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Homra Azner

Character Sheet Rework

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Savolent    36
Posted (edited)

I have been away forever but recently remembered the fun I had here and am looking into possibly returning. This is probably overshooting it so just let me know what to change. This is based on 1:1 moving over my old character sheet stat pool into this and closely matches my post count on this site as this would require 350 posts, of which Savolent has 313 on this site.


Strength: S (Small Upgrade over how he has been portrayed but he 100% the description. Would settle for A)

Agility: (Would have gone C, but I primarily use 2 sabers and thus wouldn't want to drop this one)

Perception: (Has advanced cybernetic eye, but would settle for overall C)

Endurance: (Based on the way this character has always been portrayed anything less than wouldn't work)

Willpower: (Always been portrayed as above average force ability's.)


Approved at:

Strength - A

Agility - (Still has to deal with the added weight of his cybernetic's, but there won’t be any issues with his lightsabers)
Perception - B

Endurance - S 

Will - C

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