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Je'ka Cuyot

Standard Issue Equipment

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The Forge, in the short time it has been active, has seen submissions of several types; however, the dominant theme through nearly all of these submissions is that they are personal items, custom weapons and armor. This is, of course, one of the main reasons for the Forge’s existence; however, some of the submissions have been more standardized, meant to be available for the use of anyone who wishes to do so. Unfortunately, thus far, there has not been a formalized system to make these items widely and easily available to writers.


Standard issue equipment for each faction has also been rather nebulous, especially now with both writer-controlled factions having become smaller splinter groups operating on limited budgets, and, sometimes, clandestinely.


To this end, lists for standardized equipment for each faction shall be created, and through the Forge, writers shall have the opportunity to submit their own ideas to be placed on these lists. This will not require any changes to the current templates; we simply ask that in the “intent” section of the templates, writers express the intent to submit this for standard issue. The acceptance process with standard issue submissions will, however, differ from normal submissions. The Forge moderator will consider it for acceptance as normal, but the person who is in-character the leader of whichever faction the submission is intended to be standardized within will also be a part of the process. Both will need to agree to accept the submission as standard. However, the Forge moderator may find the submission acceptable, while the faction leader may not; in this case, the submission will be accepted, but not for standard issue. Anyone may submit for any faction, whether they are part of it in character or not.


We hope this will bring greater detail into our RP, and allow anyone who wishes to help flesh out our factions to do so. Happy Forging, and good luck!


Due to some misunderstandings brought to my attention, I'd like to make this clear that this shouldn't affect anything aside from what the factions issue to the characters in them. If you'd like to write a basic blaster pistol or training saber or something like that, that does NOT require the Forge. This is expressly for items that would be given out by factions to everyone who would need them. The Forge is only required for customized items, and for formalizing details of standard issue equipment. I apologize for any misconceptions engendered by my poor wording- if there's any confusion, feel free to PM me, or find me on Discord, and I'll clear it up and clarify this announcement. Thanks for your time!

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