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Yasinda Jax

Application: Yasinda Jax- Approved

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Yasinda Jax    5


  • Welcome to Star Wars: Fates! How did you find us? Were you recommended? If so, by whom?

I was recommended by Ellina / Varia Octarian.


  • Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from? How old are you? Do you have any prior experience with fanfiction or roleplaying in general?

Since I'm a part of the generation that is suspicious of the internet: I am from the US and am an adult. I have a lot of experience with fanfiction and roleplaying. I don't do much fanfiction writing anymore, but I roleplay quite a bit (D&D, Pathfinder, L5R).

  • Have you ever been a part of a roleplaying community or guild in the past? If so, which ones?

I have but I'd rather not go into too much details about that, if you would prefer more information on that I can speak to you through PMs but I'd rather it not be publicly advertised just yet.

  • What is the most important thing for you to get out of your experience here? Exciting stories with interesting characters? Good friends? A sense of belonging?

My own expectations for roleplaying have greatly matured, I want an interesting stories that have agency and to have a characters that I help develop and that allow my character to develop. This is something that I've seen in the past that is rather difficult to achieve with out a GM/DM. I promise I'm open-minded though and eager to hopefully be a part of a fun experience and give an enjoyable experience to others.

  • Do you know what a Mary/Gary Stu is? Metagaming? God Modding? Provide a quick definition of each, because all of the aforementioned are against the rules, will you or you character have trouble conforming to this?

Mary/Gary is a character with no faults, or who has "faults" (faults that aren't really faults. Ie, clumsy around vampires and so I cut myself when I trip and gain a bunch of attention, super intelligent guy, who also has a black belt and can defend himself, etc).

Metagaming is when a character knows something they shouldn't know, usually obtained by OOC knowledge somehow.

God Modding, in the simplest terms, is moving someone's character without their permission, typically in such a way that they might want to react differently.

  • How much time will you be willing to commit to the community? Do you forsee your schedule getting in the way of things?

Doubtful, I think I could always pop in for at  least an hour every day, and I see you guys have the "Check In / Out" so I shall be certain to utilize that.

  • Can you give us a quick run down of the biography and character you hope to RP on this site? A quick idea of a biography, type of character they are, and whether they might be aligned with the Sith Remnant, or the Unified Jedi Order.

I'm super creative (and humble too lol), so I try to see what is sort of "needed". So far I'm being told that the Sith need help, I'll probably look around before I settle on one idea. One character I thought of starting with is an ex-Republic trooper who sees the greed of the democracy, always preaching to look out for those who are weak, but getting their pay checks in comfy estates - she instead goes goes to the Empire. Another is a manipulator who merely wants to rise through the ranks for her own survival, the weak are belittled and beaten, she wants a place of power.

  • Do you have any lingering questions or concerns? A member of our staff will be happy to answer anything that comes to mind.

No, I do not.

  • Would you like to provide any closing comments on your application? On behalf of the staff of Star Wars: Fates and the entire community, we wish you luck and may the Force Be With You!

Looking forward to it, as well.


Character Application


Name: Yasinda Jax
Gender: Female
Species: Mirialan ( https://i.imgur.com/gOycGSJ.jpg )

Rank: (The rank of your character, and/or Force rank based on their strength in the Force and availability of teachings)
Date of Birth: (Staff can assist with this, basically take the character's age and add it to the current year located on the front page.)


Appearance: Yasinda's skin color is warm green with awkward tan lines. One being against her wrists, another being below below her breasts from when she was stationed on hotter planets and the best way to beat the heat was minimal clothing. She has bright green eyes, and brown hair, that's highlighted from the time she's spent in the sun, though the color is fading as her last tour was spent on a cold planet. Yasinda typically wears her hair in a pony tail, or messy bun, in some sort of way to tell others that she should be taken seriously since she doesn't waste time with appearances. She is physically fit, she's built lean muscle on her body and shows off her agility well. She's a bit tall, about 5'8" in her boots, and weighs about 130lbs. Her body is littered with scars, her back suffering a few severe burns, causing the skin tone to appear a bit lighter than the rest of her skin as well. In tradition of the Mirialan, Yasinda has black tattoos over her right eye, starting from her hairline and going to her cheek (not on the picture).


Fighting Attire ( https://i.imgur.com/fL5wMnr.jpg )

Casual Attire ( https://i.imgur.com/cP8ciYn.png )

Possessions: Yasinda owns her own armor (shown above) and her own hand gun (or blaster). She also has casual, civilian clothing so she doesn't stand out in armor.

Personality: Yasinda is a hardened tactician, she rose quickly through the ranks of the Republic Military for being able to keep a cool, level head during dangerous and often times chaotic situations, and due to her controversial tactics. Often times her ruthless tactics would employ traps, stealth, and some times use fellow troops, squadrons as mere distractions to gain an advantage. She makes it a practice of not showing emotion to the point where she doesn't even understand what she feels as well. She looks as people as tools for her victory.


Skills, Abilities and Talents:


  • Intelligent
  • Tactics
  • Handguns


  • Athletics
  • Armed Combat
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Medicine


  • Flying (Knowledge, Motion Sick)
  • Engineering (Mechanics)
  • Physical Strength

Biography: Fleeing from war, Yasinda's parents believed they found refuge on Coruscant that hailed to protect those that wished to live peaceful lives, with no where else to turn to. Escaping the war between Republic and Empire, Yasinda grew up with the war between Law Enforcers and Drug Cartels instead. Her and her younger brother couldn't play out on the streets like they used to, were forbidden from answering the door, and were told to stay out of sight and to not be noticed. They lived poor lives and were constantly hungry. From a young age Yasinda learned to cheat and steal in an effort to help her family. Sick of it though, she joined the Republic Military when she became older, a steady income to support her family.


Yasinda started as a private, she did her grunt work and showed her COs that she was dedicated and worth investigating time in. Over time as they witnessed her combat skills and her ability to adapt quickly in various situations, she was quickly promoted to lead her own squadron. Her tactics though, as the war effort went on, became more and more desperate. They were effective but even the Republic were having a difficult time ignoring her sacrificial tactics for victory.

When the war concluded, Yasinda returns home, a matured adult to visit her family. Only to find that they were sold into slavery, her credits she was putting in her family back account was going to a drug cartel. With no ability to find her family, she turned to the law enforcement, but was given little help. Even those in the Military she respected could do nothing for her. The Senate that promised prosperiety and peace among everyone, ignored the outcries of not just Yasinda, but others in a similar situationa s herself.


Disgusted that everything she fought for had gone to waste, she left for the outer reaches, looking to outdo just what she had been a part of.

Character Skills and Abilities:
Martial Arts: K’Tara

Intermediate Blaster Pistol (If allowed)

Dual Blaster Proficiency

Novice Heavy Weapon

Ground Vehicle Proficiency

Novice Biosurge

Novice Interrogation

Novice Stealth

Final Notes: Open to criticisms, forgive my broad strokes of the biography I tend to panic and write a sort of "short hand" but I hope it at least explains well what I am going for.

Edited by Varia Octarian

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Homra Azner    105

Hiya Yasinda and thank you so much for taking the time to check us out!


Your character's looking pretty good, but there are a few things that we need to go over before I could approve the application.


You'll need a picture/avatar that best represents your character. You could drop a request in here for help!


According to the biography, Yasinda was first part of the Republic but her armor was commissioned by the Empire - just need to clear this one out since Yasinda is new to the Sith Remnant/Empire so it would be unusual if they commissioned an armor for her.


Also in terms of combat, melee = hand-to-hand, so you just need to pick one of the two. I may also need some additional information about having Flight as a weakness - like, is she terrified of flying? Or does she have motion sickness when flying? As for strength - what sort of strength? Yasina has a lot of strengths as a character, so is it strength of character? Physical strength? May need to expand on that part just as well.


A company has 80-150 soldiers, so that's a lot to manage for one officer. Squads, on the other hand, have a smaller number of soldiers in them. For Yasinda's first promotion, she'd have to handle a squad first before handling a company.


Lastly, we do have a list of martial arts to chose from. It's still incomplete, but there are various descriptions there on some of them what they have for a real life equivalent.


Other than that, personality and character sheet looks good to go! :)

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Yasinda Jax    5

Just in case it was missed - I have completed your edits / suggestions. Please let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to do, or clarify =) Looking forward to it.

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Homra Azner    105

Your membership and character have been



Please familiarize yourself with all of the Community Rules. I also recommend you review the How To Start Creating Your Character guide. Your next stop will be to post your biography in the Biography section - in your case, in the Sith Remnant Biographies. Once you've done that - you can begin exploring the forums of the Dathomir Academy, this is where you will be tested in character to prove yourself worthy of becoming a fully fledged member of the Sith Remnant. I encourage you to start up an RP within the forum - and Instructor will be with you shortly to give you your first task.


Outside of Academy, you are welcome to post in The Cantina, or the other General Forums. We also encourage you to join us on our Discord Chat. Let us know who you are, and we will give you the right permissions.


Once again, congratulations on being accepted! I look forward to roleplaying with you in the future and on behalf of the entire Staff Team of Star Wars: Fates, thank you for choosing to join us for all your RP needs. 

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