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Zyann Aari

Zyann Aari

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Zyann Aari    202

Name ][ Zyann Aari

Pronunciation ][ Z-eye-ann Ah-ree


Gender ][ Female

Species ][ Togruta

Age ][ Eighteen

DOB ][ 3649 BBY

Rank ][ Jedi Knight


Height ][ Five-Foot, Six-Inches

Weight ][ One-Hundred, Twenty-One Pounds

Eye Color ][ Purple

Skin Color ][ Melon And White

Markings ][ Faint Scar On Midsection

Physical Condition ][ Slight Frame


Force Alignment ][ Purity II


Items On Person ][ Ferbil, Shimmersilk Robes (Armor), Saberstaff

Items In Pack ][ Bandages, Small Amount Of Bacta, Scalpel, Clamps, Stims, Rebreather, Rationbars, Canteen, Corked Jars





✩ Personality

Always positive, Zyann strives for greatness and recognition. She works hard and has a thirst to learn, to improve upon what she knows. Helping any and every being in need, she puts others before herself, even to the point of being willing to sacrifice herself for those held in her heart - a trait similar to that of her late sister.

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Zyann Aari    202

✩ Aari Clan

Since the disappearance of their daughter, Yilaou, things had gone downhill fast for her parents; whispers began about how they no longer had an offspring to carry on the role as a leader, and should one challenge her father and win, they would take over the tribe. Knowing their power was being threatened, the couple tried for more children. Each ended in a miscarriage. In despair, about to give up hope, it was finally discovered the woman was pregnant, local healers claiming it was a very healthy baby.


Thinking their hardships were over, just as the couple began to relax, hunting parties began to go missing, accidents occurring. Not to mention a sickness came over the group (and other tribes suffered the same illness as well) - death dwindled down the Togruta tribe's numbers until a tough decision had to be made: they would merge with other groups in the same situation, and Clan Aari would step down as leaders for it was clear they were no longer capable of properly ruling.


Once they were sure the others would be taken care of, the Aari couple settled in one of the cities where they had their baby. It was another girl, but a strong child despite her gender. All should have been blissful at that point, though it was anything but. Like many others, including majority of their clan, the woman had become ill with that mysterious sickness. With her health declining despite a successful birth, it was no more than three years later that she passed on, leaving her husband to care for their Zyann.


Being that he was a warrior versus more of the nurturing being, it was quite difficult on him being left as a single parent, particularly to a child that had not a single capability for battle or hunting. How would she earn her headdress if she couldn't even last a day on her own, let alone face a fearsome Akul? If only she had been born a boy, or so he regularly thought to himself. All he felt she was good for was reminding him of her mother, furthering his depression he began to sink into - and doing household chores, roles the women often took on anyway.


Never one to hold it against her father, though it was hard on her as well, the young Togruta knew it must be tough without his mate. He picked up spare jobs here and there with the local spaceport, and Zyann matured quickly beyond her years. She had no choice, after all, for on top of the typical tasks she performed such as cooking and cleaning, she had to take care of her father and do as he demanded - she wanted to make him happy, make him proud of her, and thus she forever smiled, never complaining once even if she wanted to.

✩ Discovery

Having gone out to purchase some drinks for her old man, the male Togruta drowning his sorrows in booze more and more often as of late, Zyann's errands were interrupted as she began to pass by the healer's hut that served as a medical facility for the city, the hut being a building rivaling even the spaceport in size. While the head medic was busy dealing with inflating a collapsed lung, another adult Togruta was being carried with a severe wound to his leg. A hunting accident had happened, and he needed to be seen right away, but with no one to care for him, the yellow-skinned girl took charge.


Always had she had a knack for healing, though it was different from how things were typically done via medic droids and real beings performing surgeries and the like. Instead she had this sensation that would come over her, and while envisioning healthy parts, bones and tissue would knit together or bruises and cuts would vanish. It took all her energy as well as concentration, but it was a gift, one that was similar to the sister she never knew she had.


Having the injured male laid out on a blanket hastily tossed on the ground, one of his companions cradled his head as she prodded around the wound. He would suffer blood loss if she didn't act soon, and so she knelt beside him, resting her small hands on either side of the injury to his limb. He was pale despite having been a brilliant shade of red, his blood practically blending in with his skin pigmentation. Ignoring the hot sticky liquid running over her hands, she closed her shining amethyst eyes and dove deep within her core, seeking out the light that shone in her mind. Asking for help from this seemingly living energy, she held her hands out, letting it come to her on its own before diving into the wound, letting a coolness spread over the area. Just this much caused her to begin to perspire, her throat feeling dry, but she went on, imagining the man's body repairing itself, stopping the blood from leaking out the opening that had been there.


By the time she had finished, she was exhausted and gasping for air, but it had saved the man's life, and his gratitude had been reward enough for her services. But the spirits had other plans, for a Jedi had been visiting and was at a nearby shop when the commotion began. He watched it all from start to finish, finally approaching the girl.


"That was some showcase of abilities young one. I am Master Suto. What might your name be?"


"Zyann Aari."


✩ Padawan

Word of her skills in healing spread quickly, her face becoming known in the medical facility at the Jedi Temple on Tython - the girl watched procedures, constantly trying to learn when she wasn't eating, sleeping, or playing outside with her friend Yusanulis.  After one mission where she used her body to protect innocent pilgrims, the Togruta wound up as a patient in the medbay.  Perhaps it was her upbeat personality, or the painkillers injected into her small frame that made her think she could leave right after getting her midsection stitched up, or that she could bounce around and search for some sweets to chow down on.  Instead, when lucid enough, a well-respected woman came to visit her, to check on her injuries.  The air about this female was quite mystical, the Force radiating from her in a peaceful fluid way.  If Zyann had known her mother, she would have guessed this is what it felt like to be around her: comfort, happy, beautiful.  


Discussion of healing through the Force took place, and as quickly as the woman appeared so too did the option to become the Knight's Padawan.  Thrilled, the child agreed, their focus obvious as both were Jedi Healers, though the Togruta had to learn the basics so as not to repeat an incident like what got her injured in the first place.  


✩ Jedi Knight

something something dark side, something something complete.


✩ Fall Of Tython

something something dark side, something something complete.





✩ Skills, Abilities, Talents

text about healing capabilities but no strength / true offenisve skills here.





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Zyann Aari    202


Force - Enhancement 

Force Jump > Force Leap

Force Dash

Force Temperance

Battle Meditation > Battle Meld


Force - Restoration

Force Mend > Force Heal > Force Repair

Force Revitalize > Force Serenity




Force - Protection

Force Armor

Force Resistance > Force Immunity


Force - Astral

Force Sense > Force Sight > Force Empathy



Force - Perception

Beast Control


Force - Psychokinesis

Telekinesis: Intermediate

Force Push > Force Whirlwind





Skills - Lightsabers
Single Saber: Novice

Saber Staff: Intermediate

Form I - Shii-Cho: Novice


Skills - Medical

Biochem: Expert 

Biosurge: Expert



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