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Ormala Arragi

Ormala Arragi

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Name: Ormala Arragi

Gender: Male

Species: Mirialan

Rank: Jedi Initiate

Date of Birth: 3655 BBY


Appearance: Ormala’s skin color is a medium green, and his eyes are a deep blue. His hair is dark brown and very curly. He has a very lean form befitting the average Mirialan. He stands a little over six feet tall, and weighs about 160 pounds. His traditional facial tattoos are double arrows underneath his eyes pointing upward.


Possessions: Ormala had a modest repository of possessions on Mirial; a small home, a four-seater landspeeder among other things, but when he sought to join the Unified Jedi Order, he left those in the care of his friend and brought only a few changes of clothes, a commlink, and credits in a rucksack to the Enclave. His robes, signifying his membership in the Order, his lightsaber, and anything else the Order will give him, are his only true possessions now.


Personality: Kind but quiet. He is comfortable in most any situation, but prefers to do things “his way” if he has the choice, and that would be to be on his own with a nice action holo or bestseller flimsi. Detests intensive, spontaneous “physical” activities, as he is prone to exhaust quickly without preparation. Ormala unconditionally cares for all beings in the galaxy, but has no reservations to defend his beliefs and home at whatever cost. Real-life Myers-Briggs Type equivalent: INFJ-A.


Skills, Abilities, and Talents: Ormala was born with an affinity for words; by the age of fourteen he could write thousand-word editorials with ease, and would proofread papers by older students before submitting them to their teachers. He had an excellent speaking voice; given a podium, he could keep audiences rapt with attention when speaking on a subject he felt very fervently of. He had a basic understanding of ship engineering thanks to his father, and was familiar with the intricacies of politics, cultures, and healing thanks to his mother. Being Mirialan, Ormala was naturally more agile and flexible than most other sentients.


Biography: Ormala was born to kind parents on Mirial in 3655 BBY. They were very conservative in behavior and traditions, but were far from strict. His father was a star freighter technician working for Rendili StarDrive’s Hydian Way branch. His mother was a civil servant, holding many public offices throughout her life. At two years old the Sith invaded Coruscant and the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, leaving Mirial suddenly alone as the territory it lay in suddenly had no Republic support. As the Sith began conquesting the sector at will (Mirial had sided with Malak 300 years before), refugees and displaced vagrants flocked to Mirial, a bastion of humanitarianism and safety, leaving Ormala’s mother to start outreach programs in their city and his father very busy repairing ships of those fleeing and fighting Sith patrols. Since Mirial opted to remain neutral in the War, what little security they had came in the form of the Peace Brigade, with whom Ormala’s parents and leaders often corroborated with. Ormala had to learn to protect himself in times of danger, and he would later sign on to help the Peace Brigade at the age of fourteen, learning to fight and helping to heal, the latter thanks to his mother. As Ormala grew, he took every opportunity he could to help those his parents helped, making him into the man he would later become; a staunch humanitarian and advocate for the helpless. At the age of fifteen (3640 BBY), when a Sith shock force threatened to raze a camp of refugees Ormala was protecting to rout out Republic sympathizers and spies among the crowd, his Force abilities manifested themselves, leveling the soldiers, leaving just enough time for other Peace Brigadiers arrive and run the Sith out. Realizing the potential power he had in his veins, Ormala decided then that in 10 years time, after finishing his education and becoming self-sufficient, he would join the Jedi. When the time came, he left a majority of his possessions in the capable hands of his lifelong friend, taking only a few for himself, and made his way to the Dantooine Enclave to train as a Jedi.


Character Skills and Abilities:

Novice Blade Weapon

Martial Arts: Basic Broken Gate

Intermediate Blaster Pistol

Novice Blaster Rifle

Novice Single Saber

Form III - Novice Soresu

Form VI - Novice Niman

Heavy Freighter Proficiency

Force Dash

Force Jump

Force Mend

Force Armor

Force Persuasion

Comprehend Speech

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