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Name: Vashlai  (but often goes by the name Vash or Lai which is pronounced Lay rather than Lie. her full name is pronounced Vash-Lay) 
Gender: Female
Species: Fosh

Rank: Sith initate,  Student, Diplomat from the Fosh, explorer, historian and seeker of knowledge 
Date of Birth: 3596 BBY (33 years of age)

Appearance: Purple flesh tones, a curved oblong beak, and deep piercing eyes that are red in color. Her hands have sharp talon like claws that she can also use as weapons. She also has feathers of purple, blue and green. A They often change color based on her emotional state.

Orange = Happy, content etc. 

Grey = Annoyed or angry 

Green= Inquisitiveness or amusedness 

Other colors may exist due to Vashlai's mood or feelings 

She wears the robes of an explorer and diplomat of her people. 


Possessions:   A loth cat which she simply calls: Pet. A Sith Lightsaber crystal she found on Dromund Kaas which she wears around her neck as a necklace. a Sith Holocron, and a personal transport ship of unknown design and origin called Firebird, it has nominal fighting capabilities and only serves mainly as a transport for the Fosh as well as a way Vashlai can travel and study the galaxy around her. A simple vibroblade, and a hold-out blaster. 

Personality: Vashlai is manipulative and deceptive on principle. She believes that unless you are worthy of her attention and skill that it is okay to not be completely truthful or honest. She has a greedy sort of nature when it comes to knowledge and power and won't readily accept giving out what she knows or what she doesn't know. She will instead attempt to ferret out what she can from people to determine if they are hiding things from her or not or whether or not she can glean and learn from others without their awareness they have given her knowledge in the process. She often loves to laugh and giggle if things amuse her and her laughter and giggling comes out in very bird-like squawks. 


Skills, Abilities and Talents:  Vashlai considers herself a cautious and yet very good at speaking and getting her way by being slow, deliberate, and manipulative. She has a very high tolerance towards pain and that that would normally cause many sentients to  cry out in agony she finds herself actually enjoying in a strange  perverse manner. She hasability of controlling various forms of substances from her tears. Normally these tears are often used to create a phermonal secretions that are used for mating between her and males of her species. However, Vashlai has slowly become aware of the fact that her tears can also be used to create various forms of poisons, healing agents etc. This is probably due to her Force sensitivity. At present, Vashlai has no idea why her tears can do this.  

Biography: Vashlai comes from an unknown planet in the unknown regions. Her people are secretive by nature choosing mostly to be observers of others and often have a high opinion of themselves. As a young Fosh, Vashlai was raised with a brood of her nursery/egg mates with a matron Fosh. Vashlai like most Fosh was not raised by her biological parents and was raised by her community unlike a lot of species of the galaxy. Vashlai grew up with an impersonal sense when it came to others of her race or towards how she felt towards biological family members which she eventually met when she was older. Vashlai had no feelings of love or attachment towards them and was only appreciative that they gave her life. She only knows her mother by her name Ezmai and her father whose name was Varka. 


Vashlai has spent most of her life studying the races of the known regions. She seeks to know more about the others around her. As an observer, she has spent years observing the races and factions around her and came to the conclusion that the Jedi and the Republic are weak and ineffective groups. They lack the resolve to do what needs to be done to be a strong dominate force in the galaxy. 


In her studies, she came to learn of the Jedi, the Sith, and the power of the Force. Vashlai has little to no concept of the Force or its power as her people were from a region that is unfamiliar with the Jedi or the Sith. She seeks knowledge and power to further improve herself. She had heard of the Sith and their Empire and hoped to meet them and their Emperor on Dromund Kass but found out much to her disappointment that the planet was a graveyard filled with bones of the dead. She felt disheartened looking among the dead of a wiped out planet for traces of anything. In her quiet search of the planet for anything that remained, she found a Sith holocron that held some techniques in the Force. She managed to master some basic skills of the Dark Side but because she was unfamiliar with the Force, she suspected that she only scratched the surface of the device and that she could learn more. She also found a red lightsaber crystal which she took on as her own as well.  Demanding more and more knowledge from the holocron she found on Dromund Kass the holocron gave her a final instruction to turn her eyes towards Dathomir. So she set her course towards Dathomir and her future. 


Character Skills and Abilities:
(A list of skills and abilities the character has to keep track of. The skills are located here and the Force Powers are located here.)

Novice Blade Weapon

Martial Arts: Intermediate Stava

Novice Blaster Pistol

Novice Single Saber


Form I - Novice Shii-Cho

Form VII - Novice Juyo

Personal Starship Proficiency

Intermediate Biochem

Intermediate Interrogation

Expert Stealth

Expert Survival

Force Dash

Force Jump

Force Temperance

Force Invigorate

Force Armor

Force Confusion

Force Cloak

Telekinesis Novice

Force Push

Force Stun

Comprehend Speech 


False Aura

Final Notes:  Expert skills and Force powers are being asked for due to the secretive, manipulative, and observational type of the character that she can observe others without being noticed by others. Also asking for the use of Venomancy due to the character's ability to manipulate her tears to make poisons and various healing agents. 

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Homra Azner    105

Very mysterious aaaand more Imps. Good, good....


Glad to say, your character is



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