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Plotters- Jean Lyell

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Varia Octarian    113

Character: Jean Lyell
Rank: Jedi Knight
Affiliation: Jedi



Members of the jedi order (no one in particular thats still active)






none to be mentioned



none to be mentioned




I try to keep my phone on me at all times and can reply throughout the day to messages, easiest to contact me on discord. I can usually only post in the evenings after work or on the weekends. Also it's always better to message me on my Varia account since I'm always checking it the most. 



Current Roleplays:

Homesickness (Varia Octarian thread)- Active

Dead tongues (Varia Octarian thread)- Active

Home (Ellina Kast Roleplay)- Active/Delayed

One Ping Only (Aiden Rohl Roleplay)- Active




I have an idea for a thread about an artifact retrieval, given by Master Kast to Jean Lyell.

Basically Ellina is aware of an old sith settlement on the planet she was stranded on. Being physically sill weak, she would like to send if possible two to three jedi or a jedi and a few soldiers to retrieve the dark side item and return it to the enclave for study rather than destruction. If possible a bit of conflict with another sith seeking the artifact would be prime, as it would give a good healthy dose of interaction and conflict. 


With the influx of initiates as well, Jean may be looking for an apprentice soon. But also personally would like some more guidance from an older jedi to improve her skills and strengthen her connection to the jedi. I have a goal of her hopefully reaching a council seat or higher in her lifetime and to make her a pretty stable jedi character. This little bit though can wait for a while, I'd like to prioritize the artifact one first. 


Side note- My character sheet for Jean is still set to the OG sheet style and I will be updating it as soon as possible!

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Varia Octarian    113

Given that there’s no reason a dark Jedi would know of a sith artifact on a desolate planet (the only reason Ellina knows is because she was stranded there) and I have this idea in mind to encourage a small bit of interaction for the sith. Ima say nooo.


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