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Darth Evastus

Krayiss II (Open Discussion and Plot Outline Creation)

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Darth Evastus    720
Posted (edited)

Since I realized that perhaps the thread was not out in the open for others to read,  this will be a re-post of making an actual storyline for both factions to role-play through and to generally have fun.


As mentioned in the original post, this doesn't need to be massive - but interaction between both factions provides a way better story than the Sith just walking onto a planet and planting a flag without issue.



Alrighty, so for those who voted it seemed that most were keen on the idea of Krayiss II - probably because of the temple-library that is buried beneath the earth, and the idea of having some form of civilization back that is rudimentary without being royalty-level.


While it will not be an epic, having objectives that can be done overtime is definitely a godsend to provide people with stuff to actually do before reclaiming it. Obviously for those who read the actual article, the planet's temple-library tempts most Sith and Jedi to their demise if they are not of Sith descent, or if they lack the blood of the Sith - so that could be interesting to play on, while not killing off Sith Hopefuls and stuff.


Maybe minor recovery such as recovering artifacts that were stolen before the thief met their untimely demise, meeting Jedi potentially lured there by promises of knowledge, Sithspawn that infest the tunnels and the planet itself. Retaking the cities and occupying them can be done easily by the Remnant Recruits interested in that kind of stuff. Diplomats, soldiers, whatever have you,  those that generally enjoy conflict that isn't strictly 'combat' oriented could easily take this situation through whatever means they desire.


Obviously the situation can fail - that's part of role-play, it is a fluid story. Everything going perfectly can be fine and dandy, but when there is little struggle, is it really an achievement? I encourage the Jedi Order to join the threads to run interference, create character hooks, create just fun plots. The entire idea of this is to have fun at the end of the day, so remember if you feel like you're being 'outshined' by other members, or you don't feel involved in the storyline just speak up and we'll work on something.


Let's begin to discuss how to take this going forward.



On 27/02/2018 at 12:15 AM, Homra Azner said:

Exploration is my bread and butter yo. I really like the idea of the Sith (esp the ones without Sith blood) rediscovering the temple and maybe getting messed up by traps/spirits would be good for character development. If it's going too slow, could bring in some nice conflict/fight scene and then take breathers in between so that it isn't a continuous escalation.


Makes good for character interactions too, and discussing Sith philosophy and the like.


On 27/02/2018 at 3:02 AM, Darth Atrox said:

Exploration is definitely fun when people are posting and letting everyone have the spotlight, I agree 100%. Though I hope you don't mean Homra gets driven into a murderous rage/insanity to the point of clawing one's body apart trying to break free of it's shell :P


Being driven to the point of insanity is.. some character development, though if the person wasn't exposed entirely it could definitely get interesting. Sensory overload and a faux corruption in a way, overcoming weak influence, actually bartering with the spirits for freedom - all of it is possible!


On 27/02/2018 at 7:45 AM, Darth Verrin said:

Roger all of that - I'm on board.


I was thinking of dragging Kai along on an initial 'mission' to discover the entrance to the Temple (since she's been posting pretty regularly), but I'm happy to either take other(s) as well, or have other(s) take her there in Verrin's place.


I also welcome any Jedi (or non - Force users) to my threads. At this point in time, Verrin CAN fight, but tends not to - burning all that Dark Side energy isn't good for his complexion, and causes him to pop pain meds like candy, and sleep with a CPAP machine. ;)  So he'd be more likely to 'talk' to a Jedi than murder them.  Or on the other hand... he HAS learned a new power in the past year or so that he's never used... Force Corruption... that might be fun... ...


Just to clarify - 'Sith blood' - what constitutes having it? Purebloods only?  Any 'Sith' would have SOME blood in their DNA? Having it in possession (if not in the bloodstream) counts, or no?  Curious.




On 27/02/2018 at 11:31 AM, Homra Azner said:

Dude ofc I mean Ren :'D


Homra's too busy making sure no one finds his stash of crystals.


Besides, Renny boi's dragging his heels against the Dark Side yanno, maybe this will finally break him? I mean, so far he hadn't really done anything truly drastic to willingly fall yanno. :P


Silas tho, he may have like 1/16th Sith blood in him, so he may not be totally hopeless. So that's something at least, hahahahaha


9 hours ago, Kai Tsintah said:

I would be up for this; thank you for the opportunity.


I have been reading about the Temple-Library in the Wookiepedia, interesting stuff there (though I wish there was more detail.) If Verrin and Kai were to go on a mission to find the entrance to this building, it would provide an interesting puzzle to crack. As I understand the Library-Temple was buried after 14,00 BBY (and largely forgotten). Its large obelisk is all that remains above ground.


Wouldn't it be something if the Temple could be 'raised' from the bowels of Krayiss II, the way Yoda lifted Luke's x-wing from the Dagobah swamp? I suspect that as a 'typical' Sith obelisk, it is likely covered in Sith Runes, which in turn could be deciphered to unlock the ancient gateway and elevate the Library-Temple from the planet's surface.


It would certainly make for an epic start to a most riveting expedition! :)


6 hours ago, Darth Atrox said:

To answer the blood question, it is exactly how Ren framed it - so long as you have the blood of the Sith in you, you will be granted access. An example being Darth Atrox has Sith blood running through his veins due to his grandfather being a Sith descendant, while Darth Sanguira has zero Sith origin meaning she would be denied on principle. Corvus is a literal Sithspawn with his body laced with Pureblood organs and a Pureblood limb so he would be the most interesting specimen for the spirits.


As for the temple itself, it does rise from the depths with a certain line of Ancient Sith. Though how much isn't truly revealed;

  Reveal hidden contents


Another way into the halls is through a series of tunnels as well, meantioned here;

  Reveal hidden contents




Now let's begin again with the discussion. I can answer almost every single question about the planet since I did thorough research of it before listing it as one of the examples - as well as if anyone wants to think of other plots, I'll try to help there.

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