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Forge Starship Idea: The Star Priory

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Karter    127

I came up with this a few days ago.


Name: The Star Priory



Intent: To create something for Cambul that he acquires during the timeskip.


Manufacturer: Naldi Starworks LTD (No longer exists)


Affiliation: Individual


Production Rate: Unique


Starship Type: Light Corvette


Armaments: No armaments


Modifications: At the time it was built, it contained a particularly sophisticated sensor array, able to detect possible dangers and other starships at ranges twice that of most other starships of its age, and its shields were considered high quality at the time they were designed. But due to the modern age, the shields can take only four shots as to the six they used to, due both to the age of the devices generating the shield, and the more sophisticated weapons of the era. The very fact they can still take so much damage in spite of this is testament to how ahead of its time it was. Its armor can only take one hit. Its engines have great speed: When pushed, the ship can keep up with an defender-class corvette in a straight away race.


Starship Appearance: The ships front is a spherical section with a small transmission tower deliberately designed like a wrought iron version of the Jedi temple mounted on the top of the sphere. The engineering section and ion thrusters connect to this sphere via a long, cigar shaped section that contains two additional quarters and a corridor to the large, cube shaped engineering section. The thrusters connected via smooth, coil shaped pylons on its sides resemble the jet engines of the RL SR-71. The front of the Sphere has a gentle, curving forward structure which ends in a point two meters from the sphere.


The exterior, as well as the interior, has an extremely gothic feel to its aesthetics--the outside and inside of the ship has a stark gray color, the ship's running lights on the sides are mounted in spherical, twisted metal cages and the point on the front resembles the top of a wrought iron fence point. The side viewing ports resemble those in ancient cathedrals. The cockpit viewport has a mounted, abstract relief of an angel above it.


The severe, sharp design continues inside, with the Cathedral aesthetic becoming even more prominent. Archways leading to all major sections end in a sharp, leaf shape that flows into the next room. The lnterior lights are  florescent frosted transparisteel spheres mounted on key sections of corridors and rooms to ensure maximum lighting and emit a soft golden glow that is calibrated to not hurt the eyes. The aesthetic creeps into every piece of tech on the ship, from computer screens mounted in shrine-like alcoves with small candle shaped flourescent lights mounted on posts above the screens. The front sphere contains most of the living quarters of its singular inhabitant, consisting of three small decks, with the middle deck connecting to the rest of the ship. Cambul's personal quarters are at the top deck, and is a deliberately bare, spartan chamber with the circular bed recessed into the floor, some small steps leading to it. A thin touch screen computer display, mounted in a sharp, pointed, black durasteel archway a few meters from the bed allows Cambul to access all the locks in the ship, disable power, or access security screens that display visual feeds for the engineering section. The screen can also play his mothers audio logs. A rectangular cube-like cabinet which raises from the floor contains weapon mounts for his lightsabers and spare crystals. The middle deck contains the cockpit, which, while perfectly functional and easily used, has an appearance that tends to remind one of a church organ key board, with every function labeled clearly, the cockpit seats  are comfy, seeming to melt into the floor, the sides and back resembling a curving, almost throne-like aesthetic. The bottom deck of the sphere contains the Galley, med-bay, and cybernetics repair bay...as well as a bedroom sized private church to his mother's personal concept of God. All decks are connected by a narrow staircase and emergency ladder. 


The Hyperdrive itself was encorporated into the gothic construction of the rest of the ship, the engineering section containing it bearing a more angelic theme then the rest of the ship, with simple black, humanoid figures with wings painted on the walls. The Hyperdrive seems to be mounted inside a simple chamber the color of stone, its outer protective casing resembling a black, cylindrical hourglass. It was designed to have all its components easily accessible and repaired. The engines are designed for efficiency and ease of repair like the hyperdrive, but even their sections have an alter-like concept in the way the walkways, computer terminals and access containers for needed equipment is handled, without compromising the ships ability to function. The guest quarters are sand colored versions of Cambul's bed room, though those contain abstract images of six winged birds on the walls, though they lack anything but a lock access otherwise.


Length: longer than the Defender class by seventy percent its length.


Height: 90 Meters (front sphere)


40 meters (Everything else)


Weight: seventy five percent more than the Defender Class


Armament Rating: None


Maneuverability Rating: Low


Speed Rating: High


Defense Rating: Above Average




High Speed: Madeline Naldi designed the engines to produce brute force speed in the most efficient and safe manner possible, encorporating every engineering technique she could think of to both reduce fuel consumption and stress on the engine for long periods of time, as well as making the design exceptionally tough. At the time it was designed, it was an exceptionally fast ship for its size and still is, though given that its design is three hundred years out of date, it can only barely keep up with the Defender class light corvette, though its engines are exceptionally hardy and can operate for longer, due to the fact every precaution was taken to make sure the engine could continue to function even after significant periods of abuse and wear and could be quickly repaired, like every other system on the ship. Plus, when power is drained to minimal and diverted to the engine carefully, the ship can go slightly faster than the Defender, But only for a short time of ten minutes.


High Defense: Madeline Naldi contracted an Arkanian engineer for help in creating the ship shields. Arkanian designs were very advanced for their era when it came to energy related tech and between his forward thinking and her strict demand for efficiency and reliability produced a custom heavy shield system. As there are no weapons to use, more power could be diverted to maintenance of strong defense. It was so ahead of its time its still capable of resisting strong weapons fire, up to four shots.

The armor is old though, and can only sustain one shot.


Ruggedized systems: Every system was designed to be tough and capable of continuing to function even after taking damage. They can even slightly resist emp damage, with back up components kicking in, in the event an emp hits the ship, though this is weak protection at best. All computer programs and systems are designed to be easily understood and accessed, and repaired.


Strong Sensors: The sensor system is very reliable, and designed to detect threats at high ranges for a ship its size. Though easily jammed by modern ECM tech, on its own the sensor system can easily detect low power emissions with a reliability that competes with modern military sensors, save for their age and more limiting size and difficulty of calibrating.






No weapons: Madeline Naldi was a pacifist late in life, and forbade weapons of any kind from being encorporated in her ships, either during the design or after she sold the ships. One must rely on its high speed and defense to survive.


Low manuverability: At the time it was created, the ships profile rendered manuverability average among ships of its day, though it could now be classified as low due to its outdated design.


Outdated Design: Despite its forward thinking for the time it was created, nothing can change the fact it is behind the times. Its systems function slower and while fast, it takes time for the engines to push the ship to the absolute top speed, and its shields regenerate slower than its modern equivalents. The computer systems are slower and the hyperdrive is from a time when people were transitioning away from the use of hyperspace beacons in their travel, and thus while it is easily repaired, the age of the systems and compatibility issues with modern components will almost certainly lead to retrofits down the road.


Lack of upgradeability:


The ship, while tough, fast, and rugged, not much thought was given to upgradeability. It was supposed to be a peaceful, quiet vessel meant to stay out of heavy engagements, built only to survive. It lacks the ability to take any real modifications beyond what it has.




The Star Priory is a light corvette class personal starship designed during the era in which the war of Exar Kun occured. It was made with some of the best tech of the age, though today, its outdated design renders its performance slow and unable to compete with modern engines and designs on more than certain base levels, such as speed and protectiveness. It is meant to avoid fights and escape unanticipated trouble, and lacks modability. Its sensors are sensitive with a wide range. It is best an exploratory vessel that doubles as a somber home. Its harsh but beautiful design intrigues the eye and the inside feels peaceful and elegant.


The Stellar Priory was one of the last vessels created by Naldi Starworks LTD, a small artisinal starship design firm owned and ran by the Former Jedi Weapon Master Madeline Naldi, who left the Order under her own choice for reasons she never disclosed. Madeline Naldi was obsessed in secret with her concept of God, a female angel covered in green armor that represented the Light Side of the Force. All her ships were designed to secretly pay homage to this God, bearing angelic themes and influences from ancient cathedrals and temples in their interiors. As a result, the ships bear a distinctly gothic appearance at times. The Stellar Priory was her Personal Starship, designed to ferry her and her close kin through the stars. Only Cambul practiced her strange religion with her as a boy, and it would later influence many of his beliefs during the time he tried to form his own community of pacifists...minus the God.


When the Naldi Family was destroyed by their rivals, Naldi Starworks LTD executives hid Madeline Naldi's personal ship in a vacuum sealed hanger full of spare parts in Boz Pity, done on Madeline's orders so her family's rivals in the Tapani Sector could not seize it for a personal trophy. Cambul uncovered its location by exploring one of his last secret accounts, uncovering the ships location from a datapad in a safe-deposit box on Nar Shaddaa. Madeline almost certainly hid the vessel for her beloved son as a last birthright to pass on to him in the event of her bloodlines end. The Naldi Family produced Jedi Swordsman for generations out of the Tapani sector before being murdered in a surprise attack by one of the largest royal houses in the Tapani Sector. The Family crest, a silvery spider whose legs cradle the Ashla symbol, is on the underside of the sphere section exterior, faintly visible.

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