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Homra Azner    83

"The training fields are a good place to start - or you could try the archives. I'm sure that there initiates open to interaction - who knows, there might be some of them out there looking for a friendly debate or a sparring match. Or you could approach other knights, or even visit me in my office - which is right next to the archives - if you have the time. I'll even send you the codes to my comms." The Echani grinned encouragingly. "If you're feeling a little shy... I'm pretty sure someone may sense it and interact with you at some point, Initiate Arragi. I'm sure there are other Miriailians Jedi present, but I don't really know because it's getting rare for me to get out of my office these days."


Assignments with initiates were always fun for Homra. It got him out of the office, and it was rather nice breathing in fresh air and stretching his legs. Translating old texts and compiling current events were fun, but a little break in the routine made things interesting. Getting away with some of his archive work and taking his mind off them did help too. Often times, once he got back, he may have found something he missed before, or he would return with a different perspective and better understanding with the material.


"Well, I suppose this concludes your first assignment. Knight Giran Antur should be sending you a missive for your next assignment, so keep your comm link open." Homra bowed towards Ormala, smiling lightly. "Congratulations. You have completed your first step in the Enclave. There are more to follow, and I am looking forward to seeing more from you. Enjoy the rest of your day, and may the Force be with you Initiate Arragi."



Alright! And this concludes your first assignment, congratulations! :D


You can jump in any open threads or start up your own and tag it as open~ Interacting with other members are highly encouraged, and it can help you on the long run once you get to your final assignment. It's been fun interacting with ya~ :)


So, have fun and enjoy RPing~ :D


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