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Vashlai    1

Telona, 3629 BBY

The Wilds of Dathomir


So this was Dathomir. Vashlai looked around her beedy red eyes taking in everything around her. She did not expect a welcoming committee she predicted attack or perhaps even someone's hound to be set upon her. In fact, this went against everything her people would have liked her to do. She was supposed to observe others and not get involved in the affairs of this part of the galaxy. She was to take notes and then report them back to her people.


Yet, Vashlai had broken contact with her people and she suspected that they probably would have deemed that somehow she was dead. Such a thought amused Vashlai and her feathers turned green. Perhaps it was better for her people to believe she was dead than to be stuck with her inane assignment of watching and not interfering.


She gently stroked Pet, her loth-cat. She had found the creature half starved and hanging around her ship when she had quietly observed Lothal. She had thought of drowning the thing but Pet had spunk as it scratched at her and fought hard against death and so Vashlai kept the cat and she had perhaps grown fond of it. It was one of the few things that Vashlai had an attachment for. 


A bird with a pet cat probably would seem unusual but Vashlai was not your ordinary avian species that was apparent. Vashlai looked around her, the planet seemed to stretch forward with forest-like jungles and no doubt filled with predatory creatures. The planet oddly reminded her a bit of her own home. Pet suddenly hissed and started going crazy in her arms.


Vashlai hissed. "Stupid pet....bad pet. If you can't be good get back on my ship." 


The cat leaped from her arms and retreated into her ship. Pet probably sensed someone coming. 

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Carnifex    62

Carnifex pushed a vine from his path as he came into a small clearing in the jungle. This was the rendezvous point; clipping his lightsaber back onto his belt, the big Sith wiped the metal knuckles of his left hand on his tunic. Bloodstains didn't show on the night-black fabric. He was the first to have made it back; leaning against a tree, he drew a stick of dried and salted meat from a pouch on his belt and began to gnaw at it, awaiting the others. 


It didn't take long. They began to filter back, by themselves or in small groups. The first to arrive was a skeletal Twi'lek male, one of the acolytes of the group; stripped to the waist, grey skin spattered in crimson gore, the alien dipped his head towards Carnifex in respect as he sat down cross-legged in the center of the clearing and began to clean his vibroshiv. A good student. All of those he'd brought on this excursion were. Five acolytes had been allowed the privilege to join the hunt, and they were the best. 


Another two emerged from the darkness of the jungle, both human. One limped, supported on another's shoulder, the slender shaft of an arrow protruding from his thigh. The one holding him up, a male with the stocky build of a native of a high-gravity world, was struggling under the weight; the Twi'lek jumped to his bare feet and went to help. Carnifex smiled beneath his beard. When he had been an acolyte on Korriban- not too long ago- other acolytes would have simply left a wounded compatriot to die, reasoning that one less competitor for attention was a good thing. Now, with the Remnant in the state it was, Sith needed to support one another.


It was good to see that actually happening. 


The big Sith pushed himself up, finishing the meat-stick, and walked over to the three acolytes The Twi'lek and the stocky one let their wounded comrade down to sit against a thick root protruding from the dirt, and stepped back in deference as they saw Carnifex approach. Boots scuffing in the dirt, he squatted down in front of the injured acolyte. What was his name again? Heinrek, something like that. Henrik- that was it. 


"Did you kill the one that did this?" Carnifex asked, deep, gravelly voice rumbling out like a landslide.


Henrik nodded wordlessly, hatred etched into his pained face. 


"Good." The big Sith reached out, wrapping thick fingers around the shaft of the arrow, and jerked it free of Henrik's flesh, eliciting an agonized snarl from the acolyte. "Vengeance gives us power. You felt it, yes?"


Another nod. "Yes."


Yes, indeed. Carnifex knew that feeling well, the rush of the Dark Side strengthening his arm as it drove through the enemy. Revenge was a powerful motivator. "Remember it. Though the enemy may spill our blood, the pain empowers us to glut ourselves upon theirs. Use it." He stood up, gaze flicking over to the heavyset male. "Bind his wound."


The Force prickled at the back of the Sith's neck, telling him to look up. He did, catching sight between the interlaced leaves of the jungle canopy of something moving. A starship, no doubt. Not one of their own. 


Three more filtered in from between the trees. Maeve, his apprentice- a slight human woman in a beaten nerfhide jacket, lightsaber dangling loosely from one hand, an Imperial issue silent slug pistol in the other- another acolyte, a Quarren female, and then a camouflage-armored Imperial trooper. They had brought five troopers on their jungle exercise rotation along with them. No better exercise than actual combat, with the primitively-armed natives of this jungle world. 


"Did you see that?" Maeve asked, shoving her pistol into a holster slung low on her thigh. "That's not one of ours."


The trooper tapped the comm unit on the side of his helmet, nodding towards Carnifex. "Just commed the Academy. No air traffic in this area, and our extraction vessel isn't scheduled to come out for eight Standard."


"Yes. Maeve, with me." He struggled to remember the Quarren's name; deciding that it didn't matter, he instead pointed at the alien. "You, keep your comlink on, search for any escaping natives, keep contact with those here. The rest of you, remain here, wait for the others." With that, he plunged into the jungle in the direction they had seen the starship go, his apprentice at his back.


It didn't take long before he sensed something nearby that didn't fit in with the jungle. A being of the sort he'd never encountered before. And a spot devoid of life that had to be a starship- everything else in the jungle was alive. Emerging from the vines and the trees, he saw that yes- it was a ship, of some sort he'd never seen before. Looking back to Maeve, he signaled that she should circle round the other side. 


As he came around the side of the vessel, he heard a voice speaking Basic. "Stupid pet....bad pet. If you can't be good get back on my ship." it said; the words were followed by the scrambling of feet. A pet, of some sorts, as the voice had said. 


Carnifex came round the corner of vessel, lightsaber coming to his hand with the aid of the Force. He leveled it at the strange alien standing there, activating its blood-red blade. "Who are you?"

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Vashlai    1

Vashlai's feathers turned a grey color. She was angry and annoyed to be caught off guard. Pet had been right to amble off. She thought perhaps it would have been some predatory creature....well that wasn't exactly not true. Most beings sentient or otherwise were predatory creatures.  The human before her had its weapon, it's laser sword before her throat. The weapon of Jedi and Sith.  Every being who sought to be of either faction seemed to carry such blades. 


Vashlai had none, save the crystal of one she found on Dromund Kaas that she wore on a chain around her neck. Vashlai could feel some sort of strength in it, power. She craved power, hungered for it. The same with the holocron she had found. It promised her power, promised her knowledge and yet, in the end, it refused to give her all the answers. Stupid holocron, like most objects it probably could only sense the lack of what Vashlai didn't have and refused to give out anymore to her, only telling her to come here. She had been frustrated, she wanted to smash the damn holocron in anger for denying her the answers and the power she craved. Yet smashing it would have not have been productive and would have left her even more empty in terms of knowledge. So she kept the holocron and tried to study what she knew more. Now her red beady eyes glanced at the being in front of her. Did it....deserve an answer from her or not? Was it worthy to answer to? Vashlai was uncertain whether or not to answer it. Human. Why did most of the beings in this galaxy end up being human? The creature was tall and towered over her, it was covered in markings....tattoos. Vashlai was a poor judge of appearances other than others of her kind. To her, the creature was ugly, devoid of any color that made any great impression to her.  It seemed rather crude. Was that feathers that traced down their face? No humans didn't have feathers? Or did they? They were white colored whether they were feathers or not. 


She decided to lie, this being did not deserve her name her true name as of yet. It had not proved itself worthy of knowing her. "Ezmai..." She squawked. It was the name of her biological mother. The being that gave her life.  Yet, Vashlai had no feelings, no sense of love for the Fosh that had laid her as an egg. Her life giver only deserved the honor that she had given birth to her. 


Vashlai's hands extended showing her rather sharp claws. Claws that she was not afraid to use if she had to. She doubted that she could reach for her vibroblade in time as the human....his voice indicated that he was the male of their species. He'd likely slice his blade and decapitate her before she reached for her own blade. Hmm...that might explain his aggressiveness, male humans generally wanted subservience from females of their species. But Vashlai wasn't human and although she was a female of her species she wasn't about to show any form of subservience to the creature before her. Not unless....well she was at his mercy and as far as Vashlai was concerned she wasn't at his mercy....yet! 




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