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Jun Lee

Jae-Eun "Jun" Lee

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Jun Lee    20

Name: Jae-Eun "Jun" Lee
Gender:  Female (DMAB)
Species: Human

Rank: Peacekeeper Commander
Date of Birth: 26 Telona 3665 BBY



  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 63kg
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Hair Style: Cut evenly in front, while longer strands frame her face. The rest is tied in a high ponytail
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Notable Features: Sharp
  • Body Type: Athletic


Jun has long straight black hair often tied in a high ponytail, and evenly cut bangs above her slanted eyes with the sides framing her face. She is well-endowed in both the bust and below the waist area. Due to hormone treatment at a young age, her body grew to be slender and smooth. Jun has bright green eyes, and she often wears cosmetics to highlight her features. Jun has scars on her abdomen, but she often hides it with concealer or any other product. Her attire often consists of a revealing tank top, a standard issue green jacket, a short pencil skirt, standard issue boots, and a leather belt with her blaster holster attached. Since her job is more administrative, she doesn't wear the standard Peacekeeper armor and wears whatever she feels like.



Jun owns various datapads and datacrystals of military history and strategy, and her own blaster collection. She always carries a blaster and a slugthrower, either of which would be concealed depending on where she is going. As Peacekeeper commander, Jun has her own quarters and office within the Enclave. Her room is medium-sized, with a double sized bed, a dresser, a closet, and a vanity. Her office has floor to ceiling windows with an overhead view of Dantooine's plains, and a lounge area. The furniture within her office include a swivel chair, a transparent glass desk that also doubles as her terminal, and various indoor plants. The lounge area has a couple of leather couches circling around a holoprojector and a coffee table.


Personality: Jun is often fun-loving and cheerful, and she always makes a point to socialize and make friends. However, she always maintains a professional air when it came to work. Despite that, she is encouraging and supportive of anyone that goes under her (and would sometimes tease her subordinates lightheartedly), and will always check on her people's progress or status. She does what she can to help her friends and subordinates, but she doesn't let it affect her work performance. She often things through her decisions, and always chooses what benefits the many. However, Jun isn't perfect, and would sometimes have lapses in judgement. She does what she can to rectify any of her mistakes, but Jun can be a little prideful and it may take some time for her to admit any wrong. Jun is also headstrong and protective, ready to defend either her beliefs or anyone important to her from perceived threats.


Jun doesn't exactly believe in pacifism, but she does believe that large organizations need direction. She doesn't condone war, however, she understands that there are times where it's the only option available.


Skills, Abilities and Talents: Jun is an experienced strategist. She references previous encounters, recognizes patterns, and acts accordingly to ensure survival or victory. She is very good with logistics and time management, and can easily determine where and when to allocate resources or forces. As commander, she went through rigorous training with long-ranged weapons, and Mandalorian Martial Arts - despite not being a Mandalorian herself. Jun learned how to drive speeders and swoopbikes as a hobby, and learned how to perform tricks to show off to her friends as well. Due to her protective nature, Jun had learned how to provide first aid.

Biography: Jun was born in Coruscant, third out of five children, and was designated male at birth. Her mother is a doctor with a private practice in Coruscant, and her father is a Calculus professor in Coruscant University. Due to their busy schedules, Jun's parents were rarely at home due to the need to support five children. However, her parents are very supportive and did what they can to show Jun and her brothers their love. Jun got along with all of her brothers, and was often responsible for how food was distributed and who did what chore despite being third born. Due to the fact that they are often left alone when not in school, it's inevitable that brothers clashed and fought with one another. Jun often stayed out of her brother's fighting, and she also patched them up to avoid getting in big trouble with their parents. Her mother also taught her some basic first aid.


At twelve years old, Jun had noticed that she was different from her brothers, and had started presenting differently. At first, her parents thought it was a phase before realizing that Jun was a girl, and helped her fully transition at her pace. They also updated all her documents and changed the names to match who Jun really is.


Jun was also twelve years old when the Sacking of Coruscant took place. Her parents were thankfully unharmed, but the youngest in their family was injured during the conflict and was rendered paralyzed from the neck down. Jun had then promised to herself to protect her family and wanted to make a change so that tragedies like the Sacking of Coruscant never happened again. She often followed her mother to learn more than first aid so that she could provide assistance to anyone. She also took to practising with an antique slughtrower her father inherited; Jun and her brothers would sneak their father's slugthrower out to take potshots at empty bottles in abandoned buildings after school or during vacation.


Her oldest brother followed their mother's footsteps and became a medical professional, the second oldest took a secretarial job in the Senate, while Jun then enlisted at the Republic Army when she turned 18.


She spent 3 months in basic training, and she had some slight advantage because of prior experience with slughthrowers. However, Jun still learned well during training and it helped her refine her skills in long-ranged weapons. Jun also took an interest on how blasters worked, in order to maximize their efficiency since some units overheated or stopped working after getting wet. As part of her training, Jun also learned how to operate ground-based vehicles, and later fell in love with swoop bike racing. Jun and her friends raced in the barracks during their down time, and would place bets with food they received from home. Jun showed a good head for strategy and logistics, and she knew where to put who for what task to get the best results. 


After basic training, Jun was deployed to serve as backup for a fleet engaged in guerrilla warfare in Bothawui during the Cold Wars. The Republic was losing ground at the time, and Jun and her comrades also had trouble assisting the fleet. A Jedi Knight was deployed to assist the Republic troops, but the Sith Forces were greater in number and had better resources. However, the battle turned to the Republic's favor when the Republic Forces, the Knight, and many of the locals planned  together and devised a strategy to make use of the terrain and buildings at night to catch the Empire fleet off-guard before driving them off.


At that time, Jun had to take the lead when her commanding officer was taken out of commission, and she had to make decisions on the fly as her squad nearly failed in achieving their objective in securing a perimeter to ensure that the main Republic Force could plow through the Empire fleet. Due to her quick thinking and show of leadership, Jun was promoted.


For the following seventeen years, Jun spent most of it in active duty. Her primary goal was to first ensure the survival of her squadron and achieve their objective in the most efficient way possible. She doesn't jump at the chance of promotion, opting to keep close with soldiers serving under her. Jun only accepted promotions if it mean that her skills would be used to ensure the survival and success of many. By the time 3631 rolled around, Jun was already serving as commander for a fleet of Republic Troopers.


She was deployed to many locations of varying terrain and atmosphere. Jun had engaged in guerrilla warfare within Alderaanian forests, and had camped out in the hot Geonosian desert. She had also spent months in the hostile environment of Taris to help with the restoration efforts, and that's where she practiced perfecting her skills with a blaster and rifles by taking potshots at rakghouls or other dangerous fauna that strayed close to the Olaris Space port's perimeter. Jun had also spent some time deployed as part of a Republic contingent to Makeb to help repel the Hutt Cartel as well. For the following seventeen years after her promotion, Jun was well-travelled and was just glad that she managed to survive past her thirties.


For her last mission, Jun was deployed to Bastion on 3631BBY, along with a hundred troops under her command. During that battle, an explosion destroyed a nearby building where she was posted, and an enormous piece of shrapnel pierced her abdomen, nearly killing her.


This served as a wake up call for Jun, as she realized that the Republic was barely different from the Empire then when they ravaged Korriban, Balmorra, Bastion, and many of the other Sith controlled planets in the name of peace. She was one of the many soldiers that deserted the Republic in the wake of another Sith Holocaust, following the Jedi in their journey to self-discovery.


At this point, the Peacekeepers are a fairly new organization, so they are in dire need of manpower and more volunteers to really make a change within the galaxy. Jun was then given the title of commander thanks to her extensive experience as a commanding officer within the Republic Army's infantry, and she was then charged with training new recruits as Peacekeepers.

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Jun Lee    20

Novice Blade Weapon >> Intermediate Blade Weapon

Martial Arts: Basic Mandalorian Martial Arts >> Martial Arts: Intermediate Mandalorian Martial Arts


Novice Blaster Pistol >> Intermediate Blaster Pistol >> Expert Blaster Pistol

Dual Blaster Proficiency

Holdout Blaster Proficiency

Novice Blaster Rifle >> Intermediate Blaster Rifle >> Expert Blaster Rifle

Slugthrower Proficiency

Novice Heavy Weapon >> Intermediate Heavy Weapon



Ground Vehicle Proficiency

Novice Vehicular Combat >> Intermediate Vehicular Combat


Novice Biosurge >> Intermediate Biosurge

Novice Survival >> Intermediate Survival

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