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Talia Linecay

Talia Linecay

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Name: Talia Linecay

Gender: female

Species: human

Rank: Jedi Initiate

Date of Birth: 3649 BBY


Appearance: 5’2”, 111lbs. Athletic body but definitely female. Pale skin that tans when exposed to lots of sunlight. Indigo almond shaped eyes. Caramel hair worn flowing down her back or in a French braid. A small faded scar on the left of her chin.


Possessions: A tan jumpsuit with a dark green vest with brown boots and fingerless gloves. She wears a brown belt with a holster for her blaster and pouches for anything she may need. Also has a matching dark green jacket used when needed.


Personality: She’s a little shy on occasion and not always sure of her own abilities. If asked what she would want to do, she would rather read than go to a party. She does not like the spotlight. Once she knows you though she is friendly and warmer. She has the bad habit of sleeping in and tapping her foot when nervous.


Skills, Abilities and Talents: fast on her feet, very good reflexes. Passable cook. Good with a blaster.


Biography: A nineteen-year-old orphan. She was born on a freighter to Alia and Nikos Linecay. They travelled constantly as they owned the ship and worked carrying cargo between planets with the occasional passenger. When she was three the ship was attacked and her parents killed. The attacking pirate ship was stopped by another ship, this one working for the Jedi. Talia was the sole survivor.


She was sent to distant relatives who had settled on Akiva in the outer rim. She remained there until she was twelve, it wasn’t an entirely happy stay as she never grew close to her great Aunt and cousins. They were opposites when it came to personalities and interests. The planet was hot and humid, very different to life on a spaceship and she never really adjusted to it. Although she did enjoy exploring the jungles and canyons while staying well away from the maze of catacombs since few who went in survived.


She signed onto a freighter to leave the planet and worked as the cook for three years before some of the crew got a little too interested in her being a growing female. It was with the ship that she began learning to use a blaster and where she figured out she was Force sensitive as she managed to push an overly amorous crew member back without touching him. She ended up on Naboo for another three years where she managed to further her education as she loves learning, before heading for The Dantooine Enclave, wanting to train her Force abilities. She wants to see more of the Galaxy and would love to learn to pilot a ship one day.


Character Skills and Abilities:

Intermediate Blaster Pistol

 Novice Single Saber

Form I - Novice Shii-Cho

Novice Stealth

Novice Survival


Force Dash

Force Temperance

Force Armor

Force Sense

Telekinesis Novice

Force Push

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