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Varia Octarian

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Melona, 3630 BBY


They had left her for dead, believing the young girl to be well on her way to the other world if she was not there yet. 
Who would think otherwise? As covered in blood and mud she was, how still her small form was, how blank her eyes were as they stared at the underbrush. Anyone would think the girl had perished in the crossfire. No one would come looking for the bodies of a few scavengers like her family. 
It was hours before she came to, her eyes blinking slowly to the muted sky above her. The grayish dawn light confused her. The sky had been pitch black before, stars and planets twinkling above her. Now the clouds above not only diluted the early morning sky, but threatened rain. A fitting end to a horrific night. Her mother’s body lay beside her, still as the first drops fell from the sky. Pushing herself up, she could see her father’s body a few yards away, his face still contorted in anger and focus as if he could suddenly stand and continue to fight. If not for the emptiness in his eyes she would think he could. But unfortunately she had seen the blow, and had recognized the sound he made. His last moments had not been quick.
She staggered to her feet, gazing blankly in between the two bodies of her parents. How was she to bury them? It would take days for her small frame to be able to dig a grave large and deep enough for them. Where predators would not feast on them. 
Then again, hadn’t they been the predators once? Now they were the prey, ripe for use. It was how she had been raised, never waste a morsel of a kill. But their predators had not taken the carcasses. They had left her parents to rot in the mud. 

She could remember the entire night before with picture clear clarity. Her mother and herself sitting by the fire, her mother sewing and speaking of making Varia a dress when they could get the fabrics. Her father had just finished putting the kill into the smoker and stepped out to get rid of the remains. At first she didn't hear anything, but when her mother tensed, sitting up bold straight in her chair, she knew something was wrong. 

When the shouting began, Varia had not even registered her mother's command to stay inside, running right after her into the night as the blaster shots started. 

The memory was almost too much, and she felt her stomach seize. Covering her mouth quickly, Varia forced her stomach to calm, trying to wipe the vision of blood splattering in front of her and the screams of pain from her mind. 
The wheezed our word made her freeze, a small cry fell from her lips as she looked to her mother's body, spotting a finger twitch, a small attempt to reach for her daughter. The broken wail continued to fall from her mouth as she fell back to her knees, crawling over to her mother’s body with her body convulsing in loud sobs. She couldn’t seem to form words, only strange broken cries as she wormed her way under her mother’s arm, choking as her mother couldn’t even manage much strength to pull her in close. 
Varia, I love you.” Her breathing sounded liquefied, but with a few coughs it cleared enough for her to hum softly. Varia buried her face into her mother’s chest, ignoring the blood that smeared into her hair. The animalistic noises from her throat softened enough to somewhat match her mother’s soft tone, and then began to match her note for note in her favorite lullaby as a child.
Varia cried even harder as her mother skipped a few notes, not missing the fact she was struggling to breathe. A small part of her wished she was already gone, not wanting to watch her mother fight and die slowly while she helplessly clung to her soaked shirt. 
They laid like that, as the sky let loose its own tears over the tragedy, Varia burning the memory of the song into her mind as her mother’s hums became labored and gurgled, quieter and softer as her body grew colder and stiffer. At some point, when the humming stopped and the swamp grew quiet once more,Varia drifted off to sleep. 
The sky was black when she stirred once more, her mother’s skin like ice and her body still. No more hums and no more breathing. She was alone.
Rather she thought she was. The sound of shuffling reached her ears, and slowly she sat up to see what had wandered into their camp. What she saw was something straight from a horror vid. Something that appeared to have crawled straight out of the swamp. Varia sucked in a sharp breath, wondering what this creature was and how she was to get out of this encounter alive. 
Apparently the creature was just as uneasy as her. For it jumped and Varia screamed in response. The quick movement was enough though to knock off the debris and leaves covering it’s form, revealing the creature to be nothing more than a haphazard woman slathered in mud. The woman’s hood had also fallen back, revealing a wild bush of curly hair on top of her head and sharp blue eyes. More importantly, this woman looked like her future, and that thought spurred her into action. 
Just as the woman stepped back, Varia lunged forward, throwing herself into the mud. She couldn’t let this person go if they were her salvation. She was alone without her, she would most likely starve and die. Whether she wanted to or not, she would have to trust this stranger to help her get back at those monsters. Monsters that made her parents a sport. She would make them pay, make them all pay. “Who are you?

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Master Kast    547

Such a waste. These poachers often left her some useful scraps. But they couldn’t be trusted. Like the others, they hunted without remorse. The male she had seen even slay another poacher that came too close to his own prey. These people were cruel and not to be trusted. So she wouldn’t trust them, she would not ask them for the help she needed to leave this planet. Best hide from the beast than get your hand bit off trying to pet it. 
That had been her survival. She was not as strong and agile as she had once been. Her injuries had not healed well after the crash. Her shoulder hurt to move still and her knee gave out easily with too much pressure (most likely torn ligaments, but she was no healer, it was only her best guess.). When she first approached someone for help and had been shot in the thigh, apparently seeking aid was the same as kicking someone’s pet, her ability to move was lessened even more. 
In her despair she hobbled back to her crash site where Plio's body waited. He had not lasted as long as she, unable to move from the wreck. She had been lucky in the back of the ship, he had taken the brunt force of the crash to his chest and head. Her friend gone, left to struggle in this terrible place, she waited and hid. Hoping someone would miss her enough to come looking for her. But with tensions as high as they were before she left the enclave, doubt plagued her mind. The force was unsteady when she left with Plio, another attempt to find her former master or her sister before war was ravaged on the galaxy once more. They had been following a trail that was only a few days old when they were struck down. Plio could barely explain what had happened, and she had been deep asleep in the moment. 
The loneliness was bearable. The darkness after nightfall… That was harder to handle. Things moved and scuttled in the dark. Whispers and memories haunted her mind when the hunger started to set in. They hadn’t quite left her alone since, no matter what she did. 
It wasn’t until this particular group arrived that she seemed to arise from her stupor. Rather than lurking like a starved cat on the outskirts of the few camps she found, (Bounty hunters, theives, criminals on the run, they never stayed long and she never lingered after her first attack.) She watched this group closely. She had sensed them from the moment they landed. Something about them drew her near. They were quiet and cautious like herself, showing respect for the land and its inhabitants. She had even considered approaching them until the man put a blaster bolt between another man’s eyes. It was self defense yes, but habits die hard. And her fascination was not with the adults, but the child rather. 
Which was why it was a shame, She never would have wished for their painful deaths. They only had been on the planet two days before being slaughtered like animals. The blaster fire and shouting had alerted her, but she did not arrive in time to even see if she could help. 
The stirring of the child had caused her to pause from checking the man, her blue eyes cutting to the girl and watching her rise with caution. The small one looked confused and concerned, her eyes lingering on her mother before checking her surroundings. 
The woman flinched away when she was spotted, the sudden cry from the young girl making her jump back. Her hazzard appearance probably would do nothing to sooth the child. Wild messy curls chopped short in a quick attempt to make them manageable, her clothes smothered mostly in mud and gunk, but the stains of blood on her pants and shirt had not faded in the washes she could afford. 
Who are you?” The small girl cried, crawling to her hands and knees, inching towards the older woman with caution and curiosity. “Please… I have no one else! They killed them!
The older woman paused in her minimal retreat, torn between making an escape and helping the girl. But what good could she be now?
Why?” She asked gruffly, pushing a wild stray hair back from her face. The small girl looked confused, and mildly hurt, so the older one let out a quick breath. 
Why were they killed?” She asked, a bit more loudly this time. The girl flinched, and she immediately felt regret for snapping so. Taking another breath, she softened her voice “What is your name?
The girl blinked, her mouth gaping before she seemed to process the question. “V-Varia! My name is Varia, please, I don’t know why they were murdered, but you have to help me!
Nodding only at the name, the woman turned and began limping away “I can’t help anyone.” She called over her shoulder, barely loud enough for the girl to hear. "No no one, not me not Plio, Ark, Izzy... Gone gone...." Her head twitched as she felt the crawl in her ear, she had only whispered to hersel fbut she felt like her own voice was echoing in her head.
No you have to! I want to make them pay! They killed my parents!” She heard the rapid footfalls behind her, but paid no heed to them and only quickened her pace as best she could. 
A small hand latched onto her arm, yanking her backwards and flaring her jacket out. At the same time, she felt something that she had not felt in quite some moons, the wonderful ripple of static and life of the force, caressing her whole body in soft little waves emitting from the little hand upon her arm. 
Looking upon the girl once more with shock, She met her eyes and felt a stirring in her chest for her. Something called her to this young one, and she had felt it before in a young man and again in a young woman. The force flooded through this girl. Raw power and unchecked emotion rippling across her very skin and onto her own. That explained much of why she had lingered so close. This girl had potential. Over the years she had seen many with potential. Some she had seen grow, others moved beyond her sight, but she knew they too continued to grow through the force. This girl was no different. But she could not teach. Not here, not in her condition. Maybe not ever again. Her mind was too unstable, she knew that much. The whispers and voices in her head did not pass in time. Perhaps they had only gotten worse. 
Unaware of how long she had been staring at the child, she only resurfaced from her thoughts when the child gasped. 
You- You’re a force user! My Mama told me stories of you!

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