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Darth Verrin    2,089

Name: Darth Verrin (#9923cc)
Gender: male
Species: Zabrak (Iridonian)

Rank: Darth
Date of Birth: 3690 (60 years old)


Appearance: Time and the Dark Side have taken what used to be an 'average' and unassuming man, and hardened him into what he is today. Standing at only 5'10", and weighing in at approximately 200lbs (when he doesn't eat too many cookies), he is usually underestimated by larger, more imposing figures. But in the past ten years of his life, he focused more intently on his physical attributes - partially due to the strain that further training in the Dark Side demanded, and partially due to his rank in the Empire making him a target for repeated attacks. He might be sixty years old, but he's in the best shape of his life. And his mind hasn't started to fade... yet.


Verrin's skin tone is rare, not unlike an albino - a dusky violet hue. But that color is now only an accent, because the majority of his skin is covered in an array of black tattoos.  Some are clan-based, representative of his culture, birthplace, and family. Others are symbolic, marks of passage or flags of profession. But in the past twenty years, due to scarring and burns, the artwork took on an all new life of its own. Using the dark powers of Sith Alchemy, he created a set of tattoo needles, and his apprentice, Cimoreine, used them to mark much of the rest of him with sigils and runes. These protective markings enveloped so much of him that he was able to temporarily house the spirit of a Dark Side entity known as 'Eris'. Of particular note are the two Dark Side-imbued tattoos upon the insides of his forearms - one is the likeness of his deceased daughter, and the other is of the artist, Cimoreine.


He is almost always found wearing black - from his cowled half-robe (see Possessions below), to his shirt and pants, and even the boots upon his feet. It's not often noticed, but those boots are simply functional, and are essentially Empire issue - the same footwear design that he was 'gifted' by the Empire upon his first day at the Academy. The only ornamentation he wears are a set of black, ornate gauntlets from a time long gone by - previously owned by a now-deceased Sith Lord, Darth Mephitis - and a single jeweled earring. The jewelry is worn in his right ear, but came from the lip of Darth Parasis, whom he defeated to take his place upon the Dark Council.



Armored Half-Robe - hardened leather and flex-armor plating, equipped with a Stim Injector

fancy suit - gift from Beryl, Hesina's handmaiden

1 Sith Dagger - gift from former master Drackonis

1 dual-bladed violet lightsaber staff - gift from Hesina Valenti

1 dual-bladed violet lightsaber staff - gift from Muriel Y'ar

1 Sith Talisman - enhances damage-causing effects - gift from Vakar Sadarii

1 ballistic sniper rifle - gift from Sgt Ondaatje

1 Sith sniper round - created from Sith Alchemy (used in the Rakata Invasion by Chen)

1 Sith Sword - found on mission to Arkania

1 small warship, Fury Class, with crew

1 key to the holocron vault

1 Medical Satchel, includes vaccine/antigen for disease (see old sheet below)

1 small personal Library (gift from Ahashra)

1 small doll-like fetish on a leather thong (made by his daughter)

3 lightsabers - taken from the fallen Sith Falleen, Excrucio (2 given to Voska Khacha)

1 Letter - supposedly from Dion

1 ornate lightsaber, formerly owned by Darth Mephitis

1 pair ornate black gauntlets, formerly owned by Darth Mephitis

The Spectre - capitol ship and crew

Maggie - protocol droid - gift from Vessker (#ff99ff)

Personality: Understated, and largely considered too 'passive' by his peers, Verrin is usually mild-mannered. At this stage of his life, he's done much, seen more, and doesn't tend to fly off the handle at very much. However, his pet peeve is any damage done to his Library - spitting upon the floor, damaging the books, or otherwise disrespecting Knowledge is a sure-fire way to push his buttons. The reason for this is that when he first became a Sith, the existing Library of Nogotan was in shambles - materials were damaged, some destroyed, others missing, and still others were simply false and misleading. As a newcomer to the Force, he struggled due to the terrible state of the place, and began a therapeutic effort to 'fix' the place so that it would be functional (it also kept him out of the eyes of his peers, who likely would have ended him and his inexperience if they knew where he was holing up!) Those early efforts were rewarded by the then-Temple Lord Vakaar Sadaari, and eventually, Darth Avaris gave him real funds to make the place something more than 'functional'.


Skills, Abilities and Talents:

Verrin didn't come to the Empire as a Sith. At age 40, he already had a life, a family, and a career as a scientist and geneticist. The full story of his induction is here, but (WIP)

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Darth Verrin    2,089

(Character Bio PH)



(I need to spend some time decoding and relinking here)



Verrin came to Pravus Axiom in his early 40's, around 3,650 BBY (TIMELINE), a shell of a man, insane, starving, malnourished, broken... one might argue whether he was sentient any longer. Months of suffering at the hands of a man named Dabon the Torturer had done that to him, as well as the knowledge that his family had been slain during an insurrection of Sith and Mandalorians. The Sith were expanding, as they were wont to do, and Verrin's small Outer Rim planet colony was simply swallowed up.


He had been a scientist - a bio-geneticist, in particular - and the Sith, after learning of his research at a local Lab, went to his home. There, his warrior-wife, Mal'Trizia fought like a fiend to keep her children safe - but she was no match for the trained group of Mandalorians, and was shot. Similarly, Verrin's two sons were killed at the same moment, his home was raided, searched, and then burned. When he arrived home later, that's how he found things... still-burning, destroyed. Such was his grief as he knelt beside his dead wife, that he didn't notice the Mandos coming up behind him. He was struck and captured, and brought to Dabon for interrogation. There, Dabon broke him - he told all he knew, but it wasn't enough to satisfy the sadistic torturer. That, and for some reason, Dabon's 'victim' healed faster and better than any subject he'd ever dealt with. Dabon soon found it a challenge to see how many times he could 'break' his new toy, and was titillated when it (Verrin) repeatedly came back from near-death.


But Dabon had welched on a deal with a Twi'lek smuggler. The smuggler, naturally annoyed with the piggish man, stole his 'toy', and escaped with him. But the smuggler wasn't the type to adopt a broken Zabrak, and she had no real affiliation with 'kind' people. As far as she could tell, Verrin should have been dead already. But she found a ghost-ship, floating in space, dropped the broken man there with some rations, and fired off a beacon before leaving - a proverbial babe on the doorstep... but for who?


A group of Jedi, and another one consisting of one Sith (Belhom) answered the beacon's call, and after a skirmish, the Sith won the day and took Verrin in, bringing him back to Nogatan and enrolling him in the Academy.


(The full story is told in: http://www.starwarsfates.com/index.php?/topic/446-the-interceptor)

Verrin the Acolyte: (WIP)

3650 - Verrin's first year with the True Empire - back then, it was called Pravus Axiom - was extremely difficult and troubled. His tortured existence under Dabon had left his vocal cords permanently (he thought) damaged, and he was unable to speak. With communication being a problem, and the usual 'patience' of the Sith in general, his first task became daunting - to pass the trials of the Academy, and in particular,



The blade master of Chamber: Pain was a man named Dash Thanos, who would one day become the Emperor's Hand, and eventually the Emperor himself. But at that time, his sole job was to introduce new recruits to the concept of pain and anguish, and how they played a role in facilitating one's connection to the Force. Not having any control over his own Force powers, Verrin survived the trials through intelligence and luck, and arguably the experience under Dabon the torturer's knife.


Chamber: Pain did something though - it showed Verrin that he needed to learn the Force, and quickly, lest he fall to more trials. Verrin went to the office door of then-Temple Lord Vakar Sadarii. There, he encountered a Falleen named Excrucio, who warned him away from incurring the attention and wrath of the Lord. Excrucio became an instructor of sorts, and eventually a bitter enemy. He introduced Verrin to a http://www.starwarsfates.com/index.php?/topic/923-dueling-room/

and through the help of his pheromones, helped Verrin get in touch with his emotions and how they affected the Force. But his newness and weakness with these new, mysterious powers made him a target for more capable Force using recruits, like a man known simply as Kaizer.


Kaizer had gone through the Academy with Verrin and two others: Ojaro and Gil-ch 'Fallenstar' Giauc. But while the other two showed what passed for camaraderie among the Sith, Kaizer saw Verrin as weak - barely able to use the Force, and not even able to speak, he was someone who needed to be squashed lest he sully the gene pool of the powerful. He plotted against Verrin by stealing Excrucio's datapad, and then


But one of the Temple Masters, Drackonis, had an apprentice who took notice of Verrin. Her name was Hesina Valenti, and she would become one of the most influential people in his life.


and cooly turned the tables on him. Then, seeing something in the old zabrak,


and began to teach him the ways of the Force.


It was Hesina who taught Verrin that the truly powerful Force-users of the galaxy were those who knew and understood all emotions, and not just the 'easy' ones of anger and hatred. But she saw that this older man, while he knew love, he truly had never embraced those darker emotions. He'd certainly never killed anyone, and so she put the responsibility of teaching that upon herself. She brought him to


and put him in direct conflict - life-or-death - with another Acolyte. His success broke his hearts, and put a smile on her face. But she gifted his effort with his very first lightsaber staff - the one he still uses to this day.


Verrin also studied under other Temple Masters - Drackonis, Atrum Noxodar, and Taenok Mekura - as well as instructors like



http://www.starwarsfates.com/index.php?/topic/1243-the-cave/ http://www.starwarsfates.com/index.php?/topic/1227-martial-prowess-101


Things were considered 'wild' in those days. Temple Lord Vakar Sadarii and his wife were known for their violent natures, even going so far as to drink the lifeblood of a Twi'lek child at their wedding. At the time, Verrin recalled thinking how he never wanted to become a Sith, if that was what they were like. But like most people and groups, the Sith had their extremists. and extremists were fond of usurping one another in their continual quest for power.


One such event was the


when the Overseer of the Labs, Belhom, released a modified krayt dragon on her arch-rival, Vakar Sadarii. The attack brought the Temple and Army together in order to stop the rampaging, out-of-control beast, but not before it broke down the Temple walls, devoured some people (including Verrin) and essentially made the place uninhabitable. The event - and trauma - of not only being swallowed by the monster, but then vomited up, left Verrin a mental and emotional wreck. With no home to return to, he found his way to


where he experienced his first run-in with the Dark Side.


The experience left several victims in its wake, and the Temple Lord's abomination servant, Tsa'vash Anor, came looking for Verrin. Thinking the servant's arrival meant certain death, Verrin fled to the sewers, eventually finding his way to the


where he once again met Belhom. She gave him a job as Assistant Overseer, and for the first time in a while, Verrin felt like he had purpose. He was out of the Temple Lord's eye for the moment, and doing what he'd done in his career before coming to the Sith - being a scientist.


Eventually, though, he did return to the Temple Lord to 'face the music'. Fortunately, he wasn't punished at all. The servant had been sent to retrieve him to discuss a new role for Verrin in the Temple. This time though, it was Sadarii's wife - someone he trusted far more than Tsa'vash - who summoned Verrin. He went to meet Lord Vakar at her request, and was given the role of



There were Sith who sought to overthrow the Temple Lord though, and one seemed to succeed. Temple Master Atrum Noxodar caused a slave revolt. The Temple's workers rose up against their oppressors, opening an opportunity for


and imprison his wife, Zeerah. And all of that internal strife opened the True Empire to an attack from a rival Sith organization led by Darth Mephitis. Verrin was then sent by Atrum Noxodar to

It was his first real test as a Force-user.


The first task he had to perform was http://www.starwarsfates.com/index.php?/topic/1249-hitting-the-books/

to the new facility on the moon of Dagan.


Verrin the Apprentice





Verrin the Adept


Verrin the Lord


The newly named 'Lord Verrin' had



3633 - Verrin was just about ready to attempt to retrieve his daughter, but had to verify her existence.


He sent them both out to spy on the space station where his daughter, Lokracia, was last known to have been. And their mission was a success - his daughter, now approximately fourteen years old, was indeed affiliated with this Sith group. And whether she needed rescuing or not, Verrin was going to find her.


It was Rahzin who reported back to Verrin - that Lokracia was there, and that the Sith had captured Vani'ku'rasa. So he quickly assembled a team of reasonably powerful Sith - a Twi'lek warrior named Talik Sek'inya, and the now-Temple Lord Zafrax - and immediately took off for the space station.


brought him face-to-face with his long-time nightmare, Dabon, who was torturing his Chiss ally. The team rescued her, and then they found Lokracia. A fight ensued that had Verrin losing to the torturer, but his daughter stepped in, and saved his life. They were reunited at long-last... for all of a minute.


A group of Jedi had been infiltrating and attacking the Sith organization even as Verrin and his team made their way in. And when those two groups met, the Jedi immediately saw the 'Sith' as a threat. Their Jedi Master beheaded Verrin's daughter right before his eyes, and earned finally tipped Verrin completely over to the Dark Side. The team defeated the Jedi and escaped the facility - but only with the corpse of his daughter in tow.





Today, 3,636 BBY, Verrin is between fifty-three and fifty-four years old. The last fourteen years or so, he's learned the Force, trained as an assassin, become the Temple's Librarian, managed the Axiom Labs (under Emperor Lydeck), and taken on four Apprentices. His ongoing quest to restore his lost daughter to life is his long-term goal. His short-term ones include the training of his current Apprentices, Cimoreine and Vessker, the instruction of those seeking knowledge in the Force, and a possible love interest.



Timeline Threads

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Darth Verrin    2,089

Character Skills and Abilities

Force Powers


Force Phase ⇉ Force Shift ⇉ Force Teleport

Battle Meditation

Force Rage

Force Valor

Force Body



Force Invigorate ⇉ Force Infuse ⇉ Force Innervate ⇉ Force Preserve




Force Stealth ⇉ Force Concealment

Force Absorb

Force Armor



Force Sense  Force Sight ⇉ Force Empathy




Force Fear ⇉ Force Insanity ⇉ Force Corrupt

Force Camouflage ⇉ Force Cloak Force Shroud

Memory Walk

Force Persuasion



Telekinesis: Master

Force WoundForce ChokeForce Grip ⇉ Force Crush

Force PushForce Whirlwind ⇉ Force Wave

Force Rend

Force Burst



Force SuppressionForce Breach

Drain Life

Force ShockForce Lightning

Disable ElectronicsDestroy Electronics


Force Alchemy



Force Rituals

Transfer Essence

Dark Transfer




Novice Single Saber

Novice Single Saber ⇉ Intermediate Single Saber ⇉ Expert Saber Staff


Form I: Novice Shii-Cho

Form IV: Novice Ataru ⇉ Form IV: Intermediate Ataru ⇉ Form IV: Expert Ataru

Form VII: Novice Juyo


Martial Arts

Martial Arts: Basic Teräs Käsi



Novice Biochem ⇉ Intermediate Biochem Expert Biochem

Novice Biosurge Intermediate Biosurge


Stealth and Survival

Novice Stealth ⇉ Intermediate Stealth

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