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Name: Dantius Caius Algethii Octavian; alt: Dantius Octavian

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Rank: Jedi Knight

Date of Birth: 3,662 BBY



·         Height: 6’0”

·         Weight: 180 lbs

·         Hair Color & Style: Black Semi-Curled Hair

·         Eye Color: Lime Green

·         Skin Tone: Olive

·         Defining Features: Back scars (from his slavery), extreme flexibility

·         Body Type: Lean


Possessions: Button shirts, black jeans, one lime-green lightsaber (initially), white-bladed saberstaff cane (later).


Personality: Born with high-functioning autism, he is somewhat introverted, direct, and extremely honest when it is called for. But once a friend, however, he is extremely loyal and remains selfless to all unless given reason to the contrary.


Skills, Abilities, and Talents: Capable of one-armed pull-ups, able to talk about traumatic events with complete stoicism, he is also capable of charming animals not already predisposed to violence by way of interaction (retaining a spark of childlike innocence known to attract such animals, especially canines).

Edited by Dantius Octavian

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Novice Single Saber >> Intermediate Single Saber

Novice Dual Saber >> Intermediate Dual Saber

Novice Saber Staff > > Intermediate Saber Staff

Form I – Novice Shii-Cho

Form III – Basic Soresu >> Form II – Intermediate Soresu

Form IV – Basic Ataru >> Form IV – Intermediate Ataru

Martial Arts: Basic Teras Kasi >> Martial Arts: Intermediate Teras Kasi


Force Powers:


Force Jump >> Force Leap


Force Armor

Force Stealth


Force Sense



Force Push >> Force Whirlwind

Lightsaber Throw

Telekinesis: Intermediate

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