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Homra Azner

Peacekeeper Transport - Approved

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Homra Azner    92

Intent: To provide a standard ground vehicle for Peacekeepers. Its main purpose is to transport large amounts of people as quickly as possible, best used for rescue missions.

Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation

Affiliation: Jedi Order

Production Rate: Limited


Vehicle Type: Ground Shuttle

Armaments: N/A

Modifications: Enhanced Turbothrusters


Vehicle Appearance: These transports were donated, and were given modifications to carry as many as possible while remaining fast. They have all been refurbished and repainted to hide things like rust and scorch marks. All of them do have the insignia of the Jedi Peacekeepers in bright blue painted at the sides, but most pilots that handle these transports add personalized decals or paint jobs if they're assigned one for personal use. 


Fifty percent of these vehicles came from the same model/production line from CEC and are nearly identical prior to customization. This production was pulled out due to being replaced with a better version of the vehicle and if there were extra units that couldn't be scrapped into the newer units, they were then donated for Peacekeeper use. The rest of these transports came from the same base model, but had minor differences in their production (differently shaped door, control panel buttons are in different places, etc.) - however, most of the Peacekeeper transports are more or less identical.


The front panel has the transport's controls, nav comps, and a communication console.


The area in front is smooth and round, with an enormous viewport for the drivers/pilots. The control panel/area has doors on both sides for easy access for the pilots; and double sliding doors at the back.


A ramp also extends from the doors for additional reach or for getting stretchers inside. The shuttle has retractable seats/med pods as well, to maximize space and to be able to carry as much people as possible without sacrificing functionality.



Length: 15 meters

Height: 3 meters

Width: 5 meters

Weight: 20 tons


Armament Rating: Not Applicable

Maneuverability Rating: Above Average

Speed Rating: High

Defense Rating: Average



  • Speed- these vehicles run at 120MGLT at their fastest, and at 100MGLT when it reaches its maximum capacity for cargo
  • Maneuverability - they can fit through tight spaces and could easily change directions with little to no problem



  • Easily Damaged - its shielding capacity is at minimum, and could not take heavy fire at all
  • No Armament - Other than shielding, Peacekeeper Transports don't have weapons either and require escorts if they're in high risk areas


Description: These re-purposed transports are usually surplus or defective transports the Republic returned. They're then repaired, modified, and given upgrades to enhance speed and maneuverability.


Peacekeeper Transports could be used to bring Peackeepers from one area to another as quick as possible to provide relief. It could also be used to rescue people and bring them to a safe place, especially if medical aid is highly needed immediately. These transports are fast and could carry around 40-80 people depending on how the interior is set up or if the stretchers/med pods are out. It could also fit through narrow spaces, make quick and sharp turns, and are good evacuation vehicles.


However, these transports are not designed for to take extensive damage for prolonged periods of time. Pilots are trained to avoid fire as much as possible when using these transports, or escorts accompany them as defense.

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