialty.

Ship - (WIP - Pending looking at the forge :P)

Vheh’yaim - Rooms within the Sal Vheh’yaim.



Can come across as cold and intense, especially to outsiders. Sharp. Sometimes hard - has a hard time with hope ← This is likely her greatest flaw.
Isa is reckless, and has a zest for life. Quick to laugh when amongst those she knows well, and loyal to a fault. Longing for a place to belong, both for herself and her people.
She has a sharp sense of humour, as there is not much more she can lose.


When not on duty, often barefoot (A habit picked up from her adoptive mother). Isa is a storyteller - She believes it is essential to preserve memories of the past, something for her people to hold onto. A reminder of who they are, the pride in their culture, their stories, their battles. Wins and losses, mistakes and glories. All a map to who and what they are. She is looking for a better way, a way her people can survive.


Burns bright and fast. Fierce, but for her people. Not going to throw loyalty to the Jedi or the Sith, but will work alongside one or the other. Doesn’t hate either, though she has strong dislike and mistrust and jadedness to both. Wants an independent Mandalore.


Skills, Abilities, and Talents:

Initially trained to be a Jedi-killer in her childhood, following her mother’s death. Retains many of the skills, including carrying slug throwers, and mental tricks to avoid being pinpointed. However these skills are not her primary, and so are far from infallible.

Mercenary, turned to a bit of a smuggler with the travel bans. Her own way of thumbing her nose at the Republic. Has taken to smuggling refugees, supplies, and whatever else she can, alongside her mercenary work. Works as a mixed hired gun and pilot.  
An expert with her blasters, and passable with rifles and longer ranged weaponry. Is decent with melee weapon, though prefers knives and daggers.

Highly skilled in unarmed combat, Isa has spent a large amount of time training in Mandalorian Martial Arts.

Basic Medical knowledge - Mostly only field medicine needed for combat scenarios, and stabilising those in the field quickly to buy them time. Anything more serious or needing longer term treatment is outside of her knowledge.

Intermediate survival skills - learned from growing up on Mandalore, and the need to survive in the wilds.

Fast reflexes, Isa nevertheless prefers to tackle a challenge head on rather than hiding away. However, she is not opposed to bas’lan shev’la when the situation calls for it.  


Relatives -

Father - Lorcan Sal
Mother - Caitir Sal (Deceased)
Adoptive Mother - Sovrii Sal (Deceased)



Grew up Mandalorian - Father still alive. Close relationship between the two.

Mother killed by Jedi when Isa was still a child - old enough to remember, but memories are fuzzy. She died when Isa was 7. This gave Isa a strong hatred of Jedi growing up, leaving her angry and determined to become a Jedi-killer.

Second Mother - Sovrii - Togruta who became a Mandalorian. Married Lorcan when Isa was 13. Sovrii was gentler, but still fierce. She taught Isa to give up her hate - saying that “There are better things to fight for”. She taught Isa to love stories, based on her own Togruta heritage. She was killed by Sith about 5 years before the current time.

Isa wears markings on her helmet in honour of the woman who taught her to live (Similar to Sovrii’s facial/Montral markings). She has a piece of armour from both mother’s armours, and remembers both of them to keep their spirits alive.


Isa remains very close to her father - He was her rock growing up. Lorcan taught her to fight, to live, and to stand on her own. After her mother’s death, the two were fairly adrift. He began teaching her, training her. This ended up being something for them to bond over, and this tradition continued as she grew up. Both are still incredibly close, and often fight back-to-back. Sovrii's death was a blow to both, but they grieved together.



Strength - B

Agility - A

Perception - A

Endurance - A

Willpower - B

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Homra Azner    117

Alrighty, so to keep this short and sweet, I will be posting an acceptance message for those to copy and paste - or to create their own - within this thread. As more things come and go, it will be important to update the acceptance message, but this will cover all the important things currently.



Your application has been




Thank you for applying to the site and we all are looking forward to writing with you in the near future! To start your character off, please post your character biography into the correct category here. To get started in-character, please post in this thread so a member can quickly get to you and get you on your way to starting your own adventure on Star Wars: Fates.


If you have not already, please read the Community Rules to get accustomed to the environment we wish to have on the site, in addition if you have any questions about the site, please do not be afraid to PM a member of the staff team or to post in the Questions and Answers thread, as they will be answered to the best of each staff member's ability. In addition, if you wish to join the site's discord, you can join through this link right here.


Should you want to start on creating items, or other things pertaining to the site, you can check out The Forge. The Forge is a way to create items for others to use, as well as providing your own character with their own specialized items. Standard issued stuff does not need to be submitted for personal use, but can be submitted to provide people with some different items to start out with.

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