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Star Wars: Fates

READ FIRST: How To Start Creating Your Character

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Welcome to Star Wars: Fates!


If you are reading this thread, I can only assume that you are interested in creating a character and becoming a fully fledged member of this site. And that is great! Communities such as this thrive on the continued addition of new members, and survive off the new energy that they bring along. Beneath you'll find a relatively quick series of information about the site, how it works, the various factions and how to create a character. 



A Quick Summary of Events


This site is based after the events of the Bioware MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Empire has fallen - crushed by a massive military campaign lead by the Jedi Grand Master and the Republic Military. The last Sith Emperor is declared dead, the Dark Council abolished, and the Sith have gone back into hiding to grow their strength once more so that they might one day be able to face the Galactic Republic and the Jedi again. The Jedi Order, now having to deal with the ramifications of a galaxy at peace, have separated themselves from the Galactic Republic in order to find balance and rediscover the origins and meaning of the Force itself. As a separate and neutral entity, the Jedi Order have returned to the spiritual home of Jedha - only to learn that the Sith are perhaps not as destroyed as they wanted the galaxy to believe.


With the Republic unwilling to pursue the religious war while it is trying to recover from the impacts of the Great Galactic War, the Jedi are by themselves to combat the hidden threat of the Sith - and once again, have to extinquish the darkness from the galaxy, before it can rise up from the ashes, and destroy the galaxy as it stands.


Where You Start


New characters enter into the galaxy either into the Sith Remnant, or into the Unified Jedi Order, two seperate and distinct factions within the galaxy. At this time, all characters within the galaxy must be aligned with either the hidden Sith Remnant, or the Unified Jedi Order. Although characters can claim to be Mandalorian aligned, part of the Hutt Cartel, or aligned to another system or governance, they must take a side between the Sith or Jedi factions. If you need help figuring out where your character will sit, the Academy staff will be happy to help you make that decision.


Sith characters, or Sith-aligned characters, start their story from the Imperial Academy on Dathomir. Hidden in the dense jungles of the dark world, and obscured by the Force aura of the planet itself, the Sith built a massive structure on the surface which contains much of their history, knowledge and serves as a place of training and fortitude. Here Imperial Recruits, sent here by secretive and well placed recruiters all across the galaxy, are tested to see if they are trustworthy enough to be inducted into the Sith Order properly, either as a sensitive or non-sensitive. From here, characters are expected to engage with other recruits, create long-serving bonds and rivalries which will continue well into their career in the Order. Failure is not an option; with those who do not meet the specific requirements of the Sith executed to ensure that the secret of the Sith Order remains as such.


Jedi characters, or Jedi-aligned non-sensitives sympathetic to the Jedi's cause, start their story in the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. The massive structure which was rebuilt after its destruction decades before, was recreated to allow the Jedi somewhere to train and learn the essentials. In a galaxy no longer at war, more emphasis is placed on the learning, study and meditation of the Force. Here, potential new Jedi are tested in their fortitude, strength of will and faith in the Force - testing students of the Force, and those loyal to the Jedi, in the protocol and decorum that the Order expects of any member. Students learn from the Jedi Grand Master about the Jedi Path, and begin their journey to enlightenment. From here, the Unified Order selects those who will serve the Jedi as Knights, or those who will go on to become one of the Jedi Peacekeepers - the military arm of the Jedi Order.


All new members must go through either the Academy or Enclave with at least one character once they join this site. During this time, as you adjust to the site rules and we work with you to learn the site lore, you will only be allowed to have a single character. You will be given assignments, work with other members, and engage in stories with that character, as we discover how we can help you obtain your goals within our site structure. 


Once you graduate from the Academy or Enclave, you will be allowed to create up to four characters in total. You can have your new characters go through the Academy or Enclave as the first one did to create solid beginnings for their story, or you may create them as characters that have just passed through the Academy and are fresh on their journey through their respective faction. The site staff will help you place these characters within the factions and branches therein. 


Once You Graduate


Once you graduate from the Enclave or Academy, you will be placed into one of your factions branches. These are positions within the structure of each of the factions, allowing us to expand on certain elements within the faction. Within the branch, there is the chance and possibility for promotion, advancement and advanced storylines within to create cohesive and comprehensive story.


For the Sith Remnant there are;


  • The Military: Aptly named, the Imperial Military is the remnants of the Sith Fleet that existed within the old Empire. Under the guise of being the Planetary Defence Force of Ziost, the Imperial Military takes all Sith and non-sensitives and trains then in military combat. Although the Sith are keeping a low profile, trying to remain hidden from the galaxy at large, the Military engages in small scale raids for supplies, and against the Unified Jedi Order. 
  • The Shadows: Deals with infiltration, intelligence, counter-intelligence, recovery of ancient Sith relics and contains the secret police of the Dark Lord of the Sith.
  • The Academy: The training branch of the Empire, it contains within it the Sith Archives along with ensuring the secrets of the Order to not escape from Dathomir and beyond. Serving the Academy means engaging with recruits, creating missions, and continuing your training in all aspects of the Force.
  • The Research Facility: Deals with the advancement of technology, biological and otherwise. Much of the work within this branch is classified. 


At the head of these branches, sits an Imperial Kaar - the leader of the branch, and sits on the Sith Council. These four Imperial Kaar serve directly underneath the Dark Lord of the Sith, the head of the Sith Remnant, the most powerful and influential Sith remaining in the galaxy. These Kaar bring the wishes of the Dark Lord into the branch, reaching down to their Lords and below, to eventually the beginner level characters, the Sith Acolytes.


The chain of command looks something like this;


Dark Lord of the Sith > Imperial Kaar > Sith Lord > Sith Master > Sith Acolyte > Imperial Recruit


For the Unified Jedi Order;


  • The Council of First Knowledge: The Council of First Knowledge was made up of five Masters selected to oversee the Jedi Academy and the proliferation of knowledge and its storage in the Temple Archives. Additionally, the Council personally accepted the responsibility of eradicating any trace of Sith teachings and their artefacts throughout the galaxy. Headed by the Caretaker of First Knowledge.
  • The Council of Reconciliation: The Council of Reconciliation was made up of five Master Consular's tasked with negotiating with political factions both inside and outside of the Galactic Senate, along with providing relief to worlds effected by the diminished Sith Empire. This Council is involved heavily with negotiation with the Galactic Republic on its affairs, along with providing Emissaries to various governments, and acting as liaisons or neutral ambassadors for delicate negotiations.  Headed by the Caretaker of Reconciliation. 
  • The Council of Reassignment: The Council of Reassignment was made up of five Jedi Masters tasked with leading the Jedi Service Corps and the Councils that governed each branch. From the Agricultural Corps, to the Medical Corps, the members of this Council were tasked with providing support and balance in the affairs of the Service Corps.  Headed by the Caretaker of Reassignment. 
  • The Peacekeepers: The Private Military Force of the Unified Jedi Order. They served more as protectors, and peacekeepers than as war mongers - mainly acting as protection for the fledgling independent nation of the Jedi. Initially made up of volunteers and mercenaries loyal to the Jedi Order's efforts in defeating the Sith Empire, the Peacekeepers also branched into intelligence and counter-intelligence sectors. Headed by the Supreme Commander of the Peacekeepers. 


The chain of command looks something like this;


Speaker of the Jedi > Jedi Caretaker > Jedi Master > Jedi Knight > Jedi Padawan > Unified Initiate


Creating A Character


Before you can graduate, you have to create a character that can survive the thralls of the Academy, or engage in the teachings of the Enclave. Creating this character is a delicate process that can take some time to accomplish. You shouldn't try and rush this process, or cheapen any of the steps along the way. They are important in order to create a balanced, interesting and compelling character that you will enjoy writing about, and others will enjoy reading. Here are a couple of steps you can use to create a character;


Step 1: Name


One unique aspect of Star Wars are names. While using a regular "Earth" name such as Tom or Jack can work, try coming up with something that sounds, well, "starwarsy". Anakin, Obi-Wan , Han, Galen, Wedge, Corran, Ooryl, Ysanne. All these Star Wars names have one thing in common: If you had their name on earth you would get very strange looks. Find something you like or that has meaning for your character and base the name off that if you can.


IMPORTANT: Do not use the title of 'Darth' in your name. That is a title reserved for the Dark Council, so make sure you are careful about it when you Register. Also, no names from notable Star Wars characters are allowed to be used. Make sure your name is original.


Example: Cho'sai'kosis Narudo, a.k.a. 'SaiKosis' he is a Chiss and the name fits his species.


Step 2: Appearance


The first thing people will base your appearance off is your avatar. Choose something that fits how you want others to see you, because every time they read your post, there it is, right next to it. Seeing as most, if not all guild activities, take place through text, you will need to reiterate your character in your posts. If you have a tall character, make mentions of looking down. If your character has a beard, scratch it occasionally. Reminding others of your appearance not only lets them see your character better, but it improves immersion and overall roleplay.


Example: For example Feralis is a 2m+ Zabrak. He is extremely tall and very muscular, he looks down at members, and his physique is a very definitive characteristic.


Step 3: Speech


How your character speaks is an extremely important aspect to your roleplay. Your character's speech can be very graceful, making the words flow from your mouth as if pouring like ink in the hands of a skilled author. You can have a very "rogue" character, who ain't gonna take no smack talk from no one, ya hear? Or you can have an insane character, no you can't, yes you can, what? I don't know, maybe....


As you can see, the possibilities for character speech are near endless. Be sure to pair this with both appearance and your character's mannerisms (see below) to achieve a wholesome, complete character.


Also, a new implement to the community. Should a Darth give your character an order (IC of course) be prepared to suffer the expected consequences if you refuse, or don't show them the proper respect. Certain Darths will be aggressive about their respect, others not so much. Officers and Darths both are allowed to assert their dominance over non-officer characters IF the character in question is being disrespectful, breaking rules, disobeying IC orders. We want a comprehensive RP community. If you insult Darth Malgus he's like to be less than forgiving. Should you insult Darth Tyrannus he may laugh and brush you off. The thing to take away from this little diatribe, be prepared to suffer should your actions warrant such behavior.


(Be careful with speech! There is a line between improper speech and laziness. If you are going to have a character with bad grammar, be sure that it is constant bad grammar. Changing the way you speak can really throw people off.)


Example: Je'ka and our other Mando's, the implement various mando phrases cabur, is used to refer to a protector or guardian. This fits their character. If your character speaks in broken "basic" it is likely he/she also thinks in broken "basic". This is a small detail, but important to character immersion.


(A note to remember though, you do not have to have a unique way of talking to have a character. WHAT they are saying is equally, if not more important than HOW they say it.)


Step 4: Mannerisms


This has to be my personal favorite part of developing a character. No one is the same, boring old person (no offense to the elderly). Mannerisms are any little detail that will define your character, whether it be a stutter (this goes with speech as well), a knack for being indecisive, a small surge of dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities), or the simple bad habit. Now, with these you have to be careful however. Try to incorporate too many traits and suddenly you have what I like to call the "All-Character". You have no character that is you, instead you have everyone else's character bound into one, and that is hopefully not what you want. Define yourself with a unique mannerism, that is personal to you and has meaning for your character.


Example: Small hobbies or habits can make a character all more realistic. Giving them small quirks is a good thing. Verrin as example is dedicated with and to the library...sounds lame to someone like Feralis, but he's Verrin and that is why we love him.


Step 5: Research


I am going to say this once, and only once. Wookieepedia is your friend! Use it! Learn about your character, their planet, their species, and by species, yes, I mean human too! There are no "earthlings" in Star Wars! Even humans have different planets, so look one up as your home planet, and learn what you can. Pulling out a piece of ryshcate from your homeplanet is just going to further your character's immersion to others (as well as fill their bellies).


Step 6: Become One with the Character


From what I have seen, this can be the hardest part of defining your character. You need to make your character your character, and you yourself. They are two different people, remember that. While it is perfectly alright to incorporate your own mannerisms into your character, be sure not to let your own characteristics that are not part of your character bleed into yours. Rereading your posts can help you quite often, and trust me, spotting yourself in your posts is often easy. To reiterate the concept of meta-gaming, what you know as a writer about others characters, can not and must not translate to something your character knows about another persons character.


Making Your Application


Once you've discovered who your character is, it is time to create your character. You can do that by creating an application in the Create Your Character forum (you would have seen it). By following the Character Application Template, filling in the spaces with the information you've already established about your character in the step before, you'll have a well rounded application that the Staff will be able to easily process.


You'll find interesting things within the Template, including embellishing your characters skills and powers - we reccommend that you keep a conservative power list for your first character entering into the Academy. If you want to create an elaborate backstory where your character was the ruler of a planet somewhere, we will happily work with you, but in order for it to work within this sites matrix that character needs to have had a fall of power, or influence by the time they arrive in the Academy. You may still be Royalty to us, but you need to play nice with the others.


Character Sheets are included in the Template - mostly as a guide to what powers your character engages in mostly. You'll find information about Character Sheets within the Reference Information section on the site - for the most part, they are only a guide of a characters strengths and weaknesses, and are considered to be mostly optional. As long as you don't play your character as a God-of-the-Force while still being a Sith Acolyte, we will likely never have a problem. 


Some members, especially those who enjoy PvP prefer to have a sheet to work with - and we respect, and admire that. Others find a sheet is too restricting, and thats okay too. We won't demand you keep an updated Character Sheet, but we will show you how to use one if you want it. Many find it easier to keep a record of what powers they have used in the past, in order to keep their characters progression linear - but that is a personal decision. Its also important to write down any skills or powers that you've been permitted to have which are above your current Character Rank.


Once you've been approved, you'll be sent to the Academy by the Staff, who will continue to liaise with you along the way and make sure that you adjust to the site.




After that, you can sit back, RP and enjoy.


I hope you enjoy your time with us, and thank you for choosing Star Wars: Fates as your place to RP.


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