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Kala Ming

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Kala Ming    13

Name: Kala Ming
Gender: Female
Species: Corellian human

Rank: Smuggler/Mercenary, Force Adapt
Date of Birth: 3665 BBY (35 years of age)


Appearance: Long dark brown hair. Dark brown eyes. Slender body. She’s about 5’8. Athletic. Generally wears roguish apparel, basic leather vest, white top, holsters for blasters, a belt for a lightsaber.




Possessions: A purple lightsaber she managed to steal or pilfer somewhere along the line from her adventures. (She likes to brag she took it off a Jedi she killed. But really that’s all bluster and she basically took it off a Jedi that was killed in combat during one of her missions with the Jedi. Most Jedi know that she’d never harm or kill a Jedi, but she likes to spread tall tales and if it intimidates others so be it.)


Her ship, a Corellian light freighter named Shadow Dancer. (She won the ship in a high stakes Pazaak tournament.) 


Two Correlian K5 blasters


An Astromech droid T5-K3

Personality: (A brief summary of their personality, in addition to potential voice tones)

Sarcastic, witty, A rogue through and through. She loves drinking, partying etc. Is a bit eccentric in many respects.  She has an occasional dark humor about her. She gets annoyed at people who don’t have a sense of humor or don’t like her brand of humor. She tends to like to tease others and has a habit of flirting with anyone she might like. She also doesn’t like authority all that much. While she will generally respect those around her if she has to, when it comes to being on her ship or going freelance on her own, she will say she’s the boss and that she’s in charge here. She tends to use a lot of swear words (Star Wars swear words mostly) frack and kriff or kriffing, hell and damn a lot. She has an ego and pride the size of a Hutt at times. She is mostly honest although she can spin a lot of “tall tales” about herself that are more lie than the truth. She does have a sense of honor and nobility about her and follows her own code of honor about what one can or cannot do in the pursuit of credits. 


Skills, Abilities: Slicer/hacker, smuggler, as well as a pretty good pilot, She has the gift of gab so to speak and loves to talk people’s ears off. She can usually get out of most tough legal entanglements as long as Jedi or Sith aren’t around, she can’t talk or persuade her way out of that from them. She is a pretty good shot with her blasters, she’s average with a lightsaber or other melee weapon when it comes to combat. Most of her melee combat comes from her initiate days at the Jedi Enclave. She’s pretty quick at getting away or quick reflexes when it comes to combat. She’s also good at hiding herself away from others.

and Talents:

(This Bio is done in Kala’s voice, as a way to describe and help people get a feel for Kala’s character)


My name is Kala Ming. I was born on Correlia or at least I think I was born on Correllia. Yea, that’s right, cocky, sassy, annoying to some people. Yea the Jedi took me as an initiate. Probably not the best or brightest idea they could have done. I came to the Jedi late in my life. In my twenties or so, so I am about 35 now or so. So that was like give or take ten or twelve years ago. I guess they thought that me being a Jedi was better than the alternative, you know a fracking Sith. Psh...I am not into that sort of thing, at least I don’t think so. I have a good heart, even though it’s rough around the edges. I guess my natural ability to Force persuade is instinct and pretty much save a few others skills I learned in initiate training that I have in the Force. They thought I might be “dangerous”. You know, if I can’t control myself or the Force I might be drawn to the Dark Side. Seems like that’s the story most Jedi have for people like me.


So...they tried to make me accept Jedi philosophy, you know calm, peace, serenity. Or maybe they wanted me to be a Jedi to get rid of one of the best damn smugglers in the core. I do have a habit of getting out of certain legal entanglements that most would be in a prison for eight to ten years. Frack, I wouldn’t even be with the Jedi, but for the fact that they got me out of prison. Yea, I tried to “persuade” a damn Jedi to let me go when I was caught with contraband items. Weapons, some spice etc. No, I didn’t know they were a Jedi at the time, so please don’t laugh at me over that. Instead of a lengthy prison term, I was placed at the Enclave as a Jedi Initiate. Any way they can put Jedi into a Corellian but they can’t put Corellian into a Jedi. Well, they tried to make a Jedi out of me but I didn’t zig when they wanted me to zag. Then there was that awful business on Dromand Kaas and I didn’t like it. Frack, I was disgusted. I wasn’t in training to be a Jedi at that time, but still, it didn’t exactly sit well with me. Jedi hypocrisy at it’s finest.


Although to be truthful, the Order’s official explanation was that I only had moderate to low Force sensitivity and not enough to be a full-blown Jedi. I couldn’t do telekinesis when other initiates could move stuff. I couldn’t do squat with the elements like some Jedi could. Water didn’t move, Earth and rocks couldn’t move. Bah...I might as well be a wing clipped mynock. The only talent I seemed to have was I could charm and persuade people to do anything I wanted to do. Oh and few trained skills in hiding myself, and some quickness but generally speaking Force persuasion was my specialty. Needless to say, I was a Jedi washout. Much good I could do as a Jedi. I couldn’t do squat. I was too restless, too impatient. I had some horrible habits that were mostly Un-Jedi like. Drinking, swearing, and a desire for credits that others didn’t have. Well, I have my standards though about what things I do and don’t do when it comes to creds. Yea, I have some nobility about me, maybe some of that Jedi philosophy crud got through to me. Maybe or maybe I have my own code about what’s right and what’s wrong when it comes to being a smuggler/merc.


Anyway about my childhood. I was a streetwise urchin on Correlia. I grew up that way, an orphan, but the story is that my parent’s lives were snuffed out by the Imperials. At least that’s the story. I am not even sure if Ming is my true last name or one given to me by others to just give me a surname when I grew up in a foundling home. The same goes for my front name. I was called Kala by most people. For all I know I could be the ancestor of Nomi Sunrider, Carth Onasi, Atton Rand, or even Revan and Bastila. Psh...that’s probably grander than my humble background as a foundling child. Maybe I had dreams of such noble ancestry growing up. Most kids do. Anything is better than the reality of being a nobody. Needless to say, I am one of several non-attached sentients that has no family and really doesn’t have any official established background or history. As a kid, I was a tough little scrapper. I fought my way like most orphans. Give me any tiny little issue or try to take my food, I’d pound you. That’s simply the way life was for most orphans. Perhaps I have some quickness because of the Force too. I don’t know. I am not sure how much is the Force and how much is just innate natural ability.


Maybe I skirt the edges of light and dark as the Jedi would like to say. I am a smuggler and considered thoroughly mercenary at heart by most, and that’s not exactly condoned by the Jedi order or the Republic for that matter. But I am damn good at what I do. Well, of course, I am good at it because I can charm most people into business dealings or charm myself out of a bad situation like a natural. As for being a smuggler, I pretty much do stuff for the Republic. They try to keep me legit you know and occasionally I take passengers on my ship. Mostly Jedi. Guess they need someone with a shady background occasionally to get them into places where they couldn’t normally go. I am a tough person to read, most Jedi know that because...they don’t know if I like them or hate them. Well...that’s just me. I don’t exactly hate the Jedi but I don’t exactly like them either. They have their place in the universe, at least they are fairly normal. I’ve heard stories about Sith that make my blood freeze cold. Frack, a lot of things in the Force are unnatural to say the least. Nope, I am loyal to the Republic and the Jedi for the most part. Course if the Republic or the Jedi complain about the ways I make a living then they can go frack themselves. No one is that perfect.

Character Skills and Abilities:
(A list of skills and abilities the character has to keep track of. The skills are located here and the Force Powers are located here.)


Novice Blade Weapon

Martial Arts: intermediate Teras Kasi

Intermediate Blaster Pistol

Novice Single Saber

Form I -novice Shii-Cho

Personal Starship Proficiency

Heavy Freighter Proficiency

Intermediate Vehicular Combat

Intermediate Stealth

Intermediate Survival

Slicing Proficiency

Programming Proficiency

Force Dash

Force Jump

Force Stealth

Force Persuasion

Force Camouflage


Edited by Homra Azner
Fixes on weapons and fighting and added a bit to her personality.

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Homra Azner    117

Everything looks good here - and hell yeah, more smugglers!


Your character has been...


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