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Yusan Rasudan    136

Kelona 3629 BBY,

The Training Fields of Dantooine




It had been awhile, the cool and scented breeze of Dantooine flowing through his hair and cooling his exposed flesh, the sweater that had formed on his brow trickling down. Home, or what was a replacement for home at the very least - nothing could replace Tython during it's prime, but this was as close to returning to one's roots as it could get. Even now with his master's lightsaber in his hands, he felt at peace and willing to embrace the warmth that each strike and swing of the weapon provided. Each pattern being utilized to transition from one point to another, fluid like water flowing before finalizing into the finality - like water falling over a cliff. 


Knowledge that had been cascaded onto the young man flowed through his memories as he fought his imaginary enemy. Each repetitive cut carved through the air as he transitioned between Shii-Cho's more basic and erratic movements to Djem So's powerful fluid strikes, each muscle seizing as he stopped his blade mid strike to stimulate a parry or hit - Dulon perhaps was the most ridiculous looking training technique a Jedi or anyone could do, but it helped one understand control and taught one how to be fluid. The movements slowed to a halt as he deactivated his weapon and lowered himself to his knees, exhaling sharply as his fingers pressed together to meditate, to slowly replenish his reserves.


Like everything touched by the Force, one's potential was determined by their willingness to push themselves. The man's physical prowess was great yet his ability with the Force was weak, though he had dedicated himself to more defensive skills to supplement his preferred style, he was still mastering his ability to utilize the skills with his weapon and in the heat of a duel.


Yet, that was not the reason he was here today - he was there to provide Homra a hand with the Jedi that were continuing to pour into their ranks. Unlike the other Jedi that typically ran around, Yusanulis was significantly more headstrong and perhaps the only one aiming for the title of Battlemaster. Unlike most his knowledge of lightsaber combat outshining most, as well as his innate battle senses from his Echani heritage - something he relied on as much as his Force senses.


He grunted at the idea of being an instructor at the Enclave, but perhaps he could help those that struggled with their physical attributes, those that were undisciplined and those that could be beaten into shape. Even during a time when the phrase 'The Sith Empire' was fading, the threat of the Sith loomed as some were found in the Outer Rim, and the other smaller Empire's sought to build a powerbase. The Jedi could only police so much before they were considered evil dictators like the Sith, but they could continue to train to be prepared for the worst - paranoia or not, letting one's being become weak because of a lack of threats was slothful.


It was only a matter of time before those that took notice of the request posted the day prior showed up.



Simple training thread to enjoy and to fulfill assignment bits that some may still need. All are welcomed to join and if you want anything on my sheet to be trained to your character, feel free to browse it.


Otherwise it's just for fun.


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Kale Sarkan    5

At least, a chance of actually improving in the matter he really wanted to. He had spent five years in the temple and, after living nearly 6 years in the streets and his run in Coruscant´s mob, he knew he first needed to understand the basics of everything to learn something more advanced. So during his time in the temple he worked his body, his muscles and his physical condition to make sure he would be able to get a good hold of Djem So, but he hadn´t had the chance to contact with a master in that fighting style or at least someone who was kind of proficient in it.


So that was why Kale had spent his time there just learning and perfecting his Sii-Cho moves, yeah, it was a basic form, but effective nonetheless. It was direct and, but it was easy to use and the stance allowed to usually find a spot you could reach on your opponent´s body, it was not the best for saber versus saber fight or to deflect blaster bolts, but it could be used in both ways, and Kale didn´t actually need to engage in real combat yet. He would make sure he knew the fifth form before the masters allowed him to go to missions.


And that was why the corellian was actually excited when he saw that request in the temple´s board. He had heard about that Jedi knight… He was an expert on the fifth form! And he was actually offering to practice with any initiate or padawan who wanted to join him. Well, talk about golden opportunity, right?

So he spent the day before relaxing, because he expected the training to be very exigent, at least physically.

He read and went through some archives he had collected from the library, trying to find anything related to Corellian´s mob, and also feeding his mind with Jedi knowledge. He had never had the chance of reading for pleasure before he entered the temple, and he discovered that he liked it.


Finally, the day had come, and he walked toward the training field where, supposedly, knight Rasudan was going to be waiting. And he was there, indeed. He watched the master move and fight and he saw why he was that famous… The way he moved his lightsaber was amazing, young Kalke had some troubles even being able to actually see it.

He didn’t want to disturb him so he waited, he was sure the man in front of him would realize about his presence sooner or later since it was very unlikely to catch a Jedi by surprise.


When he was noticed he bowed his head as a sign of respect “Knight Rasudan” he greeted “I´m initiate Kale Sarkan. I have been my whole life wanting to learn the ways of the fifth form, and when I saw the request yesterday I knew this could be a good chance, you are well known for your proficiency at it and also a lot of others aspects of the Jedi way.”

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