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HPOR--SF resubmit

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Karter    126

Intent: To create a deadly heavy blaster rifle available to all sides


Manufacturer: Blastech.


Affiliation: Any


Production Rate: Limited Quantity.


Weapon Type: Rifle


Weapon Sub-type: None.


Materials: Durasteel, electronic components, synthetic materials


Modifications: The HPOR--SF comes with an improved power pack, galvanizer and lens assembly based partly on older Mandalorian Assault Rifle designs, giving it immense power. A enhanced zoom/vision scope is installed, and can serve as a sniper rifle in an emergency. But otherwise has limited modifications that can be applied beyond improving the Ammunition capacity.


Weapon Rating: High Quality


Weapon Appearance: Think a  more sci-fi, slightly bulky looking carbine version of the RL Scar-H Rifle with an enhanced scope on it and a large looking carbine barrel in black along with a black frame.




Powerful: The HPO is one of the most powerful rifles a soldier can carry that isn't a repeating cannon. Its shots are powerful, about sixty percent the strength of an average shot from a charric rifle. Even those who wear high quality heavy armor still fear the incredible heat transfer of the weapon, which threatens to roast skin. Its a great anti-personnel weapon and can wear down shields in one to two direct hits, and melt durasteel armor.


Enhanced Function: Its scope allows for zoom function, which can turn it into an emergency sniper weapon. It also comes with basic thermal vision.


Compact: The heavy rifle was built to be easily manuvered with indoors, with an eye towards ending a fight quickly.


Good at medium ranges: The power of the rifle and is accuracy, along with a compact nature mean the HPO can engage targets at medium ranges within reason of the weapons specific specialties.


Good for Urban/Enclosed spaces. The rifle was designed for pushing through tight chokepoint defenses with overwhelming firepower, or defending against attack in a fortified position. It is a weapon that can be used to lay siege or push back skirmishes.





Heavy Recoil: The rifle is best used by a trained shooter. The recoil is very high, and this forces the operator to fire relatively slow controlled shots, lest the recoil become unmanageable.


Limited ammo: The amount of power to fire its heavy damage shots limits one to forty shots, meaning a missed shot on a fast moving target is costly. 


Limited modability: Due to the designs clearly having  aspects of Mandalorian tech, the rifle was made as portable as could be allowed but the compact components that enable it to fire with such fantastic power have made sure it will be very difficult to modify, as one must be quite familiar with the design to even increase the efficiency of its ammo consumption, and seeing as how this is an experimental military weapon barely out of prototyping before it started being sold, the weapon as is hardly makes the effort worth it.


Weight: The weapon weighs nearly two point five times more than a regular blaster rifle, and that becomes a problem the longer combat goes on. Ones arms tire faster, and their aim gets more affected as they heft it. The weight helps counter balance the recoil but it doesn't do it well enough to make aiming easier as time goes on.


Poor at prolonged combat: The weapon is good for the more focused operations of a special forces group but in a prolonged situation from dozens of potential enemies attacking all at once, the weapons slow rate of fire, severe cost of missing a shot, and its own niche specialties catch up to it.


Description: The Heavy Point Offense Rifle--Special Forces is a curiosity in the post war environment. It appears to be a kind of heavy blaster carbine. Blastech Scientists used proprietary experimental tech to reduce its size, while also barrowing from ancient Mandalorian Assault rifle designs based on captured models sold by anonymous gun collectors. Republic Intelligence thinks the weapon was meant to be issued to soldiers stationed at military checkpoints, before its excellent performance indoors and defending small enclosures, as well as immense stopping power, caused it to be reclassified for SF operations. Test models experimented with show certain weaknesses, such as prolonged combat, limited ammo, weight, and recoil limit the weapon to medium or small scale skirmishes and ambushes. Understandably, the release of this design onto the market was met with joy by the elite mercenary demographic, though its high cost ensures only the most well off clients can afford to purchase it.

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