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Homra Azner    83


Melona 3630 BBY

Homra Azner's Office


Homra carefully piled the datacubes next to the pot of caf atop his desk, despite his shaky hands. They contained hundreds and thousands of dissertations, essays,  research material, and theses. He already had about three tablets on protective containers, datapads with non-extensive translation in front of them.


The University of Alderaan happily donated the stone artifacts (along with a hundred thousand credits from various sponsors and benefactors) with a none too subtle hint to quickly translate the contents. Something to do with the royal family or the noble houses, as far as the Echani was concerned. There were also requests of various interpretations, also requested by the University with backing from the Royal Society of Anthropology. Jedi insight were still considered as valuable in Republic aligned worlds, despite the Order moving away from it.


Curently, Homra was simply waiting for the three newest initiates he picked up from the Docking Bay. If they weren't too good in translating, at least Homra would have a sounding board. Fresh perspectives were always welcome, and individual insight opened new avenues.


The three tablets contained three different poems of a long dead religion, each one coming from a different era. The passages were about a doctrine - the oldest tablet held the oldest interpretation, and the following were adapted interpretations that reflected the times and culture.


With a sigh, Homra settled on his desk and opened up the computer terminal and inserted a data crystal on the port. He looked up where he last left off and continued with his work, waiting for the three new initiates to arrive and help him with the research.

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Sidara took the unspoken hint from instructor Azner, whether he meant it as such or not, and had stood to continue on her way. She'd walked down the path to the Enclave proper, and after a little bit of searching, found where she would be sleeping. That done, there wasn't really much to do, Instructor Azner had told her to get to know the other initiates for a bit and head to his office when she was ready. That said, Sidara had never been one to seek out the companionship of others, too much noise there. 


So, after heading to to the refectory for a quick meal, she had walked the halls of the Enclave towards the Instructor's chambers. The walls were alive with the Force, idly she traced a hand along the walls and felt the Force respond to her touch.  As she walked other initiates and padawans walked by her, calling out casual greetings which she returned with a small nod or bow.  Her tunic still felt awkward on her, she missed her old clothes terribly, same with her mother's lightsaber.  It was perhaps strange to realize how attached she was to her old possessions. The lightsaber admittedly more than her clothes, but the point was still there, it was a gift from her mother, a last memory and something to cling to when she was down.


Sidara breathed out slowly as she approached the chambers of Homra Azner, taking a moment to collect her thoughts, straighten herself up and make one last preparation before entering after a brief knock to signal her arrival.  


The inside of the office was strangely sparse to her, or maybe that was misplaced expectations of what a Jedi Instructor's office would look like, the datacubes piled on his desk seemed to make a lot more sense, and silently Sidara made note to check the archives later when she could.  They probably had the data in a format she could read, and the quiet peace of the library would be a comfort if nothing else.


She approached the Instructor, stopping in front of the desk and giving a short, respectful bow in greeting.  She considered speaking, felt the words run through her mind and over her tongue, but then she stopped.  She'd never been one for speech, and certainly the Instructor knew she was coming.

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Initially she wanted to turn around and find a way off the planet as soon as possible. But with the grim reminder that she was now alone, her only company now somewhere within the enclave attending to business, she had no choice but to follow orders. 

With a few tears and some grumbling protests, she had given up her prized possessions. Her last memories of her parents. With that done and datapad in hand, the red eyed girl began her quiet and begrudging tour of the enclave. Stopping only briefly at her sleeping quarters before returning to the training grounds to catch fresh air. She felt most comforted in the outdoors. Finding a soft patch of grass under a large tree, she sat there contemplating her new path and life ahead of her. So far, she had only could remind herself that she really had no place else to go. She had no one to turn to. 

Figuring she had spent enough time sitting in the sun, she headed towards the designated destination of her first 'assignment'. A soft snort escaped her nose.

'I should have just stayed in the swamp if I can't even have my stuff.' She thought bitterly, wishing she could fold her arms over her chest and stomp her foot. Her mother wouldn't have made her leave her things. Now she was probably going to be running errands and doing lackey stuff for the jedi. And what for? Because some other Jedi lady who stumbled upon her said it was for the best? Again, Varia had the strong urge to turn tail and leave. However the respect she felt for the woman who saved her stopped her. As bitter as she was over her situation, once more she had to remind herself she was left with little choice. 

Noticing she was nearing her destination, the office door just ahead of her, Varia dug her teeth deep into her lower lip and sucked in a deep breath to calm herself. These people had nothing to do with her issues and grievances, best to save face in a new place with new people. 

Knocking twice, Varia quickly stepped in and just to the side of the door, her hands folding in front of her and her shoulders tense. 

"Hello." She spoke quietly, nodding to the instructor and to the other girl in the room in turn. 


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Kale Sarkan    4

Alright, of course they wouldn´t let him walk around the enclave with his blaster. The training lightsaber he had was not a lethal weapon, even though he could more or less use it properly and cause some kind of wounds, but he was proficient with the blaster, not that he was going to use it against anyone but he preferred having it with him. He didn´t really mind leaving it in his room though. As soon as he received the datapad from the instructor that talked to him he walked and asked to know where he was going to sleep.


Kale then got ready in his room after the long trip, not that life there was going to bee too different anyway, maybe there wasn´t the night life that was on Coruscant, but he would get over it, the years he spent in the enclave were the best ones in his life after all, it didn´t matter where they were placed.

He then decided it was time to go and work with the instructor and started reading the information the datapad contained. HE couldn´t help but frown… Translating? He didn´t really have a lot of idea about the ancient languages, but if he had been asked there he should show up, maybe explain that his abilities weren´t going to be useful in the task at hand.


So he walked towards Homra´s office and knocked lightly before coming in, there were already two other people there, apart from the instructor, so he greeted “Hey, I´m sorry I am late, I was putting myself together after the trip. You guys waiting for long?” he then bowed to the superior Jedi “Master, I feel obligated to inform that I am not versed in ancient languages, I don’t know what I could offer to this task.”

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Homra Azner    83

He eyed the three initiates. The Echani took note on how they carried themselves and their demeanor in general: a quiet Miraluka and two uneasy humans. Not quite Homra's usual choice for translation jobs, but he'll take what he could get. Almost all of the archivists were busy with sorting through the data crystals retrieved from Tython not too long ago, so they were a little short handed.


He took a deep breath and gave them all a wan smile. "Good day, Initiates Eldrin, Octarian, and Sarkan."


“Hey, I´m sorry I am late, I was putting myself together after the trip. You guys waiting for long?”


"Sit wherever you like and make yourselves comfortable, this will take a while." Homra let out a deep breath. He turned to Initiate Sarkan, his purple eyes glitt~ering with light amusement despite the exhaustion. "And you're not quite late at all, haven't been waiting that long."


“Master, I feel obligated to inform that I am not versed in ancient languages, I don’t know what I could offer to this task.”


"Consider this a learning experience, then," Homra replied blithely. He leaned back on his chair, careful not to relax too much or he may as well fall asleep right then and there. "I don't need all of you to be fluent in ancient Shyriiwook, Mando'a, or Huttese - I may just need a set of fresh perspectives. That or if I'm having trouble looking up a word, I could have any one of you look it up and provide me a possible translation. On the other hand, you may pick up a thing or two, and learning something new could be useful in the long run."


Because the Echani felt sluggish and could fall over any minute now, and he felt like he was going to miss a lot of things. "Those datapads there contains passages about the same doctrine. It's... related to the Force, or rather, an old interpretation of it before better understanding and all that. Alderaanians want it because it is a part of their heritage and culture. Also, I'm sending out the rough translation to your datapads. Initiate Seldrin, yours come with a program with text-to-speech software. It's rather helpful, actually."


Datapad Entry

~dawn breaks~

~dusk follows~





Homra's fingers let his fingers steeple, hiding his mouth behind his hands. "Hm, I'd like to hear what you three think about it. There's no right or wrong answer, but honesty is highly appreciated."

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Sidara considered the text carefully, the words made little sense to her initially, she'd done literary analysis in her earlier schooling but her mother had worked with her on it. Her father had no patience for that sort of thing, infinitely practical in all matters .However, Sidara had found it a fun diversion if nothing else. What did this mean then, her mother had thought of the Force as a lilting tune, music that directed her movement.


Sidara had always thought of it as sunlight, warm and bright beneath the skin. She breathed in slowly, letting the Force fill her, reaching for that familiar warmth that was so comforting. Well, Instructor Azner had said there would be no wrong answer, it couldn't hurt to try. She began typing into the datapad, and watched the text to speech function begin its work.


"Dawn breaks seems to be referring to the Light, I think. An exultation of triumph over the Darkness, or perhaps the true understanding of the Force breaking through ignorance and deception."


The next passage seemed its opposite in turn, "Dusk Follows" a warning of the presence of the Dark Side, waiting at the edge of the Light. Waiting for Dawn to give way to Dusk, to bring in the night. She began typing into her datapad.


"The second passage a warning? As dusk follows day, so does the Dark follow behind the Light, waiting for weakness?"


The other two passages, Sidara wasn't sure, they seemed obvious, but she was a bit worried she was underthinking  it.

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Varia took a seat, her shoulders still still and screaming unease, and looked over the datapad herself. Things like this were not her forte, songs and singing and music were more her taste. But she would give it a shot either way.


”The rise and fall of the sun.” She muttered softly to herself, sounding as if it were obvious to any reader. A bright scarlet blush crossed her face as she realized as she had spoke out loud and kept her eyes down as the other girl spoke, hating the feel of her ears burning in embarrassment. The feeling only increasing as she listened, realizing with irritation she had probably jumped the gun in thinking the text was so simple and literal. How else was she supposed to see it? 


A quick glance to the other girls face told her she was a Miraluka. Obviously one with knowledge in this particular subject. She couldn’t help but feel to agree with the young man, most likely she would not be of much help here despite the instructors words to otherwise.


Still, ‘there are no wrong answers.’ Kept her from bolting to the door. If her aid was requested she would oblige. Waiting for the other girl to finish, she spoke quietly and quickly.


”I hope I don’t sound silly, but to me it seems simpler than that. Like the rise and fall of the sun.” We’ll now she was repeating herself. Even more embarrassing.

Looking nervously to the instructor, she chewed her lip before speaking again.

”Dawn breaks-dusk follows’ is my obvious reasoning, ‘shadow- bright’ seems to be the continuation without repeating themselves. Day to night, night to day.”

Varia stopped and blinked, realization hitting her. “Wait a second...” she murmured, thinking over her own words once more. Leaning over the data pad and frowning she continued once more “Maybe a little deeper than I said... Like it’s inevitable or you can’t have one without the other. Something like that. Unless the sun explodes or something or the planet stops rotating, it will be a constant motion. A never ending rotation.”

Varia bit her lip once more and looked up at the others in the room, sure they were unaware of the sudden anxiety coursing through her. ‘Dark and light, life and death is inevitable. Father taught me that. Hence he’s dead and I sit here pondering this crap. Murderers get away and good do-ers don’t do anything because you can’t have one without the other.’ The anxiety grew in her chest along with her irritation and she leaned back into her chair, keeping her eyes down in hopefully a sign that she was done talking. A dark foreboding feeling washing over her at her own thoughts and words.


(Edit- on my phone I’ll be adding color to text when I’m on my laptop)

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