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Character: Darth Atrox
Rank: Sith'ari / The Dark Lord of the Sith
Affiliation: The Sith Remnant



Notable Allies:
Darth Sanguira - Atrox's Hapan lover and former apprentice, the mother of his children and perhaps the only one who knows the human side of Darth Atrox. The Kaar of Science.
Darth Verrin - Atrox's Zabrak 'rival' that has an uneasy alliance with him, but one that is required for the betterment of the Sith Remnant. The Kaar of Sith Knowledge.
Darth Tanit - Atrox's general, they have a history, but that is typically left in the past. The Kaar of War.


Notable Apprenticeships:
Solomon Asher - Atrox's first apprentice, that is believed to be dead, also the former master of Setsuna Andal.
S'irakar - Atrox's second apprentice that was a Miraluka, believed to be dead or missing, believed to have been killed on Coruscant or fled.
Setsuna Andal - Atrox's current apprentice, that is probably the most disgusting form of an apprentice the Sith'ari can have, but at least it's kept a secret.


Notable Aquaintances:
Carnifex - The first notable Sith Atrox rose from the rank of apprentice to master, he believes the barbaric Sith has potential to become greater than how he presents him, also believes that Carnifex is the only one in the Sith Empire capable of meeting him on equal ground in physical strength.
Ianthe - The second most notable Sith Atrox rose from the rank of apprentice to master, we'd rather not talk about the past, since she hugged Darth Atrox when he was the Emperor's Wrath and he isn't fond of remembering things like that.


Notable Enemies:
C'erian Eidolon - The Jedi Grand Master and the Supreme Chancellor that destroyed the Sith Empire, meaning Darth Atrox is going to go for his throat, should he ever see him.
All Jedi - Darth Atrox would love to see nothing more than their own hubris destroy them, but he is also fond of torturing them to the point of forcing them to rely on the dark side. Sometimes it is better to corrupt them than kill them.


I am almost available 24/7, notably because I suffer from insomnia and because I have a phone on me 24/7. If you need me, just send me a message and I will get back to you. With the amount of administrative work I do in the background and stuff, my posting availability is varying, though I do tend to get out 1-5 posts a day.


Current Roleplays:
- Ascension of the Berserker 
- Zenith
- Ascension of the Pure
- Deus in Absentia (Initiate thread stuff)



Darth Atrox has pretty much held almost every rank in the Sith Empire, including being one of the previous Emperor's enforcer, meaning he knows the ins and out of the Sith almost entirely, as well as during his tenure on the Dark Council he made notes on certain individuals that were potential rivals. He has converted a Jedi to the dark side before, he has made rivals with a few individuals on both sides, and he's also been someone to undermine the succession of others - though with his current position he can stop people from advancing without undermining. The best way to describe him is that he is a Sith's Sith.


Why would you take interest in role-playing with Darth Atrox? I mean, there's no real reason to unless you want to actually get noticed and properly advance in the Sith Remnant quicker than most, after all the only way to the top is by getting recognition from those already at the top. If you want to make a thread or a story arc that involves the Sith'ari for any reason, I'd be down to talk and flesh out the idea to make it work. I'm fine with working with most individuals, though there are some limits on what I'm willing to work with, but I'm open to most.


With Darth Atrox in his current role, he isn't stuck to his throne with a fear of his own death since he has accepted death is the natural cycle of life - meaning he will be going out and actually doing stuff. Obviously he won't be going to cantinas and drinking with a bunch of low ranked people, but he may interact with them should they prove they are actually useful to the Sith Remnant. With Jedi, if you want to have a fall from the light arc to join the Sith, I'd be willing to work with that as well, since it's one of my more preferred things to work with - dealing with the mental aspects of the Force than the physical aspects.


Obviously once the Sith begin to pick themselves up from the ashes, there'll be probably more proxy wars and crap going on throughout the galaxy, so I imagine some will even see Darth Atrox there.

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