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In the last month, the activity of the staff has dwindled to almost sub-zero levels, and for this I could not apologise more. The same issues that plagued the leadership of this site when we made the decision to shut it down still continue to plague us, despite all we have done to ensure the success and continuation of the legacy we have all created - and my own lack of foresight has brought us to a position where I have groomed no heirs to take the mantle. 


I could apologise a million times, but it would never be enough. But we also aren't willing to let this site simply disappear, nor are we content to allow ourselves to make the mistake of turning off the site, and allowing it to become a forgotten URL in the abyss of the internet. While I understand that our current team is no longer willing, or able to continue to look after this site, we want to pass it on to people with the enthusiasm and drive to see this site through. 


This site is not going anywhere, but with time, and patience, I hope to pass it on to someone willing and able to see the potential of this site, to see it for its beauty and its sins, and lead it into a brighter tomorrow. Until then, I will continue to serve as your admin, working the best I can to ensure the site continues to function. I regret my life has come to a point in which I can no longer fully service this community, but with your support, hopefully we can limp through into the next era of this site, and continue down the path we have all created. 


As always, if you have any questions or concerns or feel that you might be able to help, feel free to message me.


- Lucian



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