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Thuria Drinna

Character Application: Kal Vonnar - Approved

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Name: Kal Vonnar

Biography: Here

Primary Rank Badge: Smuggler

Character Sheet:




Power: 3

Strength I

Conditioning I

Endurance I


Agility: 7

Reflexes III
Quickness II
Coordination II


Will: 3

Resistance II

Spirit I




Piloting Skills: 3

Pilot Freighter
Pilot Speeder

Vehicular Combat - Basic Proficiency


Weapon Skills: 1

Personal Blaster - Basic Proficiency 


Expertise Skills: 2

Repair Vehicles
Forge Documents


Notes: He was born and raised on Alderaan. He was forced to wed a woman he did not love. He quickly declined, heading into the smuggler's life and is now attempting to find a way to get off planet, by any means necessary.

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