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Kala Ming

Pazzak Playing Peacekeepers...

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Kala Ming    13
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Kala had heard rumors that there was an unsanctioned pazaak game that went on occasionally in the ranks of the Peacekeepers. That was way too tempting to the Corellian not to get involved and a way to make a quick credit. So she twirled a cred coin between her fingers and went on a mission to find out where this game was being held. Sure enough, she found the game in one of the bunk rooms of the Peacekeepers. She grinned and smiled. "Hey, guys...mind if I join in?" 


The players, mostly guys shrugged. A  clean-shaven guy responded, "If you're gullible enough to want to play....you can join in all you want. Just to warn you, Gav Nestlin is pretty hot tonight." 


Kala chuckled. "Hot huh? Hmm...keep it under your hats but I like hot guys." 


The Peacekeepers laughed at Kala's double-entendre. 


She plopped down her credit coin and took out her lucky pazaak deck. Gav took the deck from her hands and inspected it. " I want to make sure you're not cheating, babe." 


Kala rolled her eyes. "Me...cheating....don't be absurd. My deck is legit. And don't call me babe, last guy that called me babe ended up losing his reason for manhood." 


More laughter erupted from the Peacekeepers.  Gav grinned and he stated. "Where do you hail from.....Ms..."


"Ming. Kala Ming. The whole galaxy is my home, but I was born on Corellia." 


Gav chuckled. "Corellia, huh? Even more of a reason to suspect you of cheating." 


Kala glared and pulled out her blaster. "I don't take kindly to insults, Gav. Are we going to play? Or are you going to insult my birthplace." 


He chuckled and laid a hand on her blaster. "Look Miss...you got me pegged wrong. It's just that Corellia isn't exactly known for...."


Kala snorted. "Keep opening your mouth and you're going to find yourself digging yourself into an even deeper hole you can't climb out of." 


Gav sighed and held up his hands. "I've got some Corellian brandy I've stashed away. Most of us have something stashed around that command don't know we have. You see...last time we had a party...the Jedi kind of ruined it for us. I am sure most of them are fine and all but...ever since that night our parties and gambling have had to be lowkey. I figure a lady like yourself might like a drink. Let me go crack my bottle open and give you a drink to apologize." 


Kala chuckled. "Apology accepted, Gav. There are few things I like in this life and one of them is pazzak, the other is a good shot of Corellian brandy. " 

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