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Shui You

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Name: Shui You
Gender: Male
Species: Artisian Human
Rank:  Jedi Knight
Date of Birth: 3654 BBY, 23 years old.

Appearance: 5'11", 135 lbs- You Shui is a young man with long black hair that hangs down around his head freely, covering a portion of his face most of the time. He has a nice complexion with a pale skin tone, and has a more 'asian' quality to his defining features from his Artisian descent, which separates him from your other Human variants.

With a lean, well toned body, Shui's most defining feature is perhaps the fact his left arm is missing- which is typically hidden beneath robes or a cloak of some kind unless he's in a more private location. He has various other scars on his body, but almost all of them are obscured in some way or another by his choice of wear.

He's not someone who takes a great deal of care or time in what he wears: Black cloak, black shirt, black pants; his wear is typically a shade of some sort- which only attributes more 'edge' to his already stoic, sometimes apathetic (and depressing) appearance.

Possessions: Unlike most other Jedi of the Order, Shui outgrew the typical robes rather quickly when he became a Knight - choosing to keep to what he felt most comfortable with, which included typical fashion from back home and (lack of) color that he's become accustomed to wearing. This includes various articles of clothing of unimportant make, and he has one Adegan yellow light saber that remains mostly of stock make. Aside from that, he owns little to nothing in terms of personal items. Since he remains in service of the order, he lives in the premises he's granted when he's there.

Personality: A philosopher, a professor- even a scientist; as much as he is embroiled in combat, Shui was someone who always resonated with the more scientific side of the galaxy. His taciturn, almost stoic appearance allows people to easily dismiss him as your typical apathetic, cold, lone wolf, when the reality is quite the opposite.

You Shui is the kind of person that loves patterns and discrepancies, making it a bad idea for most people to lie to him. That being said, it's somewhat ironic that the same rule applies to those around him: He tends to share thoughts that aren't fully developed, and has a habit of using other people he confides in as a sounding board to debate with himself rather than actually have a conversation.

His cold and apathetic appearance is usually attributed to how he drifts about in a sort of unending daydream, though his thought process is as unceasing as time itself. From daybreak to dawn, his mind buzz with new ideas from the moment his eyes open. While this makes him rather unapproachable to the inexperienced, Shui is actually a very relaxed and (eccentrically) friendly guy to the people he considers close friends.

Shui is Objective: His analytical ability, creativity and open-mindedness aren't the tools of some quest for ideology or emotional validation with other people. He's more akin to a conduit for the truth, and he's rather proud of the role as theoretical mediator.

Shui is honest and straightforward: He doesn't go around intentionally hurting feelings, but he does believe that the truth is the most important factor in any situation, and he expects that to be appreciated and reciprocated.

Because of this, Shui is also Insensitive: He gets so caught up in his logic that he forgets any kind of emotional consideration. He'll dismiss subjectivity as irrational and tradition as an attempt to bar much-needed progress: This means that purely emotional situations are puzzling to him, and his lack of timely sympathy is able to easily offend others.

He has an Absent-Mind: When Shui's interest happens to be captured, his absence goes well beyond social matters to include the rest of the physical world as well. He can be forgetful if elements aren't interesting to him, missing even the most obvious of things if it's unrelated to his current infatuation - this can include his own health, at times.

If it wasn't already obvious enough, he's also terribly private and withdrawn: While his intellect might yield insights into his surroundings, his surroundings are ironically an intrusion on his thoughts. This is most prominent when dealing with other people, causing him to appear shy, cold or insensitive in social settings. The more complicated these settings are only exacerbate this issue, but even those close to him struggle to get into his heart or mind.

Skills, Abilities and Talents: As an Artisian child, Shui learned how to handle Intermediate Blade Weapon(s)- his training with them remaining somewhat incomplete when his home was destroyed.

As an Initiate, he learned how to handle Novice Single Saber- which was eventually solidified into Intermediate Single Saber when he achieved Jedi Knight status. Alongside this, he learned Form I - Intermediate Shii-Cho, Form II - Novice Makashi and Form III - Intermediate Soresu during this time, where it was believed the benefits of Soresu would aid him in managing his emotions and internal problems, along with solidifying his defense and reducing the handicap of missing one arm.

He's also an accomplished practitioner of Teräs Käsi, when a Master proficient in the art was kind enough to teach him from Initiate to Knight. While this was rather awkward for the troubled youth, it was decided that alongside Soresu that Teräs Käsi would be nothing but a boon in keeping himself in control. This peaked at a Martial Arts: Intermediate Teräs Käsi understanding of the martial art, where he continues to practice it daily.

Having to travel in some of his tasks, You Shui learned Ground Vehicle Proficiency as to not burden others or slow himself down. In the process of learning how, he took an interest and went as far as learning Personal Starship Proficiency, though he's had little opportunities to put it into action. Coupled with this he was taught enough Novice Survival so that he wouldn't starve in a worst case scenario.

Due to his nature, You Shui also had a knack from a young age: He was hard to notice. He lacked a real presence while in a room, which is why he learned Novice Stealth relatively easily. Wanting to stay out of the limelight after surviving his near death experience, he learned how to hide, run and escape without alerting others nearby. While others called it cowardly and suspicious of a Jedi- he also learned various tricks, such as masking his voice, appearance and scent if need be with Intermediate Stealth.

While You Shuis alignment hadn't shifted into a paradigm yet, he learned various abilities and techniques in his stint from an Initiate to Knight. This included basic abilities such as Force Dash, Force Jump; Force Push; Force Sense; and Force Persuasion. As he spent his years, some of them developed into more advanced version such as Force Sight and Force Speed, though his repertoire began to expand in other directions as well-

In an attempt to cover his biggest physical weakness, he began the practice of Telekinetic Combat after successfully reaching Intermediate Telekinesis. While this ability remained at a Novice Telekinetic Combat level, it aided him greatly since he began training it.

Due to his emotional turbulence and PTSD, he also inadvertently discovered a talent in two other abilities that remain untapped: Force Wound and Force Shock. Considering how taboo these pursuits are considered by other Jedi, his potential with these trees remains in question, and he harbors little desire to pursue either in an attempt to avoid potential Dark Side influence.

Biography: Born 3654 BBY on Artisia, Shui lived a peaceful life for the first few years of his life. He watched the men in his family take on militaristic roles, and practice different kinds of swordplay very early on in his life. He lived in a somewhat remote village that was outside of the hustle and bustle, and hadn't left in all his life up until the age of six. That's when a band of criminals, people that fervently opposed the Artisian nobility and harbored grudges on the families associated with them, attacked, ransacked and razed the small village to the ground. He barely escaped with his life, having his left arm completely severed at the elbow when a grown man attacked him.  His family and friends murdered in front of him, gravely injured, the small boy did the only thing he could- he ran.

While the criminals would eventually be routed and dealt with, it didn't bring back his village or his family and friends. With nowhere else to go, and after refusing to be placed in any sort of orphan shelter, Shui was eventually handed off to the only other people that would take him in: The Jedi. Due to his Force Sensitivity, getting in wasn't a huge hurdle. What was; however, was the upbringing he had up until that point. The hatred that had festered in his little frame, the vengeance he craved for- all things that were incredibly dangerous if left unattended. This made his acceptance a much harder thing to achieve.

Regardless of this, he began studying as an initiate dutifully. Those of the order were of mixed opinion- He could simply be diligent due to the hatred he fostered, he couldn't be trusted and had to be watched constantly. That was the most popular opinion, and he was a recluse for the first few years he lived with them. From Initiate to Padawan, Shui hadn't a great deal of trouble convincing those around him that he was destined to become a Knight- that is, until what little of his patience was left snapped in a spar. The first time he'd returned to live combat sent him into a frenzy, and the boy believed he was once again fighting for his life. Injuring one Padawan, Shui was put back on probationary watched and became even more of a recluse than he had been when he was an initiate.

PTSD- that's what they'd determined to be the cause, but the largely problem was that the young Padawan was on a slippery slope to being influenced by the Dark Side with each passing day. It was revealed during therapy that he'd in fact been forced to take the life of his best friend in the raid on his village. While his "understanding" of the code wasn't in questioned, his ability to control himself was. This is why when the Masters made their decision, no one else had been surprised- rather than having Shui take on the responsibilities of a Knight, he was delegated to the AgriCorps where he could use his skill and abilities to help others in a different capacity than most, away from the terrors that haunted him.

This includes things such as research, recruiting potential Jedi, scouting out locations and various work that the other Knights would rather forget existed, where he's been distanced from live fire and dangerous scenarios that might otherwise put him at risk of 'falling' to another 'attack', in the opinion of some others. Shui himself believes it's due time he had a chance to prove himself, though he didn't dare speak out to his elders- and dutifully does the tasks he's assigned regardless of how he himself might feel. As dangerous as it might be, he knows he'll never out grow anything if he remains stagnant and afraid.

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