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Star Wars: Fates

Update: Letting The Past Be The Past

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Hello again, for what seems like the 50th time in a month, though this one holds probably the most weight upon the staff and the community at large. This should be our final announcement unless there are new additions to the staff team, otherwise this will lead us into a new era.


After many months of discussion, the staff team eventually started to shape a new vision and debated on ways to deal with topics that came to the forefront due to recent events. There are two things we would like to address personally, at least today - something that has been dubbed "Letting the Past Be the Past" by certain members of the staff.


First and foremost, we have learned that most warning points given serve no real purpose and were gained when the previous staff team were extremely strict on the behavior of the community or abusing their positions to give points to those that they didn't get on with, so it is extremely unlikely we will ever give out warning points any longer - this also means that members with warning points will have them stripped from their account(s) and they will start fresh. This, however, leads us to our new solution of how to actually give warnings versus giving points that only hold a cloud over member's heads in the long run.


The new system being put in place is a three-strike warning system, with slight modifications to accommodate good behavior from members. Everyone has slip ups, even the staff team, though there are certain things that simply are unacceptable, such as extreme verbal harassment, breaking rules to only benefit yourself and of course, being someone who goes out of their way to make others miserable. This only applies to repeated offenders and people that simply are what can be best described as toxic to the community, but with this announcement a new set of rules will be released, including rules for the Discord Chat. 


For those that may have ignored the top announcement, Discord is our new site-wide chat that is replacing the old IP.Chat due to it closing down on April 30th, and it can be joined through this link - it's simple and quick to make an account, so do not fret when asked to make one. The best feature about Discord allows members to drop in and out of chat as they please, as well as keeping up with current discussion as it saves the logs.


Unlike before, good behavior will be rewarded in some form, be it through recognition from the staff or simply removing past warnings - though constantly changing your tune and then changing back to the previous tune to try and abuse this system will be noted. This part is still being discussed, though we may be reintroducing the Member of the Month and Character of the Month, to bring back some sort of recognition for characters and members of the community that show a large amount of growth, be it through story or through simply putting themselves out there and trying to be an exemplary member of the community, or even trying to give the staff a hand with something they are working on.


Secondly, we have come to the conclusion that the past is just simply the past - it holds what has happened in an ill light when you focus on it, though once you learn to accept it, it simply is lifted. What this means is that we are lifting the blanket ban that was put on this community for previous members - though we will be watching returning members accordingly. Unfortunately for potentially returning members, excluding a few, their characters have been killed off by previous members of the site to put an end to their stories - something we as the staff can't override as it breaks the entire idea of site canon.


We had many heated discussions about this, and there was no single person that had more say in this than the rest. Eventually we had to think of what we, as the staff, wanted Fates to be - not the epitome of roleplay as we audaciously called ourselves before, but a community that can grow and flourish by understanding past mistakes and trying to shape a new future. Everyone within this community comes first for us (one example being why Corey and Kure threw themselves on to the fire to do chronicles as soon as physically possible), and that will never change. It took us many months for us to properly come to this conclusion; that past transgressions are unforgivable, but also believing that people can change is what will allow this community to grow.


Star Wars: Fates, as we are now calling ourselves, has a dirty past, one that none of the current staff are happy with, and that is why we want to wash it away with this new branding. 4Axiom Roleplaying will always be the root of all our past evils, Legends and Legacies will be a reminder of innovation that unfortunately failed. Fates is going back to the basics, bringing back what we chose to embrace, the good memories of the site - something we hopefully can hold on to, to grow. A lot of hatred poisons a community, so it is time we wash our hands of this past hatred as best as we can.


We hope that everyone understands that we do not make these decisions lightly, we do actually think of precautions and proceed as necessary - we are not perfect and can admit that, but we're trying to bring back the light that once burned brightly on this site. We haven't always executed things in the best way, such as the recent Character Sheet Mishap, but we hope you can forgive and understand that we're just human, like the rest of you - except possibly Kure.


Any questions, or concerns about this announcement can be directed to the entirety of the staff team as our door is always open for communication.


May the Force be with you,


The Administrative Staff Team

Written by Kure, on behalf of Daniel, Kitty and Corey

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