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Corellian Engineering Corporation Shadow Moth - Accepted

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Intent: To create a very manuverable, formidable personal starship.


Manufacturer: CEC.


Affiliation: Republic


Production Rate: Mass Produced.


Starship Type: Personal Starship.


Armaments: Four Heavy Laser Cannons built into the arrow-like nose of the ship. Integrated missile pod systems. The missiles are the same as those often sold on the XS, except this ship has far more, with missile pods aimed in front and back.


Modifications: The starship can be modified to have faster engines, and its targeting systems are military grade, and nearly impossible to Jam. Its Sensors are also protected against jamming. Its Shields can sustain two hits from standard laser cannons mounted on most frieghters, but its armor can take only one. It has an escape pod, and the captains quarters has a built security turret in the ceiling. No other modifications can be added.


Starship Appearance: The Shadow Moth bears a slight aesthetic resemblance to to the J-type Nubian yacht in phantom menace in terms of overall profile, down to the way the engines are mounted on the back, but its armor and the cockpit section have the faceted appearance and triangular profile of the real life F-117 Nighthawk


Length: 130 meters


Height: 30 meters


Weight: 75 metric tons unloaded, eighty five loaded.


Armament Rating: High.


Maneuverability Rating: High


Speed Rating: Low


Defense Rating: Low




Heavy Firepower: As The Shadow Moth is not the vessel of a smuggler looking to transport heavy or illegal cargo, the Ship need not concern itself with a large cargo bay, freeing up room for an extra generator to be dedicated solely to the main weapons which fire in alternating sequences, while the integrated missile launchers launch dozens of missiles with average guidance capability at a time thanks to extra ammo pods.


Highly Manuverable: The Shadow Moth boasts one of the highest manuverability ratings for a starship of its size. Only starfighters are more manuverable. The controls and response time are rated top of their line, due to the increased emphasis on control while navigating hazards.


High grade electronics: The sensors and targeting systems were adapted from interceptors, plus, programmed with extremely effective eccm defenses, making them extremely difficult to jam.




Weak defenses: Banking on its increased firepower and manuverability, designers sacrificed shield strength in the hopes its heavy weapons and astonishing nimbleness can down the opponent before they can be downed


Weak Speed: The engines were calibrated to the ships manuverability, to assist rather than fail to take advantage of it. While this allows for excellent control through tight spaces, it won't win a straight power race.


Limited Upgradeability: Beyond the engines, which can be upgraded to produce slightly more thrust without compromising its nimble nature, the Moth cannot be upgraded any further.


Description: CEC developed this heavily armed personal vessel. Adapted from designs submitted to CEC's Escort Vessel Project, the Shadow Moth is a highly manuverable, heavily armed personal starship that is only slightly longer than most personal starships in this category. As it did not need to devote its interior to large cargo spaces, the ship was streamlined for easier control through hazards. Its thrusters are low powered, and the Shadow Moth's weapons and nimble potential must be relied on to survive an encounter. The vessel is being marketed to clients with a lot of money who need to go through a dangerous portion of space with a reasonable certainty of survival. The sensors and tracking are military grade and it represents a considerable upgrade in the post war environment in terms of heavily armed multipurpose civilian starships. While it lacks the upgradeability of other personal starships, it is priced slightly below most others despite having more weapons as nearly everything else in the ship is stripped of non-essentials, allowing it to remain competitive. Its cargo bay comperable in size to the old dynamic class frieghter cargo bay, and its designed only for the bare essentials for traveling in relative comfort, lacking the wide space of a standard light frieghter. The galley, refresher, and spare guest room which can hold about two extra occupants are all located next to one another after the cockpit, with the escape pod section located right outside it, with the guest room just after. This by the numbers simplicity cuts down on building time, allowing the ship to be rolled out faster than other ships on CEC's product line, while not compromising quality of design.

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