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Yasinda Jax

Yasinda Jax

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Fleeing from war, Yasinda's parents believed they found refuge on Coruscant that hailed to protect those that wished to live peaceful lives, with no where else to turn to. Escaping the war between Republic and Empire, Yasinda grew up with the war between Law Enforcers and Drug Cartels instead. Her and her younger brother couldn't play out on the streets like they used to, were forbidden from answering the door, and were told to stay out of sight and to not be noticed. They lived poor lives and were constantly hungry. From a young age Yasinda learned to cheat and steal in an effort to help her family. Sick of it though, she joined the Republic Military when she became older, a steady income to support her family.


Yasinda started as a private, she did her grunt work and showed her COs that she was dedicated and worth investigating time in. Over time as they witnessed her combat skills and her ability to adapt quickly in various situations, she was quickly promoted to lead her own squadron. Her tactics though, as the war effort went on, became more and more desperate. They were effective but even the Republic were having a difficult time ignoring her sacrificial tactics for victory.

When the war concluded, Yasinda returns home, a matured adult to visit her family. Only to find that they were sold into slavery, her credits she was putting in her family back account was going to a drug cartel. With no ability to find her family, she turned to the law enforcement, but was given little help. Even those in the Military she respected could do nothing for her. The Senate that promised prosperiety and peace among everyone, ignored the outcries of not just Yasinda, but others in a similar situationa s herself.


Disgusted that everything she fought for had gone to waste, she left for the outer reaches, looking to outdo just what she had been a part of.

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