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Magnus Koaldor

Magnus Koaldor

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Name: Magnus Koaldor
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Corellian

Rank: Padawan/Initiate
Date of Birth: 3649 BBY (18 years old)


Appearance: light skin colour, copper coloured hair, blue eyes. Wears simple Jedi robes that are a mixture of dark browns except for a light brown under shirt. Physically he is roughly 6ft 2in, while having a skinny but lean build and weighs roughly 140 pounds.


Possessions: simple Jedi robes with some light weight armour underneath, leather boots, a lightsaber with a cross guard and a blaster pistol hidden in the back of his belt

Personality: level headed in combat while still retaining a sense of humour although he can become serious when needed and he is reasonably intelligent. He view on the force is that it is just that, the force. Where it neither has a light side or dark side, only that they occur in peoples nature and that the force exaggerate these qualities. He always does what he thinks is morally right as well as what the force shows him the right way, even if it means it goes against others wishes. He also has a habit of tapping a finger against something when he is deep in thought as a way to help him think. His voice tone is soft and gentle that always highlights how he cares for others.


Skills, Abilities and Talents: Talented in form III and IV lightsaber combat as well has hand to hand although commonly uses form IV. Can use simple blaster pistol when needed for range attacks, has some skill in slicing and programming. For force powers, focuses on enhancement, psychokinesis, environment and physical powers.
Biography: Magnus Koaldor was born on Corelli by two engineers who worked with cargo ships and transportation where, if they could, they would bring Magnus along to show him how the ship worked and to keep close to their son. While they brought Magnus on a trip, when he was four, the was an accident within the ships engine which cause a chain reaction that lead to the ships destruction. In an effort to save their child, Magnus was placed within an escape pod where it ejected without his parents on board, and sent the small child towards a close by planet.


The escape pod landed roughly on the planet’s surface, damaging some of the pods tech including its location beacon, leaving Magnus alone. He wept, for he was alone, until creatures ripped opened the escape pods door and tried to enter the pod. Magnus tried to back away against a wall, trying his best to stay away from its reach until the creatures leg, which reminded Magnus of a spiders, pulled away from the boy and a voice rang out inside his mind, saying one thing.

‘Come to me, they will hurt you no longer.’ Magnus, scared, stepped slowly out of the pod and was greeted by the several creatures that had tried to enter the pod, creatures that he would later recognise as Krykna. He had expected them to attack him, but they stayed where they were, a respectable distance away from him.

‘Come to me.’ the voice rang out again, directing Magnus and so, with no other options, he followed the voice.


When he followed the voice to its origin, more of the creatures had appeared around the clearing, but they never entered the clearing when he was in the middle of it, they were just watching. Waiting.

Before long, the same voice rang out behind him, asking ‘Well, who are you young one?’ Magnus turned around and was greeted with the sight of large being, so huge that intimidation was hardly the right word to describe it. It had pale eyes, a short silver beard along with some sort of large antlers on top of his head. It also had some sort of scar running across his nose that started at his left eye and ended at his right cheek.

Shocked, he barely managed to say his response. ‘M-M-Magnus Koaldor.’

It smiled at him. ‘It’s nice to meet you Magnus. You may call me Randrow.’

And for the next ten years, Randrow took care of Magnus and trained him in the ways of the force. It wasn’t until Magnus was 14 when another person landed on the planet looking for him. When Magnus met this being, he revealed himself as a Jedi who sensed that someone who was strong in the force was on the planet while he was travelling back to the Jedi order from a mission. He offered to take Magnus with him and present him in front of the Jedi council so that he may become a Jedi, if the council agreed. Magnus was unsure if he should but, after receiving a small message from Randrow, telling him to go with him to the Jedi order, he agreed. It has been 4 years since that day and now, as a Jedi Padawan, his journey begins.

Character Skills and Abilities:


Skill: Martial Arts: Basic hand to hand, Form III - Novice Soresu, Form IV - Intermediate Ataru, Slicing Proficiency, Programming Proficiency, Novice Blaster Pistol

Force abilities: Force Speed, Force Jump, Force Phase, Telekinesis Novice, Aerokinesis NoviceForce Shock

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