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Character Reintroduction: Corvus - Approved

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Corvus    221

Name: Corvus (Formally known as Raskta Kyo)
Gender: Male
Species: Echani Hybrid

Rank: Sith Master
Date of Birth: 3653


Appearance: White hair, porcelain skin-  Corvus carries the traits of a pure blooded Echani in his genes. Though in contrast to others, his skin is marred, split and scarred all over from years of combat. Since leaving his life as a Padawan behind he became embroiled in a world that was as cunning as it was savage, and his body has the wear and tear to prove it. What was one a clean complexion became marred and corrupted as he immersed himself in the Dark side- and while he still retains a figment of his youthful looks, it's only capable through the alteration of his dna and genes- and a steady supply of life force, of course.


His hair is long and unkempt - a once snow white texture being replaced with a matted grey remnant, reaching down past his eyes and around his head when it isn't inhibited by a mask or hood of any kind.


After losing his sight, Corvus's eyes became fogged over and useless. The small amount of color that remained was a dull gold, that darkened upon use of the force. Now he sees clear as day- though they look no more normal than previous. The color took on that of a deep red- the color of blood let loose from a human- as a result of his Dark Side infusion. The veins in his face around his eyes are prominent without any sort of makeup, and he looks every bit as twisted as he's become in conjunction with the black sclera that overtake his eyes when he uses the Dark Side.


Corvus's body remains similar in stature as it always did- a tall man standing at 6'0", weighing 164 lbs, with his most distinctive features being his face and right arm: Instead of your typical appendage, Corvus is in fact a twisted shell of a man who once considered himself something of a blades master. Instead of his good arm, a red- clawed monstrosity has taken it's place. While it shares the same length and shape as his other arm, his hand is startling different: The nails on his hand grew razor sharp, and the skin grew hard.


Possessions: Corvus's Armor and Robes, Single Saber: Curved casing, Self-Forged Synthetic red color crystal. Single Saber: Waterproof curved casing, Self-Forged Synthetic red color crystal.

Personality: Once a stoic, well-meaning Echani that was seduced to the Dark side- Corvus has seen the worst there was to offer from the galaxy and lived to tell the tale of it, transforming himself from a prodigal university student, to a Padawan, to an Apprentice and.. to the thing he is now:


Corvus is a man with a sizable amount of Self-Confidence by this point in time, in both martial ability and mental. He trusts his rationalism above all else- so when the Sith comes to a conclusion, he has no reason to doubt his findings. This creates a rather straightforward, direct style of communication that isn't held back by perceived social roles or expectations that might be weighing on either of them. When he's right, he's right- and no amount of bickering or hand-holding is going to change that fact with him.


Released into the world, Corvus is a very independent and decisive man. Those in positions of authority don't impress him, nor do social conventions or tradition. He's long since abandoned his heritage and homeland - once he has a better idea of what to do, it's as simple as him doing it. Either an idea is the most rational, or it's wrong to him.


In all honesty - Corvus is a jack-of-all-trades. The ability to have an open mind, determination, independence and confidence creates a man who is capable of doing anything he sets his mind to do. That isn't to say he's faultless; however. Aside from his ability to be utterly cold and ruthless to just about anyone-


Corvus is arrogant, and easily capable of bringing his confidence too far. This can close him off from the opinions of others he believes to be below him, or come across as brutally insensitive in making his own opinions of others all too clear to them. He's overly analytical; as his sometimes neurotic level of perfectionism doesn't work on things such as relations with other people- and he loathes highly structured environments.


The most puzzling part of the man is his eccentric and fickle nature, where he can seem like a friend for one moment; yet liable to stick a knife in your back the very next. Friend, enemy- the two words are almost synonymous with this man and his relationships, with his only loyalty appearing in his exchanges with those such as Atrox or Sanguira.


Skills, Abilities and Talents: The body of a martial artist, supplemented through the dark arts of transmutation and alchemy has created an Echani Hybrid- a sort of Sithspawn humanoid that retained its mind and sanity. While his real body is nothing to scoff at for your average man, the sickly red arm of his has an intimidating presence unlike any other. The 'skin' is hard from the transmutation process, being fused with other materials to enhance the bone structure and muscle mass of the Echani's new appendage. The nails of the hand became razor sharp, and the skin was akin to hardened plating- the icing on the incredibly painful cake was being infused with the Dark side, which permanently affected the mans body and force sensitivity to the dark side.


Corvus is skilled in the art of the light saber as a former blade master candidate, and has only cemented the fact he can still hold his own upon his return. Other than that he knows the basics of the Stava martial art form, and various Force related abilities he'd picked up over the years he spent between factions- much of this time spent as an apprentice, though he inevitably made his way up the ranks by force when his power level began to rise high enough to be a Sith Master.
Biography: Unlike other Echani, Corvus grew a love not for fighting, but for the field of science. From a very young age he was talented in these fields, and as soon as he was old enough he left Eshan to attend a university. He scored well and was doing fine up until he discovered the Jedi. He spent a number of months helping them as they helped him, and eventually decided to join their order as an initiate when his force sensitivity was confirmed.


But, Corvus only made it to the rank of Padawan. In a series of rather unfortunate events, both his tutor and master were murdered on an outing to Nar Shaddaa. Left as the sole survivor, Corvus was wracked with guilt over the ordeal and vowed to take vengeance for the people they had taken from him. When confronted by the woman, he lashed out physically; but, was quickly defeated and left to fend for himself.


A certain Sith woman took advantage of his situation, and tempted him in his vulnerable state to learn from her. He accepted, hesitantly, and was introduced to the world of the Sith much faster than he'd ever dreamed possible. He became part of the Academy, and trained until apprenticeship- far surpassing the others of similar rank with ease. While he may have been talented, it offered no answers for the questions he sought, and after being neglected and abandoned by the ones who had brought him to that world- he looked for solace the only place he knew how:


A battlefield.


It was nothing like he imagined it to be. It was exhilarating, it far surpassed anything the academy could've offered. Sparring became an afterthought, and the Echani quickly lost himself in the heat of the moment as he stood toe to toe with the Republic alongside the likes of Darth Atrox. It was this reckless behavior that lead him to his inevitable downfall, only moments away from securing his title as a Master. Struck down by a Jedi Padawan, Corvus had thought himself a failure.. dead, but at peace with what he had become.


But then he awoke once more in a dark room, and everything was different.
Character Skills and Abilities:

Force Powers
Telekinesis - Expert

Telekinetic Combat - Novice (Projected Fighting)
Force Push
Force Sense » Force Sight
Force Invigorate
Disable Electronic

Force Shock » Force Lightning
Drain Life
Force Listen


Force Camouflage


Force Rage


Lightsaber Combat


Novice Single Saber » Intermediate Single Saber » Expert Single Saber
Novice Double Saber


Lightsaber Forms
Form I - Novice Shii-Cho
Form II - Novice Makashi » Form II - Intermediate Makashi » Form II - Expert Makashi
Form III - Novice Soresu

Form V - Novice Shien » Form V - Intermediate Shien

Form VI - Novice Niman » Form VI - Intermediate Niman
Form VII - Novice Juyo

Martial Arts
Martial Arts: Basic Stava


First Aid
Novice Biosurge

Novice Torture » Intermediate Torture

Final Notes: After speaking with Kure and Homra at length, finally decided on bringing this character back from a hasty departure- both to add some activity to the Sith, and continue writing the character I've enjoyed the most here above all else.

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Darth Atrox    716

At least there's a way to properly reintroduce character's now that have been MIA for almost a year :P


Since we agreed to role-play the part after he's been retrained and 're-purposed', as well as the fact it was something we discussed long ago - I can't really deny the reintroduction if done right. I think it's time to reintroduce a potential instructor for the Sith Academy and, of course, to bring a character you've actually grown over a year and a bit, outside of Skalm, back to hopefully keep your mind set on your own goals with them. Remember that if a character is actually killed and not 'preserved' as Corvus actually was, it can't be brought back.


Once I approve this, the thread with his 'situation' will be going up, so let's get to work properly reintroducing this creature. As well as myself making too many song references too count. By the way, he's probably been in a form of 'stasis' for 3 years, so he's got a lot to catch up on - besides the training he was given. Best of luck having him deal with the properly changed world :P


Corvus has been;


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