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Honiker    0

I don't have any interest in being here anymore, but they like, fucked my website up. This character's original, but someone siad it's not? It's from my own story, Star Wars: the triadd, on deviantart, so whatever, good luck fucking around, losers


Name: Amidala Honiker
Gender: boy
Species: he doesn't know, people haven't said "human" before, it wasn't relevant, but he is

Rank: because he can kill, they call him Sith, and that is all
Date of Birth: he hasn't the slightest regard for your aspect of time, he looks, young


Appearance: blonde hair, blue eyes, a scar on his cheek, and across his pec, or sure it comes, and goes, and he wonders, but doesn't really know what he looks like, and hopes he louks like his brother, but doesn't know how to find him, and he looks like he might be, 12? but is, much older, it seems..

Possessions: a black  handled,  yellow bladed lightsaber, ThisFORCE!, that this could be fear, for torture and torment, so if he had anything else; they'd be clothes, black if he had a choice, but because it looks scary, and cool? No one's been able to take the blade from him, and that's all that made them call him Sith...

Personality: Why are you no?! Why are you no?! There is NOTHING for me here and Nothing is what they are and Hell for shelter is NOTHING for gone away in hells agaiyn! I hate this world! I Hate these places! This is aauh! this is aaaauh!

the' is Nauthingk I know of! Azín! Azín! Why are you no?! Why are you no?!


Skills, Abilities and Talents: he doesn't, not know how to choke you, but his talents for air currents fathered around his lightsaber hilt, have kept it from being wrested from his hip, and that he is red, in the Force, tells the sicko who hunt him, he is not the same,

but that he is living always, in fear, and agony, so sure to know, he channels kii, through this yellow blade, this yellow crystal, and fear, powers his Force? he has passion... He knows he is Sith, for surely, what the hell would a jedi, know of passion?

he has, no idea... he knows only, Force? that he can shout, and blast you apart, might be true, but that air, could be a forte, and tu run, surely, and scream?
Biography: My naem es Honiker, I was not born this was I know, but his was Gaud, and love okay, but this in love, sure lowing, to know God again, I hate my life, and I know who, but this was here? No for, death to know,

sem en' tell, the Sith are gone? this is sad, to for to tell, but that I hide, but I know them, there has never been a place of peace, in real world, for the monsters die not, just because your emperor is gone?

I don't know, what they are, but I may be want to know, of jedi Force, for sure to know, if they, hate, evil, and know, passion, as some say may be, they do? Then nothing, for jedi know passion not, and I am in love, and so because I am in love, I took a name, and there's a girl, and I know her not but in the Force, so I am Honiker, and she has Amidala to her, so I wear her name for mein, that I know if she would not have me, across the stars, for my love, I will die...

Korriban... My brother killed a Sith lord with a vibrosword, and took from him this lightsaber I wear... I am dead. This was gone. If you are in love you know, there are monsters still, so peace is a lie, and there is only, passion...

I hate God, and I hate all but those I love, and they dying is worst but death is worster.. death is worster of anything and you can't do what you did before, and you can't bring someone back by dyingk, and you can't bring someone back by dyingk, everywhere you go! Everywhere you go you can die again and die in hell and no one will save you!!

I HATE God! I never hate Azín! I die though, and if I die I KILL him, so I cannot die! I cannot lose this blade, but I cannot find my brother and this is going to kill me forever if I cannot find this in God, please... AAauh!

this, life, this, world, this, life, this, world, this, living, here, sourn, this life, these worlds, I knew the name existed not, back in love, but or, there, but they knew me on Korriban, and I dream of futures, but YOU know me not, and I knew there was no sound, Darth, but I made it up, I SPOKE the air, and so when they tried to mock my name, "Honiker, where for in this Honiker?" I could say, "I'm not Honiker anymore, I'm Darth Vader.." repeat the questiaun? they break on it, and cannot say the name, and so it was lord, vader? Nothing of sort, I am Honiker, but there has never baen a Darth before me, but they use this thing, and my darkness, to cloud my passion, so hell of this, but god in all, I want a child, and may in be, he could protect me not, but unless I find the girl from the across the stars, actually, I think I will die anyway, or I maen, this place will kill me, and I know not what to live for, and I have no son, but I dream, and I see, and I die... and I die... and I die... somethingk, saumpthingk, dark side, saumpthingk, saumpthingk, passions... hatred, sumpthingk, kell'd, Again?!
Character Skills and Abilities:
you would not know, but of what was above, that he can shout, and rip apart, or sure to know, he cannot? try gettingk him tu do what you want, Jedi, he knows the Force, and he fears, always, death, but that he cannot die? he is dyingk all the time... so, sure, what?

I don't know... I know the Force? he talks good, try and see?
Final Notes: can I get a stronger lightsaber than you know about? he lived in agony and fear, channeling a yellow blade, with his fear of horror, and death, in hell,

as a child,

 and is one? his crystal, kicks ass? (quigon's was like, theseTimings!Zout!, Obiwan was like, THIS,CHANGING!! and Honiker's is like, MeinOwnYellowBlade! This,FORCE!!) you know?

Edited by Honiker
broken leinks

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Lucian Eidolon    1,578

Hi there Amidala,


I love your enthusiasm, but before we get to know your character we would like to get to know a little bit about you the writer. Could you please fill out the form below, and post your responses so we can accept you into the community.



Member Application


If you are new to Star Wars: Fates, we need you to fill out these couple quick questions to help us get to know you before we begin working on your application. We are going to be working, playing, and writing alongside you for the foreseeable future, so we could like to get an idea of who you are, before we begin working on your character. 

  • Welcome to Star Wars: Fates! How did you find us? Were you recommended? If so, by whom?


  • Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from? How old are you? Do you have any prior experience with fanfiction or roleplaying in general?


  • Have you ever been a part of a roleplaying community or guild in the past? If so, which ones?


  • What is the most important thing for you to get out of your experience here? Exciting stories with interesting characters? Good friends? A sense of belonging?


  • Do you know what a Mary/Gary Stu is? Metagaming? God Modding? Provide a quick definition of each, because all of the aforementioned are against the rules, will you or you character have trouble conforming to this?


  • How much time will you be willing to commit to the community? Do you forsee your schedule getting in the way of things?


  • Can you give us a quick run down of the biography and character you hope to RP on this site? A quick idea of a biography, type of character they are, and whether they might be aligned with the Sith Remnant, or the Unified Jedi Order.


  • Do you have any lingering questions or concerns? A member of our staff will be happy to answer anything that comes to mind.


  • Would you like to provide any closing comments on your application? On behalf of the staff of Star Wars: Fates and the entire community, we wish you luck and may the Force Be With You!


Once you've completed this section, please post a topic in this forum with the title "Application: [[Name of your character]]"


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Homra Azner    83

Hi! Glad to see you're eager in creating a character and that Luci already covered the site application!


A few quick notes for our admin to be able to process membership - use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. One does not necessarily have to be an exceptional writer, but it would be better if posts are understandable.



Unfortunately we do not allow connections to canon characters, and I understand that changing your character's last name and bio can be daunting. If you need any help, you can send in a PM or DM with to staff either through site or by Discord.

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Honiker    0

Not to say it any other way, but you're serious? Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, for, what, the Queen's English? In  Star Wars?

"That these were lied to, and ours were taken for chance, and proper circumstance against all ages, could I look at thee and shutter, but where besotted could you know of in ages

I'd lost, but hated never, and thought to change that We and Our could mean the people I knew, in these Forces, and

those that I loved were those I chose too, and so knew, but where in what, to be for where that we could change in ours to alley, for a while, or that allay was something changing, in this accent, to that, and I spoke

to whom, exactly? You and yours, or England, and whores?" that they were spreaders of lies and filth, from babylon?

"Honiker spaeks mor, sure like, the "e" on more, could hev, changed, the sound, and I know about et, this'n for, to life agaiyn? What about that story, did you not, understand, as I wrote it? This craze, beck taken, sheygd and for, tu know in more?"

For where and when?

I can't say, "Overture, begotten on, this once, my Life, here say, say say, apocakylpse! Why, for, where in what, what what? Hello, here for, what what?" Did you know apocakylpse, and not apocalypse, refers to a place?

Did you have to, to assume I knew?

I thought, in star wars, we speak how we want, and you just, intuit, that we know ourselves, like, Artoo, and, what, wookies? You guys don't play with wookies?


if Homra Azner speaks for you all, I'll just go; this doesn't feel like Star Wars, and I have plenty of "daunting" tasks to do, related to star wars,

in realities where, people just pick names,

all the time. From legends? It's a galaxy. Are you real? I'd love to play, but, this is how you play? Some faken, we can't be real, because don't know, kind of way?

Who speaks for you? This is, Sith, to me, this fake garbage about language, in playsite about galaxy, and alien , nd culture...


Daunting?... go tu hell...

Edited by Honiker
I wasn't done yet...

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Homra Azner    83

I'm sorry if you feel that way about the site. However, if the site does not feel Star Wars enough for you, there are other Star Wars roleplaying sites available. :)

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Lucian Eidolon    1,578

Our characters can speak how they like, with whatever inflections and bastardisations as they please. We have had Wookie characters who have communicated through a series of grunts and roars, but... while the dialogue was broken and disjointed, the descriptors and writing was readable. 


"Roareeeharhfduy," the Wookie roared, proving his point as he held his blaster firm in his hands. His grunts were friendly, but the weapon in his hand decidedly not so. 


"Wut da demn hull hus heppened hur while i gun loo," the man said wiping spittle from his lip. His broken words hard to understand, but the inflection clear. He finished the rest of his beet before picking up the large knife in front of him, "U wanna go m8."


We are at our core a group of writers trying to tell a story - and if you feel that using proper sentence structure outside of dialogue is against your characters best interests, then unfortunately this may not be the site for you. Best of luck. 

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