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Kale Sarkan

Application of Kale Sarkan

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Kale Sarkan    4

Welcome to Star Wars: Fates! How did you find us? Were you recommended? If so, by whom?

I was “recruited” I guess? On Fanfiction.net. I am currently writing a Star Wars fanfic and contacted by CassiusTroy (Or at least that´s his name there)


Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from? How old are you? Do you have any prior experience with fanfiction or roleplaying in general?

My internet name is Jack so let´s go with that one for now. I am 23 years old and I am Spanish (From Spain). I have been Roleplaying is sites for 8 years now and I started writing fanfiction like 3 years ago, I think?

Star Wars is by far my favorite universe/fandom/saga or whatever since I saw A new hope 20 years ago (OMG 20 years already). I was three then and I have grown a lot more obsessed with the saga across my life. By the way, I like the original trilogy more but I don´t hate the prequels, still soon to say about the new ones xD


Have you ever been a part of a roleplaying community or guild in the past? If so, which ones?

Yes. I currently own a Fairy Tail anime site and I am part of another one base don epic fairy Tales (those in spanish) and I am staff in Dragon Ball Legends (In English). I have also been part of  several other sites which include Harry Potter, some university sites, Marvel and DC, Star Wars, Hunger games and a few original plotted sites as well.


What is the most important thing for you to get out of your experience here? Exciting stories with interesting characters? Good friends? A sense of belonging?

I started RPing for friends and because I liked to write. Right now for me I really love to develop a character from the start and grow relationships with others, and also develop an interesting romantic relationship, I kinda like those things while I RP, I have the opinion that they give any character a very good side story apart from his or her main plot.


Do you know what a Mary/Gary Stu is? Metagaming? God Modding? Provide a quick definition of each, because all of the aforementioned are against the rules, will you or you character have trouble conforming to this?

Metagaming: Your character knowing something that you know but he or she has never learned IC, also can be used to refer to you controlling another user´s character.

God Modding: You are invincible, you dodge everything, nothing can hit you, you kill everything.

Mary Stu: This is the one I have heard less off… But I think it refers to someone having a “protagonist complex”? Like, always wanting your character to be the center of every plot and story.

Ando no, I don´t think I will have troubles not doing any of those above heh


How much time will you be willing to commit to the community? Do you forsee your schedule getting in the way of things?

All I can. But as I stated I already own a site and I am pretty sure you understand I can´t turn my back to my users. I also am in college and currently looking for a job (though that doesn´t seem to be a problem in short term) But I always have some time to check the site and write. My replies might get slow sometimes but I will try and keep up.


Can you give us a quick run down of the biography and character you hope to RP on this site? A quick idea of a biography, type of character they are, and whether they might be aligned with the Sith Remnant, or the Unified Jedi Order.

I wanted to play a Jedi. I have been looking to play a Jedi for quite some time. I wanted him to be a Padawan in his final years or a knight in his first years. Human, young and a little rogue, not a fried of rules but good hearted even if he doesn´t show it often. I wanted him to be a Correllian and since I am not sure how Jedi pick their members in this era (like, taking them as children or not) I was going either with that option or being orphan at young age and living on his own until a Jedi discovered him


Do you have any lingering questions or concerns? A member of our staff will be happy to answer anything that comes to mind.

Yeah… Do you guys have any chatbox, or chatroom of shorts? Just curious, It´s weird to me seeing a RPing site without one heh. Also… For what I have been seeing I can most likely pick all the skills/powers I want in the app? That doesn´t seem right. Explanation please? xD


Would you like to provide any closing comments on your application? On behalf of the staff of Star Wars: Fates and the entire community, we wish you luck and may the Force Be With You!


I guess not, only one thing to say… May the force be with you too.

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Homra Azner    83

Hi there Kale and welcome to Star Wars Fates! :D


Currently, adults can join the Jedi Order in Dantooine's Enclave. Tython's currently out of commission and the temple there is in ruins. There are still children chosen as Jedi though.


We do have a site Discord: https://discord.gg/xxtPWgJ


As for skills and the like, most starting characters get Novice-level ones and maybe a few Intermediate skills. We don't have a point system, but the character needs to have a reason why they have certain skills and it shouldn't go beyond the characters current rank. Unless there's racial advantage or something similar (Miraluka and Force Sight, etc).


An administrative staff will soon be checking this out and processing your application. There's usually a twenty-four hour window prior to processing in case you want to make changes.


Good luck! :)

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Kale Sarkan    4

Name: Kale Sarkan

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Rank: Jedi initiate

Date of Birth: 3609 BBY (21 Years Old)


Appearance: Kale is a tall guy (1,93 meters tall) and muscular, not really bulked up though. He gained a great physical form during his time living in the streets but that doesn´t mean he was able to go to gym to actually make his muscles bigger, we could say he is fighting fit.

He´s got brown hair and usually has at mid length, not touching his shoulders but pretty close. He has a beard as well but he doesn´t allow it to grow much, only being a shadow of brown ion his face most of the time. His eyes are brown as well.

He has gained a few scars in his life before being a Jedi, specially in his back and torso, he doesn´t like the Jedi robes much so he really doesn´t wear the brown hooded cape much, but he does wear the clothes the Jedi usually wear underneath, in a sand color. He doesn´t own a lot of outfits apart from that one.


Possessions: He doesn´t really own much. He can only consider his blaster and his short vibroblade as his possessions. He doesn´t own an apartment or anything like that, he lives in the enclave and only has the clothes they gave him when eh got there, since the ones he was using before were in a very lamentable state, so that leads him to usually wearing Jedi robes, without the hooded cape though, he doesn´t like it and finds it annoying to move.


Personality: Even though everything he has been through, we could say Kale is a good person, in his own way. He is loyal to his friends and knows how to return favors done to him, and always does it, though it is hard to be friends with him since he doesn´t really trust anyone quickly, he can be kind of nice to you and work with you but from that to earn his trust there is a long way to go, he learned that the hard way during his time in Correllia´s streets.


He has some troubles with authority and following orders sometimes, he is not the type to question everything just to be rebellious, in fact, he doesn´t usually question but basically he just doesn´t follow commands when he considers those commands are stupid or unfair. He does discuss when he thinks there is a better option; he is not an anarchist but has his own moral code.


He is quite a fun guy to hang out with when he is in good terms, he knows how to party and can resist alcohol pretty good. He uses sarcasm and doesn´t lie often, he uses to tell what he thinks regardless feelings, and that can get him and the people around him in some trouble. He can also happen to tend to flirt often, something he got used to while living in the streets. He believes in the Jedi order and he is very grateful of everything they have given him, so he would follow them to death… Even though he doesn’t really follow all of the rules established.


Skills, Abilities and Talents: He has been in the Jedi order for a few years now, so he has pretty much the abilities of a Jedi beginner like basic force knowledge and powers, lightsaber combat and physical training and elasticity.

His time in Corellia also gave him some abilities that come in handy in his life. He is a good shooter with his blaster pistol, can handle himself with a vibroblade and he is a proficient starfighter pilot, even though he doesn´t really fly a lot in the temple he likes to do it anytime he can get his hand on a fighter. He knows how to move on the streets, disappear, hide his presence and steal things without people noticing he is there.

He can also handle himself in bars and other places where not so good people use to hang out and can defend himself with his fists; he had to learn how to do that since he didn´t always have a weapon at hand.


Biography: Kale´s parents were members of a mob on Corellia, which basically consisted in high standard robberies and sometimes drug dealing. That being said, either Kale or his parents had a lot to do with the drug part of the cartel, but with the robbery one. While Kale was growing up he learned how to sneak in highly guarded places, he started working at a very young age because, as a kid he was able to enter little conducts and places where the adults couldn´t fit, so his parents occasionally used him to get the object at hand.

That was, until he was 9 years old and he met this twi´lek girl, named Henna, of his own age. They met one day that Kale was walking on the streets; his parents let him do that because he knew how to take care of himself, not by fighting but running and disappearing if it was necessary. Kale and Henna made good friends with each other rather quickly, and they started to hang out usually the next year. Kale learned a lot from the girl, and actually became a good hearted boy thanks to her. Nto that he was bad before, but the education in crime his parents had given him could have leaded to him to become a rather nasty person. That was until the cartel decided to expand his operations and started getting into slavery.


One of the first subjects to sell was a twy´lek family. They slaughtered the father, since male twi´leks weren´t a good business and kept the mother and daughter waiting for a buyer. One day Kale discovered that the daughter of the family was none other than Henna and, using his sneaking abilities, managed to steal the key of their prison from one of the guards and set them free. But during their scape they were spotted and chased by one of he mob members, Kale got his hands on a blaster and killed him in reflex. He couldn´t scape after that, though the two twi´leks did. He was brought to the mob´s head and he was going to be executed, his parents stepped in and they were killed instead, so Kale took advantage of the confusion and mange dot scape. The mob placed a bounty on his head, which is still active, but he managed to survive. He lived in Corellia´s streets for a while, using his robber ability to pick on pockets, wallets and other stuff that could pay him for meals. But that not always worked and he was beaten up, shot and cut pretty often until he managed to sharpen his skills in the art of robbery, and he decided that he needed a way to defend himself. He became quite good in street fight the next years but that wasn´t often enough (specially when the people trying to hurt him wield weapons) so he managed to buy a blaster pistol and a vibroblade to a smuggler one day that he stole some jewels from a house, he became a pretty good shooter, and kind of knew how to use the blade, though he hardly ever used it. He didn´t like to kill people except extreme situations and often aimed for the legs with his blaster, and he highly reduced the times he got beaten by that.


One day, when he was fifteen, he came across a group of men who were robbing a young girl on an alley, he didn´t mind people being robbed, it would be pretty hypocritical of him, but he never used violence, and the intentions of those seven guys were clearly nasty judging by they way they had the girl cornered.

He, of course, stepped in, and even though eh managed to knock two out the other five were too much, and he most likely got beaten up and was actually going to be killed until a jedi casually walked over. He had been watching from the moment Kale stepped in and was impressed by the boy´s ability and by how he didn´t kill anyone in the process… And also by Kale´s will of risking himself to save that girl. Once the Jedi had taken care of those seven he asked Kale about his story and used a weird force stuff (at least weird for Kale) to heal him. After they talked about Kale´s story he offered the boy to join him in the Jedi enclave, and he accepted. So Kale has been on Coruscant and in Dantooine after that for five years now, training to become a Jedi.


Character Skills and Abilities:

Novice Blade weapon

Novice Blaster pistol (Is it possible this one to be intermediate?)

Novice lightsaber

Form I – Novice Shii-Cho

Starfighter proficiency

Novice Stealth (again, can this one be intermediate?)

Novice counterfeiting

Force Dahs

Force Jump

Force sense

Force camouflage

Force Push

Force Stun

Lightsaber throw

Telekinesys (novice)




Final Notes: Yeah two questions. I requested my character´s blaster pistol and Stealh abilities to be intermediate due to his past robbing for the cartel and his time in the streets learning how to use a pistol. Also, I am not sure what to write on the “Range” section, but I hope it is right.

Edited by Kale Sarkan

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Homra Azner    83

Intermediate blaster pistol and intermediate stealth should be good, since your character back story addresses why he has them.


Also, I'm not sure I understood what range means?

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Besides the edits of your approved intermediate abilities to be added, everything looks good!


Your membership and character have been



Please familiarize yourself with all of the Community Rules. I also recommend you review the How To Start Creating Your Character guide. Your next stop will be to post your biography in the Biography section - in your case, in the Unified Jedi Order Biographies. Once you've done that - you can begin exploring the forums of the Dantooine Enclave, this is where you will be tested in character to prove yourself worthy of becoming a fully fledged member of the Unified Jedi Order. I encourage you to start up an RP within the forum - and Instructor will be with you shortly to give you your first task.


Outside of Academy, you are welcome to post in The Cantina, or the other General Forums. We also encourage you to join us on our Discord Chat. Let us know who you are, and we will give you the right permissions.


Once again, congratulations on being accepted! I look forward to roleplaying with you in the future and on behalf of the entire Staff Team of Star Wars: Fates, thank you for choosing to join us for all your RP needs. 

Edited by Homra Azner

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