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Kal Vonnar

Kal Vonnar

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Kal Vonnar    2

Name: Kal Vonnar
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Rank: Smuggler
Date of Birth: 3653 BBY


Appearance: He is 5 foot 4 inches, with brown hair and green eyes. He likes to wear the colors blue, white and brown to his attire whenever it suits him. He has good hand-eye coordination, but is known to boast when he gets into his work. He learns to adapt to his surroundings.



Smuggler's Outfit

Blaster Pistol

Vonnar Ceremonial Rifle - painted red with gold designs all around it. An elegant weapon, but powerful when used correctly.


Skills, Abilities and Talents: He has good hand-eye coordination, which helps him get out of a lot of fights he ends up being caught in the middle of. When he's not busy smuggling, he settles down for a good game of pazaak, which sometimes ends up not in his favor. He has had done a lot to gamble his way out of situations, including his recent endeavor with getting out of an arranged marriage (which he didn't want to be in in the first place). Now his next talent: getting a ship and a crew together, wherever they are located

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Kal Vonnar    2



Early Life: One could say that Kal had lived a simple life, growing up on Alderaan. He had family that loved him and a younger sister who he cherished. He spent much of his time at his uncle's farm, learning how to swim and farm fresh fruits and vegetables. In all, Kal much enjoyed his time with his uncle. But at the age of seven, everything changed. In one sweeping gesture, he was dragged to the palace to meet the Organa family. Just when he thought life was in order, right away his parents and siblings enjoyed the royal life, becoming counselors and advisers to the royal family.

As if things couldn't get worse for Kal, he met up with a young girl who quite fancied him. She was beautiful, and their years were good. However, Kal's heart soon brought him to the docking bay, where he met Alderaan's pilots. This was his new dream: to fly away and leave Alderaan, maybe take up smuggling or bounty hunting... until his family caught him. So yes, he returned to the palace without delay. Yet his mind could not avoid the docking bay, finding new ways of retreating to ships that would go far, far away.


Marriage: Failure: When he was seventeen, his parents gave him a notice. He was to meet with the same girl, who was working in the kitchen. True, there were occasions in which he wanted to see her, but she was his friend. Nothing more. Why then did he get this summons? He would find out soon enough. And find out he did, for this girl was to wed him at sundown... what? He didn't want this. He hardly knew her.


But two paths lay before him: should he marry this girl and learn to love her? Or should he head out and make his own way, away from the palace? He so longed to be a smuggler now. On the day of the wedding, he left a note in the girl's dressing room. He would not come back. He couldn't. He would take advantage of this task and flee the palace before the wedding. He was very nearly caught, but one thing was clear. He would have to make his own way without the support of his family and friends he knew on Alderaan.


Would he be happy? He was about to find out.


Becoming a Smuggler:  Stepping into the role of smuggler was no easy task. Then again, he only knew he needed to get out of his parents' palace. And the best way to do that was with a hand of pazaak and becoming a smuggler. As fate had it, he met Karter, a Dark Jedi who had a wicked sense of humor. Right away, Kal was found by his parents' soldiers and, no thanks to his quick thinking, led himself and Karter straight back to his parents' castle. It was now or never and Karter chose now to fight the soldiers, as well as knock them out. Kal would have to accept as much from his new employer, for they escaped with Kal's parents' ceremonial rifles, before departing on Karter's ship into space.


It was true now. Kal had become a smuggler almost overnight. But if this plan was truly in motion, as he remembered his parents telling him about the situation on hand, then that would mean he would have to trust Karter. But how far would this employment last? Kal only hoped he knew what he was doing, and even that wasn't a whole lot to go on.


Mission on Barabel: While on a smuggling mission at Barabel, Kal took it upon himself to take his own route and help Karter along the way. Out of nowhere, he blasted the Barabel creatures with a wave of energy, something that nearly wore him down. After defeating the Barabel Chieftain and a Durgolosk, Kal hid himself and Karter inside a cave. While Kal watched Karter heal his wounds, after their smuggling mission was complete, Kal was forced out of a job. He didn't want to go back to Alderaan, not with everyone looking for him, but what more could he do? Nothing, but wait in the nearest cantina in Nar Shaddaa until he found work again... or return to the Jedi on Alderaan and face his trials, whichever came first.


Personality: For someone who knew about royalty, Kal's love for ships had only just begun. He wanted a ship or two for his own travels. He was kind-hearted, but a little eager to take risks whenever the opportunity came about. His kindness was proven when he took care of his sister and grew fond of her as only a brother could be to his sibling. Becoming a pazaak shark would be difficult, but then being on his own was all right, wasn't it? He loved ships and that was where his heart truly lay. Now, if only he could gain a ship himself. That would give him great glory.

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Kal Vonnar    2

Character Skills


Ranged Weapons

Novice Blaster PistolIntermediate Blaster Pistol

Novice Blaster Rifle



Novice Biosurge


Stealth and Survival

Novice Stealth



Novice Counterfeiting



Pilot Ground Vehicles

Pilot Personal Starship


Novice Vehicular Combat


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