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Kai Tsintah    60

Character: Kai Tsintah
Rank: Sith Initiate
Affiliation: The Sith Remnant



None that she knows of



None; looking for a master


Aquaintances: (in the order of appearance in RP)

Darth Verrin

Aiden Rohl

Darth Tanit



Murderous thugs that killed her father, back on Nar Shaddaa.




Late morning to mid-afternoons (11 am EST to 5 pm EST), Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays. I am very sporadic the rest of the week but make every effort to reply to RP within 24-48 hours.



Current Roleplays:

Inception - Arrival at the Sith Academy on Dathomir (completed)

Incipit - First Day: Exploring the Sith Academy Library (completed)

Say It Like You Mean It - Second Day: Meeting Aiden Rohl (ongoing)

Birthright - Witnessing the return of the Sith'ari (delayed)

Ludus Summus - First time in the Training Pits (ongoing)



First and foremost, Kai is looking to find someone to take her on as a Sith apprentice. She is currently an initiate, learning the ropes from various individuals. Darth Verrin is instructing her in the general knowledge of the Sith, and helping introduce Kai to various areas of Sith learning (knowledge, basic training saber handling, etc.) Aiden Rohl is currently overseeing her learn and understand the meaning of the Sith Code, although she did voice her eagerness to learn the healing arts to him. Darth Tanit has been recently demonstrating Form I to Kai, when she met Darth Verrin and the initiate in the training pits. So collectively, Kai is getting bits and pieces of instruction but I am hoping that in time, she will attract the eye of a potential master.


Second, I am hoping that Kai will foster some friendships within the Academy. Sith are not exactly known for their soft and cuddly sides, but unlike the Jedi, they do not shy from expressing affection and even passion when it is called for. As Kai is an orphan, I would like to see her establish either a closer friendship with a fellow peer (or even someone above her rank), or even a kinship if possible. She lacked a mother figure from the onset of her birth, and lost her father as a teen. She craves that sort of familial contact, although she would be loath to admit it. She believes that such an admission could make her appear weak or dependent, to other Sith.  If at some point, she could grow close to an adult that could serve as her father or mother figure, she would get some personal closure in that area, I believe.


As for any other type plot - whether it be adventure (or even romance), I am always up for it. Finding shiny Sith artifacts, visiting haunted ruins of old temples or libraries, that is music to Kai's ears. She has a ship  of her own, so is independently mobile but I have no problem having her travel on board most ships. I also have this dream of having Kai tame a baby rancor - perhaps an offspring found abandoned somewhere on Dathomir, one whose parents have been killed or captured.... That would definitely not be a solo venture, so if anyone is up for something like that, please shoot me a Private Message!

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