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Character: Kale Sarkan
Rank: Jedi Initiate
Affiliation: Unified Jedi Order



I don´t think he has none yet... On his way though.



Still an initiate, give him time.






Luckily none yet. 




Well I don´t  live in UE so I don´t know exactly, but I am usually available during my afternoons/evenings/nights. GMT +1.



Current Roleplays:

Dead Tongues - First assignment with Homra, Sidara and Varia

A lack of Meditation - social interaction with Mirran and Sidara

A little activity is not bad for anyone - Open RP for Jedis. Currently RPing with Mirran and Magnus.



I basically seek for him to make a good amount of Jedi affiliated friends since he is a people´s person. I am willing to RP with whoever wants to.


I also seek some kind of romantic attachment four him with a female. Initiate/padawan would be better than a higher rank, but I am open for anything. I look to build a good and interesting plot here.


He is trying to take down Corellia´s mob and slave smugglering, so anyone who wants to be part of that is welcome to PM me.



I am easier to Contact on Discord - Natsu Dragneel#5730

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