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Sutem Wry

Sutem Wry

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Name:  Sutem Wyr, known as Su. (The first and last name, singular name, or the moniker of your character)
Gender: Female
Species: Clawdite
Rank: Mercenary's information gatherer, She has force potential, but no formal training.
Date of Birth: 3648 BBY


Appearance: Without concentration, Su's skin is a pale green with a slight scaly texture to go with it. Her eyes are blue, and have vertical pupils instead of round ones. Her natural hair is black, and she leaves it down when relaxing, and puts it up into a bun when she is working. When she has it down, her hair goes just past her neck line, hiding a bar code tattoo that indicates she was in some form of enslavement. Her build is athletic, though she isn't very toned to the naked eye. Her weight is roughly 90 kilograms. and she stands at 5'9.  Her back and thighs are covered in electrical burn scars, forming lightning web patterns all over her body.


Possessions: Su's armor consists of a set of impure plastoid plate gauntlets, a leather tunic that is nonreflective grey, and red cloth pants that hug her body slightly. She carries around a blaster carbine with a shoulder sling, and a small blaster pistol on a thigh holster. She has 10,000 credits attached to her name, and 500 on her persons at all time. There is a blue gem necklace tied to her left wrist, the gem stuffed under her gauntlet so others can't see it. She also has a utility belt with extra blaster batteries for her guns, and food capsules for nutrition on the move. The utility belt is attached to a red cama that hangs just above her mid-calf.

Personality: Su is like two personalities stuffed into one body, one moment she is quiet, withheld, and agreeable, but others she can be explosive, and impulsive. She's never had anyone to keep her impulsive side in check, so as soon as someone rubs her the wrong way, she pushes back without hesitation. A result of her dual nature is that she is either very quite, or very loud. There is no in between for her.


Skills, Abilities and Talents: Su is a very good spy, due to her natural ability to assume other people's form while concentrating. Provided she doesn't have to actually talk to anyone, she can maintain concentration for long periods of time. As a fighter, Su isn't the best, as getting in close is usually the last thing she wants to do, she will generally stay behind cover and fire with either her carbine or blaster pistol. Due to her history as being the lackey of an info broker, there were often times where she needed a quick escape, and it usually came in the form of escaping up or down a back alley of Corascant, her vertical movement skills are unparalleled by non-force users, though she moves quite slow for someone using the force to move vertically through a narrow space. In a physical fight, Su can hold her own, but because she never had any training, and avoids getting close enough to use her fists, she can only really put up a fight for thirty seconds to a minute. In terms of force abilities, everything she is capable for is done on unconscious impulse. The force abilities she has performed has been speed augmentation, and pushing away. Her raw power is slightly above average, but she has no conscious control over that power.  She has a resistance to electrical based attacks, due to a recurring event in her past. 

Su's childhood was not an easy one, her parents sold her into slavery at the age of four, and she barely remembers them. This is where she got the bar-code tattoo that is on the back of her neck. She was used as a store laborer on a remote planet in the outer rim. Her original owner was not a nice man. He would beat her when she did something wrong, and when he was drunk, he would take an stun baton, and drag it up and down her body at high voltage. Nearly killing her every time he did it. Whenever she would get used to the energy level, he would up it, until she was screaming in pain. These events caused her to develop her main persona, which is her quiet less assertive self. Several years later, the man would be electrocuted when she subconciously used the force to throw a conductive liquid on the store shelf at him. She was then passed onto the man's son, who took over the shop. Her second owner was relatively nicer to her, in the fact that he didn't beat her, but he also never fed her. She was forced to find meals in trash cans, or swipe some of the nutrient tablets from the store. Her master was a compulsive gambler, and on a trip to Nar'Shadda, he came into a huge gambling debt to the Exchange. At age 15, Su was used as part a settlement for the debt when the Exchange forced him to pay up.


One of  the men saw Su's potential as a lackey, and took her instead of the payment he was promised by the Exchange. This man's name was Corbal Jax, and he was a small time mercenary that was occasionally hired by the exchange. He started training Su to use weapons, and how to fight. He could see her pent up aggression, and told her to let it all out. He would bully  her until she struck back. This training eventually led to her second persona to come into existence. Whenever she feels like she is bullied into a corner verbally or physically, she lashes out violently and unpredictable.
Character Skills and Abilities:

Personal Starship Proficiency 

Novice vehicular combat proficiency

Martial Art: Basic Gravik-nez

Novice Blaster Rifle

Novice Blaster Pistol

Novice Stealth

Slicing Proficiency

Novice Counterfeiting

Force Push

Abilities in Development:

Force Sense

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