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Star Wars: Fates

The Story So Far: A Beginners Guide to Star Wars: Fates

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A long time ago

in a galaxy far far away...



The Great Galactic War is over.


Thousands of years before Luke Skywalker was born, the great and mighty war machine that was the Sith Empire was destroyed in a destructive and final push against the Imperial Reaches, starting with Dromund Kaas and reaching out to almost all of the worlds of the crushed Sith Space. The Galactic Republic pushed against the Sith in a risky and decisive act of destruction, ending with the destruction of the Dark Council and the death of the last Sith Emperor.


With the Sith threat extinguished, the Galactic Republic has begun to mend the wounds that the Sith created, and the Jedi Order stuck out in order to rediscover their origins. With a generation of Jedi having lived in the face of war, having experienced war and grown in it, the Grand Master and his Council decided that in order for the Jedi to re-establish themselves, they would need to distance themselves from the governance of the galaxy, and rediscover their origins. With their resignation to the Galactic Republic, the Jedi Order established a home on the Holy World of Jedha, using the ancient city there to establish their roots as the journey of self discovery in the Force begins. A more traditional Enclave was reconstructed on Dantooine, in order for the Jedi to begin to learn the true path to peace, and enlightenment through the Force, an entry point for those (not just those gifted with the Force) looking to support the Unified Jedi Order on its path.


On the frozen world of Ziost however, some of the Sith remain and gather. Hidden from view, fractured and healing from the wounds the Jedi inflicted, the Sith Order is beginning its path to power, once again. No longer an Empire, they no longer serve under the reign of an Emperor, instead serving under the most powerful Sith, who has taken the ancient title of Dark Lord of the Sith. Meanwhile a hidden Sith Academy on Dathomir trains potential new recruits into the Empire, discovering their potential and testing whether they are trustworthy to endure the secrets of the Order.


The war might be over, but the fight is just beginning. 


The Jedi haven't discovered the Sith have survived, but they will, eventually. And this time, the Galactic Republic will not be willing to engage in war - having just begun the process of reconciling the damage. The Jedi will be alone, to fight against an enemy, and it won't be as easy this time. Its easy to fight an enemy that is destroying worlds, harder to find one that hides in the shadows, influencing in the darkness.


Where will you stand?




For a full version of events go to our Timeline for more information.

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