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Registry of the Sith Remnant

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Tenebris    766

Sith Remnant.png



Below is a registry of all individuals that belong to the Sith Remnant, as well as their rank and which branch they are apart of. While the branch is flexible, there is typically a spot for everyone in the Sith Remnant, outside of Sith Hopefuls and Military Recruits who belong to the Sith Academy. In addition to the Sith on this list, you will be able to see the rank of military personnel and the Mandalorians that are still allied with the Sith Remnant. If you do not see your character on the list of individuals, please post below this with their rank and which branch they are apart of. This list will be constantly updated to be available for when individuals are looking for masters and potential apprentices.




Darth Atrox (The Sith'ari)

{Vacant} (The Sith'ari's Will)



Sith Council.png

Darth Verrin (Kaar of Sith Knowledge)

Darth Sanguira (Kaar of Science)

Darth Tanit (Kaar of War)



Sith Lords.png




Sith Masters.png

Carnifex (The Military)

Meracus (The Research Facility)


Sith Apprentices.png

Setsuna Andal (The Sith'ari's Apprentice)

Ren (The Research Facility)

Vanessa Sallin (Darth Verrin's Apprentice)



Sith Acolyte.png

Silas Kitsuchi



Sith Hopefuls.png

Sel Anabasis


Luna Raskta

Kai Tsintah


Military Personnel.png

Vansic Modun (Commander of the Remnant Fleet)

Orianne Theriot (Remnant Navy Lieutenant)




Ma'rik Alesha (Mandalore)




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Luna    10

Name: Raskta Luna

Rank: Imperial Recruit/Sith Acolyte?

Edited by Luna

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