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Char Zha'o

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Char    35

Name: Char Zha'o
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Rank: Jedi Initiate
Date of Birth: 3653 BBY (23 years old)


Appearance: Char has blue eyes and long black hair. He is lean, has a pale complexion and looks somewhat frail and weak. His height is 1.8 meters.


Possessions: Char is in possession of a long  black robe. A dark hood usually hides his face. Even when he is not wearing his robe, he wears dark clothes. He is also in possession of datapads containing the history of the Ancient Jedi and Sith as well as information about several planets. His most important possession, however, is a datapad called 'Stratagems of Strategist Luo', an ancient manual of military tactics. Char's only weapon is his lightsaber, which emits a bright green glow. Char can also count on the wealth of his family in times of need (see 'biography').

Personality:  Char is cold, calculating, workaholic, ambitious and a bit of a narcissist. He shows great interest in the history of the Ancient Jedi and Sith and wants to learn as much as possible about them (especially if such info helps further his goal of becoming a leading member of the Jedi Order). Unlike most Jedi, Char has no qualms about studying the Sith but while he does admire some Sith of the old, in general he abhors the Sith philosophy; he views it as too unsophisticated, brute and focused on destruction. Instead Char, being calculating, makes his choices based on what would be overall beneficial (both for him and for the 'greater good'), even if it means making sacrifices or taking decisions that can be morally questionable. Being an average fighter, Char prefers to manipulate from the shadows and use more subtle means to gain influence. His cold demeanor and seemingly lack of emotions account for his very few friends; he befriends only those who he thinks will further his goals and only then does he pretend to be a warm and friendly individual. In reality, he views most people with contempt, while he views himself as a superior intellectual.


Skills, Abilities and Talents: Char is mediocre with the lightsaber. While his moves are fast, they lack the strength needed. His mastery of the Force is average at best, although he does make some (slow but steady) progress (unlike with the lightsaber). Char, however, is masterful in knowing the history of the Jedi, Sith and of many planets. He has studied extensively the culture and history of tens of planets and his knowledge of the Ancient Jedi and Sith is remarkable. Char does have some knowledge of some rare techniques in the Force of Ancient masters but his Force ability is too limited for him to master such techniques and execute them. Another of Char's strength is his ability to lie and persuade others. Last but not least, having studied the datapad known as 'Stratagems of Strategist Luo', he has a good understanding of military strategies.


Char Zha'o was born on Onderon in 3608 BBY. He is the son of a noble named Karth. This affluent and influential noble was (and still is) a friend of the Jedi Order and had donated considerable funds to aid the cause of the Jedi. Karth is also close friend with some of the Masters of the Order. When Char was ten years old, it was discovered that he was Force-Sensitive. Although he was a bit old by Jedi standards, the connections of his father allowed him to join the Order.


Char was taken under the tutelage of a Jedi Master named Aaraen Kjao, a human Jedi renown in the Order for his mastery of the lightsaber. Despite his prestigious master, Char was a slow learner and until now his lightsaber skills are mediocre. During his time under Master Aaraen, he would spent his time studying the history of the Jedi Order and of other planets. One day, when he was sixteen years old, he was able to get possession of a datapad containing the history of the Ancient Sith. He had bought it from an old alien merchant for a hefty price (paid by his father of course). As he read about the Sith of the old (secretly from his Master of course), he began developing his own 'understanding' of the Force; both Jedi and Sith held half the truth and one had to study both if he was to learn the whole truth.


While Char was mature and very wise for his age, he did not have any friends at all. He preferred solitude and study than the company of others. His viewed most people with contempt as they were too 'unsophisticated' for his tastes. Yet, he understood that he needed others to aid him in order to climb the ranks of the Jedi Order. As such, from the age of seventeen, he began approaching a few individuals in the Order that he viewed as being beneficial to his goals and pretended to be a warm and friendly person. Of course, this was all theater meant to mask his real emotions and gain 'pawns' (in Char's own words).


Now, at twenty-three years old, Char is able to utilize his friends ('pawns') to laud him before the elders of the Order and tell of how kind and serene he is and thus how he is deserving of more recognition (despite the fact that his actual skills are average). Whether this facade and his web of lies will be enough for Char to rise through the ranks of the Jedi Order and taste the recognition of his 'genius' that he so much craves is yet to be seen.
Character Skills and Abilities:





Novice Single Saber

Form II - Novice Makashi

Form VI - Novice Niman


Ground Vehicle Proficiency


Novice Biochem


Force Dash

Force Mend

Force Persuasion

Force Camouflage

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Char    35

Background RP:


(OOC: A 'flash back' RP which elaborates a bit more on my character's background and motives)




A child was bowing on the halls of the Zha'o estate. He was only ten years old. That child was obediently waiting for his father to talk; his respect and reverence showed in his disciplined bowing. That child's name was Char. The father, who was overlooking the child, was wearing a long red robe embroidered with the best silk. He had the looks of an aristocrat; he was tall, handsome, with light black beard and blue eyes. He exuded an aura of confidence and superiority. His name was Karth.


"You remember what I told you about our family?", Karth Zha'o sternly asked.


"Yes...", Char timidly replied. "Our family has a long history. It is a noble one. Its members have served the monarchs of Onderon for centuries."


"Indeed!", Karth said, smiling at hearing that his son had not forgotten what he had told him. "Our family has for centuries been a pillar of stability on this planet. Members of our family have served the monarchs of Onderon as courtiers, chamberlains, ministers, even as a regent. Our family is also tied through marriage and brotherhood to many other noble lineages of Onderon. You should better not forget this!"


Karth paused for a moment. "You are the first in our family to be Force sensitive and the first to be accepted in the Jedi Order. You are also my only son..."


Karth sighed. "That means that, unfortunately, you will have to bear the great burden of bringing glory and honor to our family. You must continue our family name, bring it to new heights of greatness. You are not allowed to shame it! You are not allowed to be average! You are not allowed to be just another Jedi! You must be the best, the greatest, you must bring glory to our family! You must not let down our ancestors! Do you understand?!"


"I understand.", Char replied and nodded.


"Good. It is good that you understand, but I want you to take an oath before me. You must swear to our ancestors that you will bring glory and honor to them. You must swear that if you let down your family, if you bring shame to our noble lineage, you will die a horrible death and you will not find peace even after death!"


Char solemnly declared, "I swear to my revered ancestors that I will bring glory and honor to the House of Zha'o. If I let them down, I shall die a horrible death and not find peace even after my death."


Karth smiled. "When you go to the Jedi Order, you must remember those words of mine; Firstly, you must use whatever means are necessary to bring glory to our family: do not heed any warnings the Jedi might give you about the so called dangers of seeking glory. Secondly, you must not allow yourself to be controlled by your emotions. You must be disciplined, calculating and you must stay focused on your goal. Thirdly, remember that you are member of the House of Zha'o. You are a noble, an aristocrat. Through your veins runs the blood of ministers and courtiers. You must behave like a nobleman and do not bring yourself down to the level of others. Do you understand my words?"


"I do..."


"Do not forget them!"


"Shall I get up now?", Char asked.


"Of course not!", Karth said. "You must stay here, alone and bowing, to reflect on what I said. You are the only one who can continue our family name. I cannot let down my ancestors nor can I let you do so."

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