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Whips vs. Pendragon Estate!

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Whips    3

"Squad two isn't responding," one of the devil-masked mercs said on the personal comlink in their helmets. "Want to go investigate?"


"No," the leader of the mercenaries said firmly, voice disguised by electronic synthesizer. "If everything we heard about this place is true, straying too far is too risky."


"What were those things we shot on the estate grounds? They were eating the Iotrans." Another merc asked.


"Probably prisoners. Drugged, driven over the edge, used for entertainment. Saw similar stuff in imperial prison camps. But these particular crazies remind me of these old stories of a real nasty Sith..." the leader explained, checking his surroundings which were garish and opulent, lined with expensive paintings, busts...




"Lady Vious. Sith Lord. Complete monster. Even by Sith standards she was particularly despicable. Good thing she's dead..."


"How'd she eat it?"


"Some Cyborg did it, from what I heard. Killed her with some sorta super thin lightsaber. Lightfoils, I think they're called. He nearly died in the process but he got her...albeit barely. They say Vious liked to drug and torture and starve people just for kicks, just to watch them scurry around and tear people apart. I wonder if this guy read about her, decided to take a few pages from her book."


"How dangerous is this Pendragon?" another merc in the four man team asked


"Rumors abound he spent time in imperial space, but nobody could dig up much else. Could mean anything."


"How dangerous is this Li?"


"She likely has basic training in the Force. And given she's been trained by a wanted Dark Jedi..."


"Whatever. We have her master, her helpers AND the boy. She is either coming with us quietly or they ALL die--"


This information made Li, who had just gotten within striking distance, go mad with rage. Her blood red saber activated, and with wild, furious swings, she violently cleaved through their legs, the mercs having reacted too slowly as she had snuck up on them to strike. She violently hacked through them with rabid screams of hate and frustration, leaving only the squad leader alive, albeit missing both his arms and legs. All the others were a pile of body parts.


Just as she was about to interrogate him, she heard Pendragon's slimy, aristocrat tone. 


"There you are. I confess to being surprised...I had just spotted you on my monitors still in the Stronghold...you have a helper..."


"Penny!" Li teased brutally with a smile. "What ELSE shall I take from you tonight? Hmmm...lets see...took out your squeeze...took away your pride...huh. Guess its just your life left now!"


He was even more disgusting now that she was getting a good look at him. Obviously a depraved brat who liked oil. Where had his father gone wrong? 


The oiled, metal speedo wearing Muun, snapped on his orange lightwhip and cast it towards her blade. Li fled the other way, forcing Pendragon to pursue.


"You think you can escape?! This is my house!" Pendragon snarled. "I know every centimeter of it. Whatever shadow you cower in, I WILL find you!!!" 


Li fled back into the main hall, heading up the stairs into the guest rooms section. Had to buy time. Find something, ANYTHING, to kill the freak with.


But what?

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Whips    3

Li's scene where Pendragon dies is a reference to Edgar Allen Poe's The Masque of The Red Death



Pendragon pursued Li into the entrance hall, feeling her presence, weakened, panicked, and enraged. This was going to be easy.


"WHERE ARE YOU?!" he shrieked, one hand sprouting arcs lof lightning between the fingers. 


"You're pathetic, Darksider. All that and you run when confronted with a true challenge," Pendragon gloated as he got closer to her presence. "You're in the big leagues now! And there is no room for failure among the big leagues. Come out! Come out so that you might die quickly. You've earned a fast death, if nothing else. Didn't expect Lash's demise to be quite so humiliating. Was almost entertained, and then I remembered I wouldn't get to see her strip for me anymore."


No answer. Pendragon only grew more enraged as he headed up the steps to the guest area, candlewax from the slave he had murdered earlier still caked on his feet in little nodules. He felt her presence grow closer.


"Where's your tongue now?!" Pendragon snapped in the darkness, his lightwhip cracking in the dark. "No more Penny jokes?! I will mount your head on MY WALL FOR THOSE ALONE!" 


He kicked open the door to one room he sensed her presence in, and saw her, standing close to a restroom, silent, Lash's lightwhip illuminating the dark of the room. She was smirking, and that only upset him more.


"Prepare to die...Penny," she joked.


His temper flared, and he charged forward, flinging his whip forward.


Li leapt backward, her lightwhip deactivating, concentrating with all her might to telekinetically pull her knife, which she had lain on a dresser drawer behind Pendragon as he had entered the room towards her...


...its point however, was aimed at Pendragon's back, and he sensed it too late, too commited in his attack and his hate to see the deadly position he had put himself in until it was too late.


In a way, it was a metaphor for how his entire night had gone.


He screamed as the blade impacted close to his spine, rendering him paralyzed. He screamed in rage, in too much pain to use the Force. Li grinned as she hit the ground. 


Pendragon snarled in rage, eyes sulpher, skin going paler as she activated her blood red blade and sliced his arms and legs off. He never stopped screaming. Li lifted him up with both arms, knife still in his back, and dumped him on the guest bed, the knife going deeper. He screamed more in rage, coughing up blood that splattered red on Li's face.


She smeered it on her face, a red mask, and the act let Whips out, who chuckled evily as she got on the bed with him, seeing fear at last, understanding how badly he had underestimated both her, and by extension, Morgana.


Morgana was in truth the one who had struck the final blow. This student of hers merely the crude knuckleduster she had used to metaphorically break his jaw, his addled, pain ridden mind at last understanding, horrified that it was Morgana who had turned out to be his superior, if only for the fact she had chosen a far better student than he had on his end.


She raised the blood red blade and he began screaming in terror.


"What reason have you to fear, Pendragon?" Whips asked, eyes sulphur as she drank in his suffering through the Dark Side, body invigorated with an electric charge. It was clear in her eyes she intended to be slow with what was left of him.


She leaned forward and whispered into his ear, repeating her question. 


"What reason have you to fear? Your soul has been dead for years."


Outside the room, had someone been present, they would have seen slow, repeated flashes of red, followed by horrific screams of agony every ten seconds.


This process carried on for an hour before Li walked out of the bedroom, her face washed clean of blood, the evil creature that had ended Pendragon imprisoned once more...for now.


And carrying Pendragon's head by an ear, a look of utter terror on his face.




The squad leader Li had deliberately left alive, woke up in agony, only to see Li put a boot on his throat.


"Now," Li snarled. "Where. Is. My. SON?!"


She dangled Pendragon's severed head over him.


"Unless you wanna join him..."


"I'll talk," the leader got out, too wracked by pain to do much but comply.




Li had left the estate as it burned in various parts, everyone on the grounds dead it seemed. She faced no opposition as she left. She had recovered her belongings, and true to her word, she stopped at Kato's house, knocking on the Lurmen's front door.


The dark furred Lurmen opened up the door, blinked as she dangled Pendragon's head like a treat, and the short alien snatched it.


"Thank you," Kato said quietly. "My wife rests in peace."


"I expect our deal to be honored," Li said coldly. "Getting that bastard's head wasn't easy."


In the snow fall of pre dawn, Kato nodded, handing her a datapad. 


"Use these contact frequencies anywhere you like, my contacts will get in touch. Whatever we can acquire, you can have if you pay for it. And because you have done the Lurmen's such a service...you'll get it at a permanent discount."


Li nodded approvingly, and her eyebrows raised when Kato handed her a mask. It was a black, skin tight hood with a rigid form and a porcelain white faceted durasteel face of a woman with a smirk. Raised durasteel horns were on the upper forehead.


"A souveneir," he explained.


Li took it, nodding. "Have fun with the head."


"I'm gonna coat the skull in electrum!" he said excitedly, shutting the door. Li proceeded to the spaceport, holding off on contacting the pilot that had brought her here.


She still had to wait a while. There was still a neck to snap.




Li had utterly exhausted herself in using the Force, so she didn't detect the naked fear in Kato as he shut the door, staring at his guest.


She was wearing the form of Lash, but he knew it wasn't her. He knew the smell of the thing that had been outside his house earlier.


"Okay, she got your gift," Kato said warily. "Are you going to kill me?"


The creature wearing Lash chuckled softly.


"Of course not. You did your part. And besides, I myself may have a use for you someday. A connection on the Black Market is always a good thing."


"Until I outlive my usefulness."


The beast in Lash's skin rolled her eyes. "Ugh, so fatalistic. I don't kill 'everyone' I no longer have a use for, relax."


Kato stood rigid. "What do you want with her? The woman?"


The monster that looked like Lash smiled.


"Why, a successor of course."


"You gonna turn her into you?"


Another smile. "My dear Lurmen," she said, leaning forward in the cramped dwelling. "What makes you think she's not halfway there already?


The Beast rose, telekinetically opening Kato's front door.


He didn't get in the way as she left.


It turned, staring at him with pus-yellow eyes. "Good day, Kato. Congratulations on your revenge."


"I'm not sure how to take that coming from you," Kato.


It shrugged. "Can't it just be a compliment?" the beast asked.


"Call in advance, next time," Kato said.


Ryleya chuckled. "Of course, Kato, of course."


Kato shut the door as the creature levitated off the ground and floated off into the slowly picking up snowfall, disappearing into the white.

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