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Name: Telera Montrose

Gender: Female

Species: Mirialan 

Date of Birth: 3661 BBY (30 years old)


Appearance: Telera as a mirialan, has green skin with geometric tattoos across her nose.  Her eyes are a fierce orange and her black hair is cut in a short angular bob.  She’s a woman on the taller side and quite agile.  She might have been considered a beauty if she had a better mouth.  She commonly swears and has a loud voice from growing up with a large family and time in the military.  Her body reflects much of her time as a soldier, having a number of scars over her.  Most notable are a burn scar on her thigh, another on her cheek, and her jaw has a cybernetic replacement from a recent grievous injury.




Off Duty:


Personal blaster pistol

Pack of cigarras.


On Duty

Aratech Slugthrower Sniper Rifle and ammo chips x 5 (20 rounds each clip)

            Plastoid Armor with Republic and squad markings

            Comm Unit

            Grenades x3





Personality: Telera is best described as rough around the edges.  She has a hard shell from time spent in the military and time in an Imperial P.O.W. camp.  Hiding under the prickly exterior is a soft center that cares about her fellow soldiers and family.  There is however a lot of rage and hate simmering that comes out at Force users in general due to her experiences.  Telera’s most valuable asset seems to be her will to survive.  While she will work hard to complete a given mission and will try everything she can think of she knows the value of running away when required.  She can be blinded by her hate of the Empire though.


Skills, Abilities and Talents: As a trained sniper Telera works best when further away from a situation.  While she can handle being up close and personal it wears on her objectivity badly.  She also has a number of technical skills that are handy and is well trained in sneaking around.  Telera’s biggest enemy seems to be herself as training flies out a window when she deals with Force users.


Biography: Telera was born on the Mirial, the mirialan home world, to a family with a strong line of force users.  She herself though never came into force talents and was expected to help run the family businesses.  As soon as she hit adulthood however Telera shocked everyone by signing onto the Republic military.  It caused some issues back home with her parents but Telera was not interested in becoming a merchant, she wanted to get out and see the universe as much as her force using siblings were.


While the military was certainly a way to get out from under the thumb of her family, Telera was not entirely prepared for the hardships of being a soldier.  More than once she was written up for some of her more wild antics.  She maintained an attitude that so long as the mission got done it did not matter if she had some fun during it, which has lead to more than one superior officer being frustrated with her.


Her attitude took a sharp turn for the worst when a mission went south and left her platoon stranded against a superior Imperial force.  Telera and her squad to end up in an Imperial detention center while trying to extract an SIS agent.  Slated for interrogations they started to plan an escape.  They almost lost hope when the SIS agent was tortured via breaking his fingers.  With mangled hands he couldn't operate the computers enough to get past the locks, much less wipe the memory of any information gathered.  Not willing to give up Telera offered to be his hands for him.


It took time, over a month, which was hellish on the troops but eventually Telera managed to work on small things they found and stole off guards enough to satisfy the agent.  The escape was rough going, half of the squad dying when their mechanic was killed and Telera had the agent helping her figure out how to hot wire a land speeder.  


Telera was promoted and given a medal for her part in the escape.  She also kept up with the skills she learned during her time in a cell, resolving never to end up in that kind of situation again while she healed at least physically from the damage inflicted.  This experience has left her with a strong dislike of Imperials and hate for Sith making it unlikely to get her not to shoot or stab one on sight.




Character Skills and Abilities:



Melee Weapons

Novice Bladed Weapon ⇉ Intermediate Bladed Weapon


Martial Arts

Martial Arts: Novice K'tara


Ranged Weapons

Novice Blaster Pistol

Novice Blaster Rifle ⇉ Intermediate Blaster Rifle

Sniping Proficiency

Slugthrower Proficiency



Ground Vehicle Proficiency


Stealth and Survival

Novice Stealth ⇉ Intermediate Stealth

Novice Survival ⇉ Intermediate Survival


Programming and Hacking

Programming Proficiency

Hacking Proficiency

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